Warrior's Promise Chapter 578 - Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

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Chapter 578: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

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“How can he be so powerful?”

The hall master snarled in disbelief. That strike had made him hair-raising.

It was totally beyond common sense that a Lv 8 Enlightenment Realm martial artist could wield such might.

He did not dare to try to block. He and the three blood puppets rushed upward and narrowly dodged the sword Qi.


The sword Qi then hit the buildings, creating ma.s.sive destruction.

There were still a large number of low-level disciples hiding inside the buildings, and this blow turned them into ashes.

“You can’t avoid it this time.” Su Mo smiled coldly and made another move. The four-colored sword radiance glowed, and the Sky-crus.h.i.+ng Sword danced like a shadow.

In an instant, Su Mo struck a dozen times, and the corresponding four-colored sword Qi formed into a Sword Net and traveled at the hall master.

In the meantime, a tiny jolt of lightning flitted through the void, moving toward the enemy’s back.


The hall master turned pale with fright. The ma.s.sive Sword Net left him no room to parry, and that Spiritual Sword was lethal.

The Three Secret Techniques also had increased the power of the Spiritual Sword.

It seemed certain that the hall master would be killed by these attacks.

Su Mo had underestimated him, however. His body trembled and then turned into a column of sanguine light, which fled away immediately.

The speed of the sanguine light was incredibly fast. It flitted through the Sword Net and moved toward the exit of this underworld.


The sanguine light went out through the broken stone door.


The three blood puppets were shattered to pieces by the Sword Net.

“Trying to run? It won’t be that easy!” Su Mo sneered.

The Spiritual Sword flashed under his feet, and he immediately started to follow the column of light.

Su Mo could never let the hall master live; otherwise, there would be endless danger lurking in the future.

When he reached the broken door, he saw that Li Feng was standing there, stunned.

“Li Feng, go collect the loot and kill all of the remaining disciples in there!”

Su Mo left hurriedly after giving that order.

There were still a large number of disciples left in the buildings, but they were all below the True Spirit Realm. Li Feng could easily kill them.

Even though they overwhelmed Li Feng in number, they were unable to kill him.

He stood there in shock and did not recover until Su Mo was far away.


He took a deep breath and gradually calmed down.

Su Mo’s strength was quite stunning as he was able to kill a Peak Lv 2 True Darkness Realm martial artist while only having Lv 8 Enlightenment Realm cultivation. This kind of combat strength was extremely incredible.

And although Li Feng’s physical strength had also reached Lv 8 Enlightenment Realm, he could not even defeat a normal Lv 9 Enlightenment Realm martial artist.

He shook his head and then charged toward the Cold-blood Hall.

Soon afterward, there was another wave of ma.s.sive bloodshed. Those low-level disciples were too weak to fight against Li Feng.

His saber danced among the broken chunks of limbs and blood in the air.

Panicked cries and horrible shrieks continually arose— it really looked like h.e.l.l.

Riding on the Spiritual Sword, Su Mo disappeared in the skyline.

The hall master turned into a shaft of sanguine light and traveled so fast that normal eyes could not even spot him.

Additionally, the void was torn apart because of his high speed.

“What kind of body move is that? How can it be so fast?”

Su Mo was surprised by this, and then he recalled that he had seen the other Cold-blood Hall members using the same body move.

It was called something like the “Blood Fleeing Skill”.

However, the hall master’s speed was still slower than the Spiritual Sword.

He wished that it was someone else chasing him. He even wished that it was a talent on the List of Top 1,000 Talents that was chasing after him.

But unfortunately for him, it was Su Mo.

Su Mo had closed to within three kilometers of him in just a few breaths.


Su Mo struck a ma.s.sive four-colored sword Qi out toward the sanguine light.


The sword Qi split off a big chunk of the sanguine light.


A shriek resounded, as the remaining sanguine light traveled faster.


Su Mo discovered that the light he had split was full of blood.

That middle-aged man in the sanguine robe turned into a ma.s.s of blood!

“The skills of the Cold-blood Hall members are so weird!”

Su Mo sped up and got close to the flying sanguine light again.


He activated his Devouring Martial Soul immediately and its devouring power covered the flying sanguine light.

Since the enemy was injured and had turned into blood, Su Mo a.s.sumed that his devouring power would be effective to slow it down.

It worked. The speed of the sanguine light decreased immensely, and Su Mo approached to within 333 meters of it.


Su Mo barked as his Sky-crus.h.i.+ng Sword glowed. He swung the sword dozens of times, and the four-colored sword Qi thronged toward the sanguine light.


A desperate yell came from the sanguine light, which was struggling to accelerate in vain.


The yell suddenly ceased as the sword Qi encountered the sanguine light, which then was shattered into nothingness.

Su Mo stopped moving and became relieved. The Cold-blood Hall in the Hong Domain was destroyed along with this man.

As for the other branches in the Hong Domain, they would certainly be demolished since the other forces would launch counterattacks when they learned that the headquarters was gone.

“Sh*t! I tried too hard. I lost his storage ring!”

Su Mo slapped his head. During his attack, he must have destroyed the hall master’s storage ring.

Su Mo then sighed and comforted himself by thinking of the treasures in the Cold-blood Hall.

He then immediately turned around and flew back to the underworld.

Meanwhile, the ma.s.sacre was still ongoing because Li Feng did not have cultivation. Killing a large number of disciples without using spells was not a task that could be done quickly.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 578 - Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

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