Warrior's Promise 520 The Auction

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Su Mo asked, "When will you hold an auction?"

Su Mo knew that Ming Yu was right. The income from the auction would definitely be much higher than if he just sold everything directly, but auctioning took time.

Ming Yu smiled and said, "In half a month, we'll hold an auction again."

"Half a month!" Su Mo started to ponder. He was not in a hurry to leave this place, and he had 9,000,000 Medium Spiritual Stones, which was enough for him to cultivate for a while in Evernorth City. He could condense his cultivation base for another breakthrough during that period of time.

Su Mo looked at Hong Qingxuan and asked, "Qingxuan, shall we stay here for half a month?"

"Sure, I'm here with brother Su Mo." Hong Qingxuan smiled with a sweet innocence. It would be the best for her to be by his side for a longer time.

As for experiencing things and hunting treasures, they were not important. As the sole disciple of the Fairy of the Ninth Heaven, she had countless Spiritual Stones and treasures.

"Good!" Su Mo smiled.

Ming Yu's beautiful eyes danced on Su Mo and Hong Qingxuan, and the corners of her mouth curved upward into a smile. "What a sweet pair of lovebirds. A talented man and a beautiful woman loving each other so much... it makes me very jealous!"

As the elder of the Treasure Pavilion, Ming Yu was in the True Darkness Realm and was able to discern the strength of them both. Such cultivation levels at their ages indicated that they had to be peerless talents.


Su Mo was dumbstruck by Ming Yu's words and could not help showing his embarra.s.sment.

Hong Qingxuan was even more embarra.s.sed. Her face blushed and she lowered her head, not daring to look at Su Mo.


Su Mo cleared his throat to ease the embarra.s.sment in the air and asked Ming Yu, "How much commission will you take then?"

Generally, the auctioneer would charge a commission of a certain percentage of the income.

Ming Yu smiled and said, "We charge 10% of the final price."

"10%!" Su Mo sighed inwardly with feeling. Although he knew that the commission percentage would not be low, 10% was much higher than he had expected.

Even so, selling at an auction would be better than selling it all directly. These 30 items could be sold for more than 10,000,000 stones.

"Okay, it's a deal then!"

Su Mo nodded slowly and said, "Elder Ming Yu, I want to buy a cultivation skill here."

Ming Yu said with a charming smile, "Sure, we've got all levels of cultivation skills. Which one do you want?"

"One at Lv 6," Su Mo said.

"Lv 6?" Ming Yu was shocked. "Are you sure that you want to buy a Lv 6 cultivation skill?"

The Lv 6 skills were King Cultivation Skills and they were not ordinary. Ming Yu had not expected that Su Mo in the Enlightenment Realm would want a Lv 6 cultivation skill.

"Yes!" Su Mo nodded.

Ming Yu looked solemn. She thought it over and then asked with a heavy voice, "We don't have many Lv 6 cultivation skills. What kind of skill do you want?"

"Only a wood property skill," Su Mo said.

"Wood property?" Ming Yu nodded slightly and said, "We only have one of those, but it's a Medium Lv 6 cultivation skill. I'm afraid that you can't afford it!"

Su Mo was happy to hear that they had one, so he asked hurriedly, "How much is it?"

Ming Yu reached out her slender forefinger and said, "It's a fixed price... 12,000,000 Medium Spiritual Stones."

"I'll take it!" Although the price was high, Su Mo claimed it without hesitation. For that skill, even if the price was higher, he would have accepted it.

"Haha, master, you're a frank man!"

Ming Yu gave a girlish smile and said, "But, your 30 items aren't worth 12,000,000 Medium Spiritual Stones, so you'll have to pay the difference."

"Okay!" Su Mo nodded and thought helplessly that he would be poor again after buying this cultivation skill.

When Hong Qingxuan heard that he wanted a wood property cultivation skill, her face appeared as if she was thinking of something, yet she did not say anything. The wood property skill she had was too precious to reveal. It was a secret. Even though she was close to Su Mo, she could not give it away.

Hong Qingxuan understood the degree of seriousness of her skill.

Su Mo was lost in thought again. He did not want to pay with any more stones, so he decided to sell more items.

After the auction, he would have enough stones to cultivate in the Celestialspirit Sect and wait for the Martial Arts Compet.i.tion of the Nine Peaks.

Su Mo then gnashed his teeth and said, "Elder Ming Yu, I'm selling two more cultivation skills."

He turned over his hand and two jade slips appeared, which he then handed over to Ming Yu.

When Ming Yu took the slips and started to read them, she was immediately shocked—the Lower Lv 6 Nirvana Cultivation Method and Lower Lv 5 Elephant's Strength Skill.

Ming Yu did not expect that Su Mo would sell a King Cultivation Skill. The other one, Elephant's Strength Skill, was a costly Body Refining Skill, despite it only being Lower Lv 5.

She was also confused. Why would Su Mo buy a King Cultivation Skill since he already had one? Could he only practice a wood property cultivation skill?

Although she was puzzled, she did not ask further about his private issues.

"Master, these items will be auctioned together in half a month."

Ming Yu put a charming smile on her delicate face, and then handed Su Mo a purple card and said, "This is the invitation card for our Treasure Pavilion's Auction Room. I hope you will attend the auction then."

While speaking, Ming Yu was sizing up Su Mo, guessing his ident.i.ty.

Anyone who had a King Cultivation Skill could not be simple.

Hong Qingxuan had mentioned Su Mo's name before, and Ming Yu had a vague feeling that she had heard of the name somewhere, but she could not immediately recall where.

"Good, I'll be there!" Su Mo took the card and nodded.

"Master, please wait a second. I'll go get that wood property skill for you." Then, Ming Yu got up and left the reception room.

Feeling at ease, Su Mo started to wait.

A little while later, Ming Yu returned with a bundle of jade slips.

Su Mo checked them over immediately. After confirming their authenticity, Su Mo took his leave and left the room with Hong Qingxuan.

"Su Mo?"

Looking at Su Mo's back, a light suddenly flashed through Ming Yu's mind.

"The pro-disciple of the Towering Sky Peak master from the Celestialspirit Sect... Said to be invincible against martial artists at the same level... An incredible talent!"

At that moment, Ming Yu finally remembered Su Mo's ident.i.ty. Was he not the talent who had defeated the Celestialspirit Sect Master's disciple, Murong Wudi?

"Interesting!" Ming Yu smiled.

Su Mo and Hong Qingxuan found a tavern near the Treasure Pavilion and stayed there, waiting for the auction.

However, they did not notice that a pair of eyes were fixed on them when they entered the tavern.

"Su Mo, incredible as you can be, I'll make you die an ignominious death this time!"

After that bleak voice resounded, the eyes immediately disappeared.

Warrior's Promise 520 The Auction

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