Warrior's Promise 470 I Like Tough Guys

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"Cai Yun?" Su Mo was surprised. "Isn't she the horned demon beauty that had captured me?"

"Correct!" Jin Li said, "I hope you can take her out of the Horned-demon Territory!"

Jin Li did this because he did not trust Su Mo completely. Cai Yun was the top talent of the tribe in a century, and she would achieve unimaginable progress in the future if taken out of this place.

If Su Mo failed to be powerful or refused to help the horned demon tribe, Cai Yun was their greatest hope.

As for her safety outside, Jin Li was not that concerned.

Su Mo would not kill his granddaughter on account of her beauty. As long as Su Mo had no foul intentions, it would be fine.


Su Mo agreed after a short moment then smiled coldly inside.

"After that woman gets out of here, she'll get what she deserves!"

"Powerful as you are, you could do nothing in the Celestialspirit Sect."

Back in the tavern of Demon-controlling Fort, Su Mo had heard that some disciples liked to capture some female horned demons to be their maids, even s.e.x slaves. Judging by the good looks of Cai Yun, there would be many buyers; and he could make good money on her!

Su Mo was not that perversive to enjoy her himself, because he had no interest in such an abnormal human!

"Hahaha! My friend, you're a straightforward person!"

Jin Li laughed and said, "So, I'm not keeping you now. Take your fellows and go!"

"Fellows?" Su Mo was shocked.

"Correct! The Celestialspirit Sect disciples with you before."

"What? They're not dead?"

Su Mo was overjoyed upon hearing this. He had thought that they were already dead and this had been tormenting him.

"Of course! The five disciples are your fellows. We won't kill them."

Jin Li smiled and said, "They are imprisioned with their cultivation sealed. I'll let my men release them now!"

As he was saying this, Jin Li ordered the men outside the hall to bring the five here.

"Aye, chieftain!" A guardian outside answered.

"Five?" Su Mo was shocked for a short while and realized that Chang Qi and Hou Pengfei were also captured.

"Wait!" Su Mo shouted suddenly.

"What is it, Su Mo?" Jin Li asked in confusion.

"Can I go with him?" asked Su Mo.

Jin Li nodded a.s.sent. Su Mo then followed the guardian to the prison.

"Chang Qi, Hou Pengfei, I shall let you two stay here forever!" Su Mo grinned inside. He would never let the two leave since they wanted to kill him.

Su Mo soon arrived at the prison of the tribe.

The prison was underground and dim-lighted, stone chambers filled the vast underground s.p.a.ce. Su Mo followed the guardian to one of the chambers.

"They're in this chamber." The guardian then opened the door.

Su Mo saw the five sitting cross-legged in the chamber that had less than 16 square meters of s.p.a.ce.

Feng Shaoyu looked extremely miserable. Although his hair had returned to black, his Qi was at its weakest point and his face was pale like paper due to the Three Secret Techniques he used.

"11th brother!"

"11th brother!"

"11th brother!"

When Su Mo walked into the chamber, Feng Shaoyu and the other three exclaimed and stood up suddenly.

"It turns out that you're alive! I thought you're dead!" Tian Chen said, pleasantly surprised.

So were Feng Shaoyu and Yun Fei. However, the two's faces fell quickly.

"Alas! Our cultivations are sealed, we will be dead here anyway!"

Yun Fei sighed and asked, "11th brother, how were you captured?"

Yun Fei thought that Su Mo's cultivation was also sealed.

"It's a long story, I'll tell you when we get back!" As he said this, Su Mo walked in front of Chang Qi and Hou Pengfei.

"When we get back?" Yun Fei and the other two were dumbstruck.

"You two were trying to kill us. I don't forget things like that!" Towering above Chang Qi and Hou Pengfei, Su Mo grinned with a curved mouth.

"Hum! What about it? You're just too lucky to get slain by me!" Chang Qi smirked.

"We are lucky indeed, but not you!" Su Mo said calmly while showing murderous eyes.

"We all are gonna die here. What luck are you talking about?" Hou Pengfei sneered and shook his head.

"You will die, but not us." Su Mo said.

"Oh?" The two raised their eyebrows and asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean that I'll be killing you!" Su Mo smiled slightly.

Upon hearing this, the two were shocked and then burst into laughter. "Haha! Su Mo, are you being scared or are you just a r.e.t.a.r.d? Our cultivations are all sealed, and we're prisoners. What are you going to kill us with?"

Contempt was written all over their faces, and they clearly did not take Su Mo's words seriously.

Cruelty glittered in Su Mo's eyes, and he reached out both hands to grab at the two's arms.

He then squeezed his palm gently.

Crack! Crack!

Two clear, crisp sounds of bone fracture rose, and the arms were broken.

Ah! Ah!

The two gave horrible shrieks and stepped back against the wall rapidly.

"Why...Why are you not sealed?"

"How's that possible?"

Chang Qi and Hou Pengfei freaked out in horror, looked at the guardian, and yelled, "He's not sealed yet, go get him down!"

However, the guardian stood still. It did not look like he was going to move.

The two were dumbfounded as they didn't know the situation.

So were Feng Shaoyu and the other two.

"Tell me, who sent you to kill us? I can leave the rest of the body alone." Su Mo's eyes were sharp as blades as he stared at the two.

The two kept silent while staring at Su Mo with livid faces.

"Good, I like tough guys!"

Su Mo's had mocking eyes. The long-sword was unsheathed suddenly and with a glow of sword radiance, blood splashed all over and four arms were sent flying.

Warrior's Promise 470 I Like Tough Guys

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