Warrior's Promise Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Contribution Points Received

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Chapter 70 Contribution Points Received

Su Mo was standing there with 1,000 Demonic Cores in front of him, making the crowd confused.

Elder w.a.n.g was so shocked to see the piled up Demonic Cores in front of him that he actually forgot to count.


Su Mo softly called him out as he noticed that Elder w.a.n.g had not moved for a while.

In fact, Su Mo had only wanted to take out around 800 Demonic Cores without being in the limelight.

However, considering the score of Demonic Cores, he took more to ensure the first place as there was a huge difference in each level of Demonic Cores.

If the average level of Demonic Cores was low, his score would likely not be the highest.

For example, the score of a Cla.s.s 1 Lv 2 Demonic Core was double that of a Cla.s.s 9 Lv 1 Demonic Core. And it was also eight times higher than that of a Cla.s.s 7 Lv 1 Demonic Core.

So, the 1,000 Demonic Cores should be enough.

“Oh!” Elder w.a.n.g was brought back to reality. He quickly started to mark the inventory registration with a surprised look.

Yan Qi, Cao Yuan, Feng Zilan and the others looked terrified as well.

Although they had expected Su Mo to have a lot of Demonic Cores, 1,000 Cores still stunned them.

In addition, they were filled with resentment and humiliation as most of the Demonic Cores belonged to them!

Now, they were simply being used for Su Mo’s benefit.

“Oh my G.o.d! 1,000 Demonic Cores!”

“It’s impossible! How did he get so many Demonic Cores?”

“Cheating! He’s probably cheating!”

“Yeah, he must be cheating! It’s totally impossible to get so many Demonic Cores!”

The disciples were all incredibly shocked. They were all shaking their heads and a lot of them started to make noise about it.

“Elder, he’s cheating!”

“Yeah, elder. It’s impossible for him to get so many Demonic Cores without cheating!”

“We suggest he be disqualified.”

Many of the disciples suggested the elder disqualify Su Mo.

Yan Qi, Feng Zilan, and the other disciples agreed one by one. They were looking at Su Mo with a sneer.

If Su Mo was disqualified, their rankings would be moved forward. Their hatred towards him could also be temporarily resolved.


Elder Wei rose and his majestic coercion enveloped everyone. The crowd instantly quieted down.

“I’ve looked at these Demonic Cores. They really have been hunted on Qingyuan Island within the last three days.”

Elder Wei looked serious. Loudly and solemnly, he said, “There will be no further discussion on this matter. Any offender will be charged with disrupting the sect.”

The crowd suddenly retracted, and no one dared to speak further.

Offending an elder was a suicidal act.

The inventory check was carried out very quickly and completed within a minute. After that, Su Mo took the Demonic Cores and left.

The Demonic Cores hunted on Qingyuan Island would not be possessed by the sect. The disciple was free to take them back after the inventory check.

Once the Demonic Cores were checked and registered, everyone gathered in the square to wait for the elder to announce the result.

“Brother Su Mo, am I having double-vision? Have you really obtained 1,000 Demonic Cores?!”

Niu Xiaohu, who was standing beside Su Mo, looked shocked.

Similarly, Li Feng looked unfocused with a gaze of disbelief.

How was it possible to obtain 1,000 Demonic Cores within three days? Even if he had been hunting non-stop for the beasts?

It was impossible to even kill 1,000 pigs on Qingyuan Island within three days.

“Hehe! Xiaohu, nothing is impossible in this world. Nothing is unachievable, only unexpected!” Su Mo said unpredictably with a smile.

It did not take long for the score ranking to finish.

Elder Wei softly coughed and rose to make his announcement loudly. “The trial of new disciples has successfully concluded. Now, I’m going to announce the first 20 places of the trial.”

Everyone was quietly listening in a pin-drop silence.

“20th place: Du Cheng, with a score of 260 points!”

“19th place: Ma Yue, with a score of 272 points!”

“18th place: Zhang Qiwen, with a score of 285 points!”


“11th place: Liu Ying, with a score of 408 points!”

Elder Wei announced the scores of 20th to 11th place in a breath and the disciples whose names were called were all seized with joy.

Although their rankings were not high, it was a great glory to stand out among the 500 newly disciples.

Besides, the reward for 11th to 20th place was extremely generous. Each of them would receive 30 contribution points.

Other disciples who hoped to be ranked were nervously holding their breath at this time.

Elder Wei continued to announce after pausing for a while.

“10th place: Zhang Nan, With a score of 410 points!”


“Fifth place: Feng Zilan, with a score of 693 points!”

“Fourth place: Cao Yuan, with a score of 864 points!”

Cao Yuan and Feng Zilan were not surprised when they heard their rankings. They had pretty much known what to expect and that it was basically impossible for them to enter top three.

Yan Qi looked dignified. He was nervous. His Demonic Core quant.i.ty was pretty close to Luo Qianfan’s and it was the critical moment of announcing their scores.

He was no longer hoping to be in the first place.

“Third place: Yan Qi, with a score of 1,504 points!”

Yan Qi’s gaze was frozen, and he frowned when Elder Wei announced his score. He had actually come in third place, losing to Luo Qianfan.

“Second place: Luo Qianfan, with a score of 1,505 points!”

Elder Wei paused again at this time.

The crowd was surprised and looked at Yan Qi with pity.

Yan Qi suddenly looked livid. He had actually lost to Luo Qianfan by one point only and missed the second place.

Although it was only one spot away from third to second place, the reward difference was doubled.

The reward for third place was 100 contribution points, while the reward for second place was 200 contribution points.

Yan Qi had missed the opportunity to obtain 200 contribution points with a difference of just one point.

How could he be in a good mood!

“I now announce the first place winner of this Qingyuan Trial Test. He’s also ‘The Rookie King’ among the new disciples of this time. And the winner is…”

Elder Wei looked at Su Mo with a smile and loudly said, “First place: Su Mo, with a score of 3,020 points!”

Elder Wei’s voice lingered in the square.

It was so quiet that even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

The score of 3,020 points was even more than the total score of second and third place combined.

It was both a surprise to the crowd, yet at the same time, within their expectation.

The results had been set when Su Mo showed up with 1,000 Demonic Cores.

It was still hard to convince the crowd that this unknown disciple had beaten everyone and won the compet.i.tion.

However, no one dared to discuss it further, no matter how unhappy they were, as Elder Wei had confirmed that he was not cheating.

“Will the 20 disciples quickly come forward with your jade identification badges to receive the reward.”

Su Mo and the others came forward together with their personal jade identification badges.

“The 20 of you have stood out in this trial, which proves not only your talent but also your true talent. I hope you’ll continue to work hard and become the pillars of Gale Island in the future.”

Elder Wei looked at the crowd and said with encouragement.

Most of his gaze concentrated on Su Mo and he was silently nodding to himself.

Su Mo was calm with not a trace of arrogance nor impetuosity even though he had won. He was indeed a promising talent.

Elder Wei flexed his fingers. 20 light rays suddenly ejected from his hand and flashed into their jade identification badges like lightning.

Su Mo was moved. A wisp of genuine Qi was injected into his jade identification badge.

A few lines of small print then appeared on the jade badge.

Name: Su Mo

Ident.i.ty: Outer Disciple

Contribution points: 300 points.

Su Mo instantly felt a great joy when he saw the message on his jade identification badge.

He had received 300 contribution points.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 70

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