Warrior's Promise Chapter 343 - To Decide Victory With One Move

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Chapter 343: To Decide Victory With One Move

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Ao Wushuang had not expected that Su Mo could split his powerful punch with one move.

It made no sense. In one second, Su Mo was forced to retreat, but in the next second, he carried out a violent attack.

“How could his hidden strength be so powerful?”

As the remaining sword Qi approached, Ao Wushuang shattered it with one punch.

It took a short while for the sword Qi and the fist radiance to dissapate.

Ao Wushuang stared closely at Su Mo, looking grave.

“Su Mo, I underestimated you!”

He said in a deep voice.

Su Mo’s eyes were twinkling. He was very satisfied with his Nirvana Sword Qi, which had made his strength several times stronger than before.

Unfortunately, he only had nine wisps of Nirvana Sword Qi.

Considering each of them would cost him several hours to make, he decided to end this battle as soon as possible.

Otherwise, he would lose the battle when all his Nirvana Sword Qi was used up.

After all, he did not know whether Ao Wushuang had a hidden card. There had to be a head-on fight if he wanted to win the game.

“Ao Wushuang, how about we decide the victory with one move?”

Su Mo asked loudly, gazing at his opponent.

He was prepared to use one move to win the battle. Only in that way could make the most of his advantage.

“Decide the victory with one move?”

Ao Wushuang asked. “How?”

“It’s very simple. We both make a move and the winner will win the game!”

Su Mo said.

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Ao Wushuang thought for a while and then said with a smile, “Well, as you wis.h.!.+”

Although Su Mo’s last attack was very powerful, he remained convinced of his victory as he had yet to use his strongest move.

With that move, he could kill Su Mo 10 times over.

“Okay! Let’s begin!” Su Mo said with a nod.

Then, the two men began to acc.u.mulate their aura.

Floating in the air, Ao Wushuang kept running his Genuine Vitality, which shook the air up to 100 meters around him. His aura kept increasing and quickly became three times stronger than before.

Staring at his opponent, Su Mo was also running his Genuine Vitality and delivered his Nirvana Sword Qi from his Spiritual Spirals into his long sword.

In the arena, everyone was holding their breath without saying a word because they were antic.i.p.ating a winner between them!

Up until then, the two men had exchanged three moves in a head-on fight. Neither of them played tricks!

Su Mo was pushed back 1000 meters during the first move.

The second move forced him to move back for dozens of meters.

However, Su Mo did not step backward in the third move and even shattered Ao Wushuang’s fist radiance!

Su Mo’s every move was stronger than his last one. The audience was all wondering if he could create another miracle with his final move.

However, most of them were not optimistic about him. If Su Mo had a hidden card, Ao Wushuang must have one too!

In the fighting ring.

Floating in the air, Ao Wushuang said coldly, “Su Mo, my next punch may kill you!”

His eyes were full of confidence.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die. I’ll show mercy to you!”

Su Mo said with a smile.


Ao Wushuang’s face went dark. Su Mo’s arrogance made him angry.

The crowd was surprised by Su Mo’s words.

“Does Su Mo still have a hidden card?”

“Ao Wushuang said he might kill Su Mo, while Su Mo said he will show mercy, which means Su Mo still will not use his full power. Su Mo is too arrogant!”

“Perhaps he does have a hidden card!”

The crowd was whispering excitedly.

“Su Mo, success or failure hinges on this one action!”

Elder Wei’s face was red because of excitement. He could not keep calm as the strength Su Mo had shown meant that he had a chance to win first place.

The Second Elder also antic.i.p.ated the result.

In the fighting ring.

When the two men’s aura both reached their peak, they launched attacks at nearly the same time.

Ao Wushuang shouted and landed his strongest punch.

The bright golden fist radiance looked like a Heavenly Light, s.h.i.+ning in the sky. There was even an emperor’s ghost with a crown flas.h.i.+ng over it, which matched its meaning of the sovereign ruling the world.

“Infinite Heaven and Earth!”

Su Mo also launched his strongest attack, which contained five wisps of Nirvana Sword Qi.

The terrifying sword Qi split the air and then collided into the fist radiance.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The collision only lasted a quarter of a second. Then, the powerful sword Qi split the fist radiance into two.

And the sword Qi dashed to Ao Wushuang without losing its speed.


Ao Wushuang was shocked. He had not expected that his strongest punch could be broken.

The sword Qi approached him in a very short time, and Ao Wushuang could only land a rushed punch to block it.


However, the hurried punch could not block the sword Qi at all and met its target instantly.

Next breath.


At the next moment, the sword Qi hit his chest.


Ao Wushuang flew out like a bomb, spitting blood. He did not fall onto the ground until he flew a dozen miles.

The entire arena was silent, and even the sound of a fallen needle could be heard.

Ao Wushuang failed?

All of them held their breath and were stunned. What happened in the fighting ring was too shocking for them.

In the fighting ring.

Su Mo frowned at Ao Wushuang, who was lying on the ground in the distance.

“Is he dead?” He felt surprised.

Ao Wushuang’s state concerned him, as he had not wanted to kill his opponent. Not only did he have nothing against him, but Ao Wushuang was of n.o.ble background. If he died, Su Mo would be in trouble.

His attack was extremely powerful as he had used five wisps of Nirvana Sword Qi.

Originally, Su Mo was prepared to use three wisps of Nirvana Sword Qi. However, when he saw Ao Wushuang’s aura increase by two times, he had added two more wisps of Sword Qi just in case the original three would not be able to defeat his opponent.

The effect of five wisps of Nirvana Sword Qi also surprised Su Mo!




The people of Heaven Sect yelled towards Ao Wushuang with shock, and then dozens of them hurriedly left the spectators stand and flew toward the rec.u.mbent figure.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 343 - To Decide Victory With One Move

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