Warrior's Promise Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Wu Kui

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Although the word did not reveal any emotions, Wu Kui made it sound arrogant and condescending.

Su Mo squinted his eyes and thought that Wu Kui was even more arrogant than Yan Qi.

“What if I don’t make room for you?” Su Mo indifferently replied.

The test tablet was originally placed here for the disciples on the island. If Wu Kui wanted to take the test, Su Mo would definitely make room for him.

But Wu Kui’s arrogance of telling him to fu*k off arose Su Mo’s killing desire.

“You won’t?”

Wu Kui felt a little bit surprised. He looked at Su Mo coldly and said with a frightening smile, “You’re brave and fearless! But I wonder who can back you up. Do you know the consequences of your insults? Or do you think Li Feng will help you?”

Wu Kui had seen Su Mo talking with Li Feng, so he thought that they were close.

“I don’t need anyone’s help. I’ve seen so many idiots like you, and I’m tired of hearing these kinds of threats!” Su Mo disdainfully said, shaking his head.


Hearing this, Wu Kui’s eyes were like vipers, full of killing desire.

“Since you’re asking to die, I’ll satisfy your wish.”

With Genuine Qi surging in his hands and his clothes billowing without any wind, Wu Kui was preparing to kill Su Mo.

“Wu Kui, stop it!” Li Feng coldly yelled.

Wu Kui looked at Li Feng and said with a scornful smile, “Do you actually want to help him? He’s just a loser, but if you’re also asking to die, then make your move!”

“I’m not offering to help him!”

Li Feng shook his head and continued, “Wu Kui, Gale Island forbids its disciples from fighting each other in private. If someone breaks the rule, he’ll be confined for one month or expelled from the sect. Do you still want to break this rule?”

At that, Wu Kui furrowed his brows and pondered deeply.

Li Feng was not lying. Wu Kui had just entered the sect and did not have a strong footing, so he decided that it was not worth it to be expelled over an insignificant person.

“Boy, I’m letting you off easy for once. When the Qingyuan Trial Test comes around, I’ll have you begging me for mercy,” said Wu Kui coldly. He circled around Su Mo, walked in front of the test tablet, and swung his right hand into the tablet.


The tablet shuddered, and the test crystals on it shone brightly.

One Crystal!

10 crystals!

15 crystals!

All 15 of the test crystals shone with a dazzling purple light.

The strength of 15 tigers!

Everyone was shocked.

No wonder he was an expert of the Spiritual Martial Realm. His casual strike was the strength of 15 tigers, or 375 kilograms of force.

Wu Kui shot a proud glance at Su Mo.

Su Mo narrowed his eyes. “The strength of 15 tigers? He isn’t too weak.”

However, that alone was not enough to terrify him.

“Li Feng, Xiaohu, let’s go!” Su Mo shouted and turned around to leave.

Niu Xiaohu hurried behind him, and Li Feng left with a groan.

“Li Feng, do you know Wu Kui well?” Su Mo asked Li Feng on the mountain.

“I come from the same city as him,” said Li Feng with a nod. Then, he reminded him, “Su Mo, I’m begging you not to antagonize Wu Kui. He’s a very scary man.”

“Oh? How is he scary? Explain it to me,” said Su Mo.

Li Feng sighed and said, “Wu Kui has a Rank 8 Human Cla.s.s Martial Soul, and he is incredibly talented. His cultivation is already at the peak Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm, and he is very brutal and cruel. Anyone who offends him will die a terrible death.”

Li Feng used to have some conflict with Wu Kui. Although he was not close with Su Mo, he also did not want to see Wu Kui kill Su Mo.

He had spoken out before to help Su Mo diffuse the situation.

Although he had lost 20,000 taels of gold to Su Mo, he had accepted his loss without complaint.

That amount of gold was nothing to him.

“Thank you for your reminder. However, I am not provoking him, but he is provoking me.”

Su Mo nodded and thanked Li Feng. Li Feng was a proud man, but he was essentially kind.

Then, Su Mo’s tone changed, and he said coldly, “If he doesn’t know what’s good for him, he will undoubtedly pay for it.”


Li Feng choked in shock and stared at Su Mo.

He thought himself to be very proud already, and he never expected that this seemingly gentle young man was even prouder than him.

Li Feng shook his head. “How can a martial artist in the Qi Cultivation Realm look down upon a martial artist in the Spiritual Martial Realm? Where does his confidence come from?”

“Do you know how the Qingyuan Trial Test works?” asked Su Mo. He knew that Li Feng came from a great family and had seen it all, so he wanted to learn a little about the test beforehand.

