Warrior's Promise Chapter 584 - Dominate The Hong Domain

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Chapter 584: Dominate The Hong Domain

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The imperial family fell silent.

After a short while, their emperor and the patriarch gave each other a meaningful glance.

The emperor then looked at Su Mo and said, “Su Mo, we, the imperial family, would like to join the Firmament Sect, do you accept us?”

The crowd was shocked by his words.

They wanted to rely their future on a big shot since Su Mo now had demonstrated his promising future.

Su Mo was not surprised to hear this because he was aware of the current situation.

He nodded and said in a deep voice, “Yes, I do. From now on, the imperial family is a member of the Firmament Sect.”

Su Mo agreed because they did him a big favor and he liked them.

Everybody smiled and appreciated the results.

In the past six months, the three parties had coexisted and got along very well. People were happy to see the imperial family join the Firmament Sect!

“Su Mo, what’s next?” Qing Pingzi asked.

Su Mo swept around and said solemnly, “I’m going to take you to the Dark Domain.”

“To the Dark Domain?”

The crowd was stunned since they had never thought of going there.

Qing Pingzi frowned and asked, “Why the Dark Domain?”

He did not think that this was a good plan.

Su Mo sighed and said, “I’m not sure if you will be safe here!”

Cold-blood Hall was too powerful and still had many branches in the other domains. Su Mo was worried that they would come after his people in the future.

The crowd now realized that Su Mo was concerning about their safety.

Luo Qianfan opened his mouth carefully. “Su Mo, have you thought of dominating the Hong Domain?”

Many people’s eyes glittered while hearing this.

“Right! Su Mo can totally rule the Hong Domain now!”

“Dominate the Hong Domain?”

Su Mo shook his head. He was not interested in this because he was going to the Central Continent. How could he stay here?

“Mo’er, I think that we’d rather stay here!”

Su Hong continued, “There are too many of us, and we will become your burden there!”


Elder Wei nodded and said, “Su Mo, your talent is unprecedented, and the Firmament and Continent is your stage. We can’t catch up to your pace. The Hong Domain is where we belong.”

“Right! We’d better stay here!”

“With our present strength, we are already at the top of Skymoon Country!”

The crowd started to talk. They had enough self-awareness to know that they could only be low-leveled martial artists in the Dark Domain, yet stand in a high position here.

Moreover, they thought that Su Mo obviously had enemies in the Dark Domain, such as Xuan Feng, and they would face more dangers there with Su Mo.

The most important thing was that they could become stronger here as long as Su Mo lived and grew stronger.

Su Mo’s eyebrows furrowed slightly since he had not expected that they would rather stay in a small place like this.

He only worried about the safety of the Firmament Sect and the Sus.

Cold-blood Hall might come back here to seek vengeance, and who knew if Xuan Feng would come back as well!

He was lost in thought for quite a while. Finally, he decided to let them stay!

As long as he could grow up quickly, Cold-blood Hall would no longer be a threat.

As for Xuan Feng, that guy should have fled to the Dark Domain but, he would stay here for a few extra days just in case Xuan Feng came back.

Su Mo then said, “If that’s what you want, then you can stay here!”

“But, if we are staying here, we, the Firmament Sect, will naturally dominate the Hong Domain.”

The crowd was shocked again. “Is he really doing this?”

They were confused. How could they dominate the Hong Domain since Su Mo would not stay around? They could not do this themselves.

Su Mo spoke again.

“I now announce that the Firmament Sect is reorganized into three halls: the Skymoon Hall, the Gale Hall, and the Su Hall. The main gate of the Firmament Sect is temporarily arranged on the Gale Island. Let’s discuss further details now.”

Everybody felt an upsurge of emotion while hearing Su Mo’s words. It was as if they were looking at the future overlord of the world.

In the following two hours, they discussed the details of the reconstruction of the Firmament Sect as he learned that the former main gate of the Gale Island was destroyed.

Su Mo left the Imperial City alone after they finished.

The crowd felt confused again after their excitement. Was Su Mo staying here?

Only the Sus were sure that he must have his own plans and would leave the Hong Domain.

The Sus knew about the issue between him and Xi’er, plus his five-year-appointment with Shangguan Hao.

Back then, they did not take it seriously, but now they were certain that he would get it done.

Su Mo arrived at a wild mountain 500,000 meters away from the Imperial City.

Standing in the air, he turned over his hand, and a palm-sized circle appeared.

This circle was the Lower spiritual beast bangle that he looted from the Master of All Beasts.

There were hundreds of Lv 5 spiritual beasts in it, and they equaled True Darkness Realm martial artists in strength.

Now that his strength equaled Lv 4 or Lv 5 True Darkness Realm experts, he could tame some Lv 5 demonic beasts.

With those beasts, the Firmament Sect could easily dominate the Hong Domain without him being around. This was his plan.

Su Mo had already mastered the spiritual beast bangle, so he released his Mind into it and pulled out a huge ape.

The ape was pitch-black, about 16 meters tall, and muscular. It looked like a hill.


As soon as it came out, it thumped its chest with both fists and roared to the sky. It shook everything within 50,000 meters.

It then looked at Su Mo with ferocious eyes and punched at him.


The ma.s.sive fist radiance consisted of demonic power pierced through the void and shattered the air.

“Interesting. A demonic beast can even do a fistplay.”

Su Mo was surprised that the fist radiance from the huge ape was obviously some fistplay technique of human martial artists.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 584 - Dominate The Hong Domain

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