Warrior's Promise Chapter 462 - The Edge of Death

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Chapter 462: The Edge of Death

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The two streams of black and purple light transformed into two young men, who stopped 3,333 meters away from Su Mo and his crew.

The auras from the two young men were extraordinarily horrible and unrestrained. They were both at Lv 7 Enlightenment Realm.

Feeling murderous intent from the newcomers, Su Mo and Tian Chen abandoned their pursuit of the escaping demons.

Feng Shaoyu and Yun Fei looked at the two youngsters with narrowed eyes.

“Chang Qi, Hou Pengtian, what’re you doing here?” Feng Shaoyu asked while cold light glittered in his eyes.

Feng Shaoyu knew them. The one in black was Chang Qi, while the one in purple was Hou Pengtian. Both of them possessed murderous aura and had arrived in an imposing manner, which heightened his vigilance.

“Haha! Feng Shaoyu, it’s really a long way to find you!” Chang Qi laughed.

“Feng Shaoyu, you and the other four will not leave here today.” Hou Pengtian smiled and said.

“Is that so? You want to kill us?”

Feng Shaoyu’s face was grim as he gave the other three a significant look. Su Mo and the other two moved to his side.

“Correct! You may be monstrous talents but you will not live to see your days!” Chang Qi grinned and said.

“Do you know the consequences of killing us?”

Feng Shaoyu looked grave as he posed the question in a deep voice. He then muttered in an undertone to Su Mo and the rest.

“Brothers, I’ll delay them here. Escape when you get the chance!”

The other three raised their eyebrows. Feng Shaoyu had wanted to fight the two Lv 7 Enlightenment Realm experts on his own!

Su Mo’s heart sank. He thought it was impossible for Feng Shaoyu to hold off the two experts.

The frowns on Yun Fei and Tian Chen’s faces echoed Su Mo’s worry.

At this moment, Feng Shaoyu spoke again.

“Brothers, trust me. They can’t kill me. Besides, it’s useless for you to stay. It’d also enc.u.mber my escape!”

The three nodded. It was true that they were not as strong and would be of little help.

“Feng Shaoyu, don’t you dare play tricks! There’s no escape from us!”

Chang Qi noticed that Feng Shaoyu was telepathizing. He smiled coldly and said, “As for the consequences, without a witness, who will know that we killed you?”

“It’s not for you to know the specialties of Martial Royal Realm experts!” Feng Shaoyu answered coldly with an expressionless face.

Chang Qi jeered. He would not show mercy today no matter what Feng Shaoyu said.

“Brother Chang, which one of us should make the move?” Hou Pengtian smiled and asked.

“I’ll do the killing, and you prevent them from escaping.” Chang Qi said.


Hou Pengtian nodded and slapped his spiritual beast pouch. The pouch burst with radiance, revealing two huge eagles.

The two ink-black eagles were about 40 meters long and shared ferocious aura. They were both Cla.s.s 6 Lv 4 demonic beasts, with strength equaling Lv 6 Enlightenment Realm martial artists.

The two eagles locked their sights on Su Mo, Tian Chen, and Yun Fei, aiming to prevent the three from escaping.

Su Mo and the others cursed inwardly. Demonic beasts capable of flight were already faster than martial artists of the same level. The levels of these eagles were higher than theirs. It might be hard for them to escape!

Su Mo’s eyebrows knitted together. He had a life-saving treasure, the Small Void-teleport Charm, which he had obtained in Ethereal Territory.

However, it would only work on him and not the other three fellows. He could not use it now to save himself and abandon Feng Shaoyu and the rest.

“Haha! Feng Shaoyu, I know you’re strong and a monstrous talent. I’m wondering how many of my moves you can survive?”

Chang Qi laughed and rushed at Feng Shaoyu.

“Red Cloud Palm!”

Chang Qi barked, and his aura surged as he punched at Feng Shaoyu.

Instead of a ma.s.sive palm print, it was a huge red cloud containing infinite power waves that rushed toward Feng Shaoyu at incredible speed.

Feng Shaoyu’s eyes were sharp as blades, and his pupils narrowed as the red cloud approached. He unsheathed his saber.

“Obliterating the World!”

With a battle cry, he swung his saber and a grand saber Qi cut at the cloud.


A huge explosion akin to a volcanic eruption sent out devastating shockwaves.


Feng Shaoyu was sent flying backwards thousands of meters while blood spurted out of his mouth.


Su Mo and the rest were shocked at the huge gap between the strength of Lv 4 Enlightenment Realm and Lv 7 Enlightenment Realm. Even though Feng Shaoyu had incredible combat strength, he could not fight someone three levels higher.

“Haha! What kind of monstrous talent are you? You’re too weak!” Chang Qi sneered and attacked again.

“Red Clouds Sealing the Sky!”

With another punch, a red cloud larger and more horrifying than its predecessor rushed at Feng Shaoyu.

Feng Shaoyu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. It was impossible to parry such a forceful attack.

“Six-fold Cut!”

Another saber Qi struck out toward the cloud.


The result was the same.

“Eighth brother!”

Su Mo and the other two exclaimed in shock and worry. They really wanted to help but knew that they would be seeking death as they were too weak.

They were supposed to escape but could not because of Hou Pengtian and two eagles.

It seemed like they would perish here.

Su Mo’s eyebrows furrowed. He turned his hand and the Small Void-teleport Charm appeared. He was prepared to escape.

It was no use staying here. He planned to go back to Towering Sky Peak to fetch reinforcements.

However, it would take at least four hours to get there. By then, his companions would already have been killed.

Just then, there was a dramatic turn of events.

“Feng Shaoyu, you can die now!”

Chang Qi moved again and struck with lethal aim. Another red cloud was cast out and rushed at Feng Shaoyu.

Feng Shaoyu’s face was as pale as paper but his bloodshot eyes showed resolution.

“Chang Qi, you’re not qualified to kill me!”

Feng Shaoyu thundered coldly with murderous eyes. His aura surged madly and became many times stronger than before in an instant.

In the meantime, all of his hair turned white in the blink of an eye.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 462 - The Edge of Death

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