Warrior's Promise Chapter 608 - Natural Fire Spiritual Body

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Chapter 608: Natural Fire Spiritual Body

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Su Mo smiled and nodded back at Ming Yu.

Although he did not know him well, he returned the politeness.

However, he ignored Nie Yu. If Nie Yu shamelessly came to bother him, there would be consequences.

As time trickled by, more and more martial artists gathered in front of Craft Tower, until the place was swarming with at least 600,000 people.

Luckily, the area in front of Craft Tower was very s.p.a.cious, or it would definitely not be able to hold so many people.

Even Sky-sea Pavilion staff arrived before the Craftsmans.h.i.+p Contest began, and everyone waited in silence.

Suddenly, there was a rustle in the crowd.

“Sikong Yan is here!”

“Sikong Yan is also partic.i.p.ating in the Craftsmans.h.i.+p Contest!”

“Sikong Yan is the number 48 genius on the List of Top 1,000 Talents, as well as a Lv 5 Craftsman. Of course, he’ll partic.i.p.ate.”

“Sikong Yan has a Rank 2nd Heaven Cla.s.s Martial Soul and natural Fire Spiritual Body. He entered the top 50 on the List of Top 1,000 Talents, and he’ll definitely make the top ten in five years.”

The crowd suddenly became excited and cleared out a path, through which strolled a tall and proud young man.

He wore a long crimson robe and had a stern expression, exuding a scorching aura.

However, no one around him felt a hint of heat.

Su Mo turned to look at the young man and sized him up.

Natural Fire Spiritual Body?

Having a Fire Spiritual Body meant that one had the ultimate fire property talent, exceeding human limitations and making one Spirit Build.

Su Mo thought, “Isn’t a martial artist with a natural Fire Spiritual Body the perfect descendant of Firescorching Palace, one of the nine palaces?”

He decided to try to reach out to this person and take him in if he had a decent temperament.

However, this person was number 48 on the List of Top 1,000 Talents, so he probably had a very high cultivation. It would take time to take him in.

Su Mo made a note of this man.

If others knew his idea, they would think he was insane!

It was an absurd idea to take in Sikong Yan, number 48 on the List of Top 1,000 Talents!

Sikong Yan walked through the crowd toward the gate of Craft Tower.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on him, filled with excitement, envy, and jealousy.

Although Sikong Yan was only number 48, everyone knew that he was no less talented than anyone in the top ten.

He only needed a couple more years to make it to the top. After all, he was only 20 years old.

All of the top ten geniuses were over 25 years old.

Sikong Yan stood before the gate and ignored everyone else. He closed his eyes gently, waiting for the Craftsmans.h.i.+p Contest to begin.

At this moment, Su Mo saw Nie Yu look towards him and laugh coldly.

Then, Nie Yu walked towards Sikong Yan and arrived next to him shortly.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Sikong!” Nie Yu said, clasping his fists.

Sikong Yan glanced at Nie Yu and said coldly, “Is Junior Brother Nie here to watch the compet.i.tion?”

“I knew that Senior Brother Sikong would be here, so I wanted to see your performance,” Nie Yu said with a smile.

Nie Yu was not a craftsman and was only here to watch.

Su Mo could hear their conversation from afar and was shocked to learn that they were fellow disciples!

Then, Nie Yu sighed and said, “Senior Brother Sikong, I’ve been unlucky recently. I was heavily injured by someone and had my storage ring stolen!”

His face looked extremely dejected.

“What happened?” Sikong Yan frowned slightly and asked, “Who dared to do that? Didn’t they know you were from Topmost Palace?”

“He knew that I was from Topmost Palace, but he had no respect for Topmost Palace!” Nie Yu exclaimed.

There were seven superpowers in East Continent. Three of them were each in Blackdragon Domain, Thunder Domain and Cloud Domain, while the other four were all in Dark Domain.

These four were Stars Swordplay Sect, Topmost Palace, Celestialspirit Sect, and Cold-blood Hall.

Dark Domain’s Cold-blood Hall was the headquarter of the sect, and all other halls were only side halls.

Sikong Yan and Nie Yu were both disciples of Topmost Palace, one of the four superpowers of Dark Domain.

Su Mo was enraged by Nie Yu’s words. He never said he looked down on Topmost Palace!

He did not even know that Nie Yu was a Topmost Palace disciple!

Sikong Yan’s face grew cold, and he asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s Su Mo!” Nie Yu said furiously, “He’s incredibly arrogant and thinks his talent exceeds all of the East Continent. He claimed that in only a year, he can dominate everyone on the List of Top 1,000 Talents!”

“Su Mo?”

Sikong Yan’s eyes flashed coldly, and he asked confusedly, “The Su Mo who was rumored to enter the list when he was only in the Enlightenment Realm?”

“Yes, he’s here right now.” Nie Yu nodded and looked towards Su Mo.

Sikong Yan followed Nie Yu’s line of sight and located Su Mo.

Everyone around them also heard Nie Yu’s words and grew curious. It seemed that something exciting was going to happen.

Su Mo was speechless. How could such a sc.u.mbag like Nie Yu count as a genius?

That was absurd!

He had never said he would dominate all the geniuses in a year!

His lies were really getting out of hand!

However, one year was too long for Su Mo. He only needed half a year.

Sikong Yan looked at Su Mo through narrowed eyes and sized him up with a cold gaze.

Da! Da! Da!

Then, he walked towards Su Mo.

The crowd drew apart once again to form a path for him.

Soon, Sikong Yan was standing right in front of Su Mo.

“You’re crazy,” Sikong Yan said expressionlessly.

“What do you mean by being crazy?” Su Mo asked, his expression remaining unchanged.

“Being crazy is blind arrogance and boldness!” Sikong Yan replied.

Su Mo shrugged and said with a smile, “Good thing I’m not blind!”

Sikong Yan’s face did not reveal any emotion, and he only stared coldly at Su Mo.

“On behalf of Celestialspirit Sect’s Towering Sky Peak Master, I won’t kill you and will forgive you for your ignorance,” Sikong Yan said after a while. “Apologize to Junior Brother Nie immediately and repay him for his losses, and all is forgiven.”

Warrior's Promise Chapter 608 - Natural Fire Spiritual Body

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