Warrior's Promise Chapter 605 - Distinguished Craftsman

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Chapter 605: Distinguished Craftsman

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Wuling City was a very lively city. There were countless martial artists coming in from all directions.

It was only when he reached Wuling City, that Su Mo realized the Craftsmans.h.i.+p Contest was a hot topic throughout the East Continent.

The Craftsmans.h.i.+p Contest was not an event the Sky-sea Pavilion had organized on the spur of the moment but one that took place every few years.

It was hosted every few years to recruit the best craftsmen in the East Continent.

The contest always attracted a large number of craftsmen from over a hundred domains to Wuling City.

Anyone regardless of their sect could take part in the Craftsmans.h.i.+p Contest, as long as he was at least a Lv 4 craftsman.

All these craftsmen had come with the sole aim of becoming one of the Sky-sea Pavilion’s honorary craftsmen.

The Sky-sea Pavilion may have been just a trade firm, but with its powerful background and strength, not even the seven superpowers of the East Continent would dare to offend them.

The Sky-sea Pavilion’s main headquarters were located in the Central Continent. In the entire World, this superpower ranked second only behind the Nine Overlords. Having existed for thousands of years, the Sky-sea Pavilion’s foundation and strength were far more powerful than the superpowers in the East Continent.

Being one of the Sky-sea Pavilion’s Honorary Craftsmen signified unimaginable fame and fortune. Countless craftsmen longed to be one.

As Su Mo made his way through the city, he walked past several groups of craftsmen.

These craftsmen were dressed a bit differently from regular martial artists and could be differentiated by the special insignia on their clothing.

Their insignias had different designs, such as weapons, furnaces, and hammers.

However, all the craftsmen had one thing in common. They gave off an air of superiority and arrogance, as if they were better than the rest.

Their social status was far above that of average martial artists, which was a symbol of their strength and stature.

Craftsmen were a crucial element of every power. For example, an Upper Lv 4 Craftsman would be more highly regarded than a martial artist at the Peak Enlightenment Realm.

However, it was incredibly difficult to become a craftsman. The only, and the most important criteria to become a craftsman was a talent for strong willpower.

This had prevented countless people from becoming craftsmen. Less than one out of 10,000 people met the willpower talent requirements.

Hence, craftsmen were considered the cream of the crop.

Furthermore, craftsmen were all extraordinarily rich. They were 10 times as wealthy as their martial artist counterparts, and that was why so many people wanted to become craftsmen.

All this did not impress Su Mo. If it wasn’t for the money and the ability to craft the Natal Spiritual Sword of his dreams, he would not even have bothered to become a craftsman.

Strength was the most important thing in this world. Nothing mattered in the face of absolute strength.

Since there was still some time before the contest, Su Mo planned to stay in an inn until then. He would use this time to find out more about the Craftsmans.h.i.+p Contest and hone his craftsmans.h.i.+p.

He soon found a luxurious inn.

It was named ‘Blaze Tavern’. It was quite large, with a radius of over 300 meters.

When Su Mo strode into the inn, he noticed that there were many customers in the hall, and they were all craftsmen.

When he entered, several craftsmen shot him disdainful looks.

Su Mo did not understand why, so he ignored them and walked straight to the counter.

“Shopkeeper, give me a suite.”

The shopkeeper was a plump old man of at least 60 years of age. He was so fat that it was hard to look directly at him.

The shopkeeper sized Su Mo up and shook his head, saying, “Please leave. We’re closed!”

“What? Closed!?” Su Mo frowned when he heard the shopkeeper. His face darkened as he glanced over to the customers in the hall.

How could the shopkeeper tell him the inn was closed with so many customers in the hall? This lie was just too blatant!

“Shopkeeper, if the inn is closed, why are there so many customers here?” he asked coldly.

The shopkeeper snorted at Su Mo’s words. The fat on his face wobbled as he said condescendingly, “This is the Blaze Tavern, we are only open to distinguished craftsmen, not the public.”

Su Mo looked like a young man of about 18 years, so the shopkeeper did not think he could be a craftsman. Furthermore, there was no insignia on his clothes to identify him as one.

In Wuling City, all the craftsmen wore clothes identifying themselves as craftsmen. How else would they show off their status!

“Only open to craftsmen?” Su Mo was stunned that such an inn even existed!

“This isn’t the place for you!”

“Only distinguished craftsmen like us are allowed to stay here!”

“Get lost!”

Many customers jeered at him. Someone even asked Su Mo to get lost!

Su Mo’s expression turned cold and he turned toward the window of the hall.

His gaze fell upon a young man in purple. He was about 26 or 27 years old, with a squarish face and a stubborn look.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

Su Mo quickly approached him and stared at him stonily.

“What do you want?” The young man asked nervously. His heart trembled with fear at Su Mo’s chilling gaze.

“Were you the one who asked me to get out?” Su Mo questioned coldly. His gaze pierced through the man like a sharp sword.

The young man started to sweat. At merely Lv 2 True Darkness Realm, he couldn’t possibly withstand Su Mo’s imposing aura.

However, he quickly calmed himself at the thought of his prestigious status as a Middle Lv 5 craftsman.

“That’s right, so what?”

The young man smirked and said tauntingly, “I’m not someone that you can afford to offend. If you apologize now, I might be able to forgive you…”

Before the young man could finish his threat, a hand shot out like lightning and grabbed his neck tightly.

“Uh! Uh!” The young man couldn’t utter another word.

Silence fell upon the hall as everyone stared at Su Mo in shock.

“So violent?”

“So daring?”

“How dare he attack a Lv 5 craftsman?”

Su Mo grabbed him by the neck and easily lifted him up as if he was holding a tiny chick.

“You want me to apologize?” Su Mo was expressionless, but his eyes flashed with killing desire.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 605 - Distinguished Craftsman

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