Warrior's Promise Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Everyone Being Shocked

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All the newly-recruited disciples came forward in an orderly fas.h.i.+on to count their Demonic Cores.

Feng Zilan was after Cao Yuan. Although she didn’t have as many Demonic Cores as Cao Yuan, she still had more than 200.

Soon, it was Yan Qi’s turn. He walked to the table and waved his hand. A light shone, and a sound burst, and several Demonic Cores were poured out. It was more than 500, far more than Cao Yuan’s.

“Geeze! I can’t believe Senior Yan Qi has actually obtained so many Demonic Cores!”

“Great, way more than Senior Cao Yuan.”

“Haha, Senior Yan Qi will win first place.”

All the disciples were shocked.

There was a twinkle in Elder Wei’s eyes and he looked Yan Qi up and down.

“Did he kill Wu Kui?”

If Yan Qi had killed Wu Kui, it would be fair and reasonable, because Yan Qi’s Martial Soul was not any worse than Wu Kui’s. It was not surprising that Yan Qi was able to kill him.

Yan Qi glanced proudly at Su Mo in the distance with a trace of mockery.

He had more than one storage pouch. Although Su Mo had robbed him of one, he still had others. With the addition of the Demonic Cores disciples had given him, it was a great amount.

He still had the opportunity to win this trial.

Many disciples came forward to count their Demonic Cores. Among all the newly-recruited disciples, only a few people had obtained more than a hundred Demonic Cores, except for the disciples of the Spiritual Martial Realm.

So far Yan Qi was the disciple with the most Demonic Cores.

Niu Xiaohu had collected a total of 42 Demonic Cores.

“Senior Su Mo, how many Demonic Cores do you have?” Niu Xiaohu asked after he had counted his Demonic Cores.

“Haha, more than you!” Su Mo smiled.

“Heh heh, you are stronger than me, of course, you have more than me. Maybe you will be fortunate enough to get into the top 20!”

Niu Xiaohu laughed.


Su Mo shrugged his shoulders and laughed with confidence. “I’m sure I will be ‘fortunate’ enough to get into the top 20.”

“Ah! If Senior Li Feng hadn’t given up the trial for injury, he would also have a chance!”

Niu Xiaohu sighed and looked at Li Feng, who stood beside him depressed.

Li Feng made a forced laugh and tried to save face, saying, “Xiaohu, it was just a trial. It’s not worth mentioning. Someday I will regain my glory!”

“Of course, I believe in you, Senior Li Feng!”

Niu Xiaohu said seriously, but then he yelled, “Look, it’s Luo Qianfan! He actually has at least as many Demonic Cores as Yan Qi.”

When he looked forward, Su Mo saw Luo Qianfan standing at the table. In front of him was a stack of Demonic Cores. It was not less than Yan Qi.

Su Mo nodded slightly. Luo Qianfan’s abilities were powerful, so it was no surprise that he could get over 500 Demonic Cores.

“Luo Qianfan deserves to be one of the five geniuses. He has more than 500 Demonic Cores.”

“It seems the winner of the Qingyuan trial will be either Yan Qi or Luo Qianfan. It just depends on whose score is higher.”

“Well, among the five geniuses, Feng Zilan and Cao Yuan can not possibly come in first place. Hey, where’s Wu Kui?”

Everyone was discussing it animatedly. Some of them had just noticed that Wu Kui had not come back.

“d.a.m.n, Wu Kui really didn’t come back. Did he die?”

“How can this be possible? Who could kill him? Unless he encountered a very powerful Demonic Beast.”

“Humph! Did you not notice? Not only Wu Kui, the martial artists of the Spiritual Martial Realm, but Huang Yunqing and Song Liang did not come back either.”

Everyone was shocked and in an uproar the next moment.

A small number of the disciples had already known that Wu Kui had probably died, the disciples who had stayed outside the demon cave and refuged with him.

They had witnessed Wu Kui go into the demon cave, but he never came out.

However, most of the disciples did not know this completely, so when they found that Wu Kui had not come back, they were shocked.


Elder Wei shouted to calm the audiences, and they quieted down at once.

Then, they continued to count Demonic Cores.

Soon, most of the disciples had counted their Demonic Cores.

At this point, in the audiences’ view, the first rankings were clear.

Yan Qi and Luo Qianfan would come in first place and second place respectively, Cao Yuan would be third, and Feng Zilan would be fourth.

Elder Wei knew that Wu Kui must have been killed by one of the four geniuses. As for who killed him, it was not clear, but it was probably Yan Qi or Luo Qianfan.

The person had been able to kill two same-level experts at the same time, and what was more, cut their heads with one attack. This meant that he was extremely powerful. Thus, his talent was definitely the best among the newly-recruited disciples, perhaps, the sect should focus on training him.

When other people’s Demonic Cores had finally been counted, Su Mo walked over slowly.

Su Mo had not intended to be the last one. However, he knew he had won so he was not in a hurry.

“Take out your Demonic Cores quickly!”

In front of the table sat an elder who was in charge of inventory. He was Elder w.a.n.g and wore a green robe. He did not even raise his eyes as he said this.

Su Mo was the last one, and once he counted Su Mo’s Demonic Cores, his task would be over.

Su Mo nodded. He took out a storage pouch and opened it.

Suddenly, a cras.h.i.+ng voice sounded, and an endless heap of Demonic Cores poured out.

Soon, the amount of Demonic Cores Su Mo poured out was more than 300.


Elder w.a.n.g was surprised. He had not expected that this unknown disciple in front of him had hunted more than 300 Demonic Cores. He had caught up with Cao Yuan.

However, the next moment, Elder w.a.n.g’s expression turned from surprise to shock, because the Demonic Cores continued to pour out from Su Mo’s storage pouch.


Soon, the number had gotten close to 500.

“Wow, am I dazzled!? How can he have so many Demonic Cores?”

“d.a.m.n, who is he? How can that be possible?”

“Is he also a martial artist of the Spiritual Martial Realm? Did he hide his cultivation before?”

The surrounding disciples were even more shocked than Elder w.a.n.g.

Clang! Clang! Clang !

The Demonic Cores kept falling from Su Mo’s storage pouch as if they were endless.






When the number of the Demonic Cores was about 1000, Su Mo took back his storage pouch.

1000 Demonic Cores stacked like a hill. They filled the entire desktop.

The light was s.h.i.+ning and the demonic Qi was wafting.

Elder w.a.n.g was dumbfounded!

All the disciples were shocked.

Li Feng and Niu Xiaohu gawped with their eyes wide. Their opened mouths were wide enough to stuff a duck’s egg.

Everyone was silent!

Completely silent!

Elder Wei was the first to awaken himself. There was a bright light flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes, and he stared closely at Su Mo.

He was now certain that the man who had killed Wu Kui was not Luo Qianfan, nor Yan Qi, but the young man standing in front of him.

Elder Wei’s cultivation was rather high, so he could easily judge that Su Mo’s cultivation was still half a step to the Spiritual Martial Realm.

But he still believed that he was the killer.

Moreover, after using his Spiritual Thought to carefully observe, he found that Su Mo’s body const.i.tution was different from ordinary people, and his Qi blood was very strong, dozens of times that of a normal person. He was like a humanoid fierce beast.

Elder Wei was overjoyed. “Does he have special body const.i.tutions?”

He had already made his decision.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 69

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