Warrior's Promise Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Tasks of the Outer Gate

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In the room, Su Mo took some Spiritual Herbs, which were some Lower Lv 2 Spiritual Herbs that he received from the Qingyuan Trial Test.

Su Mo obtained 10 Lower Lv 2 Spiritual Herbs and kept them all without exchanging them for contribution points.

Su Mo wanted to break through the realm with the force of the Spiritual Herbs.

After Su Mo swallowed the Spiritual Herbs, the efficacy burst suddenly and spread into Su Mo’s stomach.

Su Mo heightened his focus and made great efforts to cultivate the strength of the herbs.

Su Mo was trying to break through the realm with a rumbling noise in his body.

After a long while, the efficacy of the Spiritual Herbs faded slowly and Su Mo swallowed another Spiritual Herb.

Su Mo had not broken through the realm after the second Spiritual Herb was totally cultivated.

With determination, Su Mo swallowed three Spiritual Herbs in one breath.

The efficacy of the three Spiritual Herbs was so strong that Su Mo’s physical strength could not bear it and his meridians were aching faintly.

Su Mo made great efforts to cultivate them with determination.

The Genuine Qi cyclone in his elixir field expanded continuously and gradually showed the tendency of complete liquefaction, and wisps of congenital Genuine Qi were emitted.

By the second day, the efficacy of the Spiritual Herbs was totally cultivated by Su Mo.

At the moment, the Genuine Qi cyclone in his elixir field had completely changed from a vaporific state into a liquid state, like a pool of a clear spring.

In the clear spring, a great deal of congenital Genuine Qi gushed out and integrated with Genuine Qi.

The liquid Genuine Qi vortex was called the Spiritual Spiral.

It became the Spiritual Spiral and entered the Spiritual Martial.


At the moment, a puff of breath of the Spiritual Martial Realm burst out from Su Mo and swept over the entire room.

After a while, Su Mo converged momentum and opened his eyes, with a different smile.

Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm!

He finally became an expert in the Spiritual Martial Realm.

After cultivating for two days, Su Mo felt bored, and thus decided to accept some Sect tasks and went out to have some experience.

Su Mo went out of the room to find Li Feng and Niu Xiaohu, who were dueling in the yard.

Niu Xiaohu was attacking Li Feng with a saber fiercely and continuously.

Li Feng broke Niu Xiaohu’s attack with only his fists.

“Haha! Xiaohu, you’ve entered the Lv 9 Qi Cultivation Realm, but you are still far from my level!” Li Feng laughed and said loudly.

Niu Xiaohu stopped attacking and said with a smile, “It seems like the injury of Li Feng is getting better!”

Seeing Su Mo coming, Niu Xiaohu smiled and said, “Senior Brother Su Mo!”

Su Mo nodded with a smile.

Li Feng saw Su Mo, and said with surprise and amazement, “Su Mo, you… broke into the Spiritual Martial Realm?”

Now for Su Mo, his breath was vigorous and his sight was deep, and his temperament was different from before.


Su Mo nodded.

Li Feng began to feel depressed, as he thought his Martial Soul talent was higher than Su Mo’s, however, Su Mo stepped into the Spiritual Martial Realm faster than him.

It made him felt dejected.

“Really? Senior Brother Su Mo, have you become an expert in the Spiritual Martial Realm?”

Niu Xiaohu screamed and said with praise, “Senior Brother Su Mo, you are indeed the best new disciple!”

After hearing that, Su Mo shook his head and said, “Xiaohu, it’s not worth mentioning. You should remember we will contest with all disciples, not just a few new disciples.”


Niu Xiaohu nodded.

“Well, I’m ready to accept a Sect mission. Maybe I’ll leave Gale Island for a while. You take care!” Su Mo said to both of them.

“Accept a mission?”

Niu Xiaohu was surprised and said in a hurry, “Brother Su Mo, I have heard that the Sect missions are always very dangerous. Many disciples failed and died. You should be careful!”

“Don’t worry. I will take care.”

Su Mo nodded.

Immediately, Su Mo took four Spiritual Herbs from the storage ring and handed them to them.

“These are four Spiritual Herbs of Lower Lv 2. Two herbs for each of you. I hope you can step into the Spiritual Martial Realm as soon as possible.”

Both of them were surprised. Li Feng said in a hurry, “Su Mo, I won’t take your Spiritual Herbs, which I will obtain by relying on my own power.”

Niu Xiaohu shook his head also, “Senior Brother Su Mo, I know that no gain can come without pain. You just keep the Spiritual Herbs for yourself!”