“The Qingyuan Trial Test is conducted on Qingyuan Island, and it’s mostly hunting demonic beasts,” said Li Feng. He knew about the Qingyuan Trial Test, but he did not know much about the specific rules.

“Hunting demonic beasts?”

Su Mo’s eyes flashed. “That’s so simple. Isn’t this a perfect opportunity to increase my abilities and my Martial Soul level?”

“Hehe, I like hunting demonic beasts,” said Niu Xiaohu with a smile. “Since I was 10, I’ve hunted demonic beasts with my village. Killing demonic beasts is my strongest talent.”

“Hehe, Xiaohu, I hope you do well in the test,” said Su Mo with a smile.

Niu Xiaohu only had a Rank 5 Human Cla.s.s Martial Soul, but he was very diligent at cultivating and had already reached early-stage of the Lv 8 Qi Cultivation Realm. His abilities were average among the new disciples.

The three men returned to the courtyard and went to their separate rooms.

In his room, Su Mo was deep in thought. He left the room and walked to the Contribution Palace.

Su Mo wanted to exchange contribution points.

Gale Island’s sect manual detailed the many different ways to earn contribution points.

Disciples of the sect could earn sect contribution points by giving the sect Spiritual Herbs, cultivation methods, martial arts techniques, and demonic beast materials, or by completing tasks for the sect.

Of course, they could also simply contribute money to the sect.

After all, monetary wealth led to more resources.

Su Mo had just won 20,000 taels of gold from Li Feng, so he wanted to exchange it for contribution points to buy Beast Souls.

In Sunnywood City, Su Mo’s Martial Soul level was probably the highest among everyone.

Now, on Gale Island, a Rank 6 Human Cla.s.s Martial Soul was too low. There were so many people who had a higher level than him.

Su Mo exchanged all of his gold at the Contribution Hall, and only received 20 contribution points.

One contribution point cost 2,000 taels of gold.

Afterwards, Su Mo used the 20 contribution points to purchase 10 Cla.s.s 1 Lv 2 Beast Soul Crystals.

A Cla.s.s 1 Lv 2 demonic beast was equivalent to a martial artist at Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm. One Cla.s.s 1 Lv 2 Beast Soul Crystal cost two contribution points, which was 2,000 taels of gold.

The price was five times that of a Cla.s.s 9 Lv 1 demonic beast Soul Crystal.

Su Mo sat cross-legged in his room and released his Devouring Martial Spirit.


He crushed a Soul Crystal that had a Beast Soul of Lizard inside. As soon as the crystal burst, the Beast Soul charged out with a roar and opened its mouth towards Su Mo.

Su Mo was terrified. He did not expect that this Lv 2 Beast Souls would still have a conscience.

He hastily spurred his Martial Soul, and a strong suction force instantly devoured the Beast Soul of Lizard.

This demonic beast was probably very powerful when it was alive, but it was now only a soul and could not resist Su Mo’s Devouring Martial Spirit.

After his Devouring Martial Spirit devoured this Beast Soul, Su Mo did not feel any changes and continued devouring.

Soon, he had gone through all 10 Beast Souls.

His Devouring Martial Spirit still did not progress.

Su Mo was extremely disappointed. His Martial Soul had stopped at the Rank 6 Human Cla.s.s for a very long time, and he had already devoured a large number of Beast Souls in Sunnywood City. Now, even though he had just devoured another 10 Cla.s.s 1 Lv 2 Beast Souls, he still had not progressed.

“What’s wrong? Can my Martial Soul only progress to the Rank 6 Human Cla.s.s?”

Su Mo was confused. Although each higher level required more Beast Souls to achieve, he did not think that any level required such a large amount.

“Oh well! If I keep devouring, I’m sure I’ll progress eventually!”

Su Mo still could not understand after a while, so he could only sigh and stop thinking about it.

Then, he cleared his mind of distractions and began to cultivate.

However, Su Mo did not cultivate Genuine Qi, and instead, he began cultivating his body.

This was because his cultivating speed was slowing down as his cultivation increased. It would be very difficult to break through the bottleneck and increase his cultivation to Lv 9 before the Qingyuan Trial Test.

Thus, he decided to cultivate his physical strength, so that he could complete Lv 3 Elephant’s Strength Skill before the Qingyuan Trial Test. Then, his physical force would exceed that of a martial artist at the peak Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm, and it would rival even a martial artist that was a half step from the Spiritual Martial Realm.

This way, his combined abilities would not be inferior to any of the new disciples.

In his room, surging Spiritual Qi collected around Su Mo, and countless runes flew into his body.

He cultivated to no end, and in the blink of an eye, days had flown by.

The Qingyuan Trial Test was about to begin.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 50

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