Su Mo was speechless. He wanted to give the Spiritual Herbs away, but n.o.body wanted them.

Of course, he knew that because Li Feng had strong self-esteem, he would not accept Su Mo’s gift.

However, Niu Xiaohu, whose disposition was modest, refused Su Mo as well.

“I still have Spiritual Herbs, and the reason why I give the Spiritual Herbs to you is that I hope you can get rid of the ident.i.ty of Handyman Disciple early. We can make a living wandering the world together at that time. How cool it can be!”

Without any other words, Su Mo put the four Spiritual Herbs into their hands and quickly left the courtyard.

Li Feng two persons were still Handyman Disciples and they still needed to do ch.o.r.es, which was very bitter.

Only by stepping into the Spiritual Martial Realm could they get rid of doing ch.o.r.es.

Now, four Spiritual Herbs of Lower Lv 2 were not important to Su Mo.

They could only enhance his cultivation a little bit, not enough for him to break through the cultivation. It was better for him to swallow blood essence.

Li Feng and Niu Xiaohu held the Spiritual Herbs in their hands. They were speechlessly frozen, and they were touched.

There were three huge palaces in the mission palace.

It was divided into the Outer Mission Hall, the Inner Mission Hall, and the Core Mission Hall.

The Outer Gate was definitely in the Outer Mission Hall.

It was very lively with the crowd in the hall when Su Mo went to the Outer Mission Hall.

The Outer Disciples of Gale Island were the most populous group with almost 1,000 people.

Except for a small number of disciples that only had Qi Cultivation Realm cultivation, the rest of them had the cultivation of the Spiritual Martial Realm.

Mission hall was the most active place for the Outer Disciples.

In the mission hall, there were over a dozen billboards placed inside.

On each billboard, many Sect missions were attached.

As for these Sect missions, some were published by the Sect, some were published privately, and some were published by people outside the island that were entrusted by the Sect.

Anybody could publish a mission as long as they had a need.

For example, if Su Mo needed something, he could also publish a mission and let other people find it for him.

However, he needed to pay a certain reward.

All rewards of the published missions would be changed into contribution points after the Sect platform.

The Sect would also reward the one who completed a mission with contribution points, even for a mission published by people outside of the island, after the mission was finished and money was paid by the publisher to Gale Island.

After all, contribution points could be treated as the current fortune on Gale Island.

Su Mo walked towards a billboard and looked up.

“Find one Spiritual Herb of Lower Lv 1 and Nine Patches Detoxification Gra.s.s. The time limit is half a month. The reward is 10 contribution points. And the degree of difficulty is one star…”

“Kill two bullies of the Lus. The time limit is one month. The reward is 40 contribution points. And the degree of mission difficulty is three stars…”


The rewards of Sect missions were great. The more difficult the missions were, the higher the rewards would be.


At this time, Su Mo saw one mission among them and stopped immediately.

“Kill the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade in Sirius Mountain. The time limit is one month. The reward is 50 contribution points. The degree of mission difficulty is three and a half stars.”

There was a detailed introduction of the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade on the mission list.

“The chief of the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade, who is called Blood Blade, is at Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm. In the brigands, two deputy chiefs are at Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm. Under the command, four protectors are at Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm. Inside the brigands, there are 800 bandits with a Qi Cultivation Realm with different cultivations.”

“The strength of the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade is so strong!”

Su Mo remembered that some bandits of the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade sacked Guclan Village. Su Mo killed the bandits and saved Xi’er.

The highest cultivation was Lv 5 Qi Cultivation Realm for the bandits during that time. Thus, Su Mo thought that the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade was only a group of bandits in the Qi Cultivation Realm, in which he never thought that the number of martial artists in the Spiritual Martial Realm could be seven.

Su Mo took the mission sheet without any hesitation.

The b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade was a group of sc.u.mbags, who burned, looted and raped. It was justice to wipe them out.

“Who is that guy? He is taking the three-and-a-half-star mission with only Lv 1 Spiritual Martial Realm cultivation!”

“It is absolutely a suicide mission to take a mission of three and a half stars with such cultivation!”

“Haha, I know who he is. He is the best new disciple this term. I think his name is Su Mo!”

“The best new disciple? No wonder he is so confident! The best new disciple is just the bottom of the whole Outer Disciples.”

The Outer Disciples around Su Mo saw him taking the mission list of the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade and began discussing.

However, most of them were words of disparagement.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 74

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