Warrior's Promise Chapter 745 - The Berserker Martial Soul

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Chapter 745: The Berserker Martial Soul

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The demons roared and whizzed across the horizon, causing the heavens and the earth to quake.

These illusionary demonic beasts were powerful and they seemed to have the strength comparable to a Martial King Realm martial artist.

Tang Ao was more powerful than Xue Tianqiong.

Even so, the disparity between Tang Ao and Su Mo was still too great as they were of a different level.

“Begone!” Su Mo shouted. The sword radiance flickered and multiple rays of sword Qi swept through the void, destroying everything that was before it. All of the illusionary demonic beasts were torn apart and they turned into air blasts before dissipating.

“How can this be!” Tang Ao turned pale. He had given his best shot for this blow but Mo Su countered it effortlessly. This was unbelievable.

Even Ouyang Xiao would not be able to parry off this Phantom Spirit Slas.h.!.+

“I shall give you one more chance. What other movements do you have? Show me!” Su Mo said flatly. He did not defeat Tang Ao with one blow as he would like to see what other capabilities this number two expert possessed!

Tang Ao frowned and glanced at the disciples who were watching. He looked ghastly pale.

On this day, he had been defeated by a Lv 6 True Darkness Realm martial artist. As the number two expert in the Outer Palace, this was a humiliation to him.

“Martial Soul, come out!” Tang Ao shouted. A shadow rose up behind him and a huge demonic shadow appearedin the sky.

The demonic shadow seemed to be a demon. It was covered by a black scale armor, and it had two horns on its head. Its fangs were showing, making it look fierce and horrifying.

This demonic shadow was at Rank 3 Heaven Cla.s.s!

After Tang Ao released his Martial Soul, he became mightier and the aura in his body raged out.

He expanded as the black scales grew on his body, tearing up the clothes that he was wearing.

In an instant, Tang Ao had turned into a giant of about three meters tall.

“Uh…?” Su Mo widened his eyes when he saw that Tang Ao had turned into a giant.

What Martial Soul is this?

This is so exaggerating!

This was the first time that Su Mo had come across such a Martial Soul that could change the shape of the body.

However, it became clear to him very quickly!

The onlooking disciples screamed when they saw how Tang Ao looked.

“Tang Ao has activated his Berserker Martial Soul!”

“This Martial Soul is so horrifying! I have heard that his Berserker Martial Soul can help him increase his combat strength by double!”

“I wonder what Mo Su is going to do about it!”

“Although Mo Su is more powerful than Tang Ao, it’s hard to tell now!”

“I believe Mo Su will release his Martial Soul too!”

The crowd got into a discussion, and it was apparent that they knew the power of the Berserker Martial Soul.

“Mo Su, get ready!” Tang Ao shouted, looking violent. He held his saber with both hands and threw out a blow as the saber radiance shot up to the sky.

“Phantom Dragon Slas.h.!.+”

The dazzling saber radiance turned into a divine dragon and flew around in the sky.

The divine dragon was huge and it looked majestic as it moved around.

Boom! Boom!

When the divine dragon moved its tail, it crushed the s.p.a.ce, causing the void to collapse. It was simply earth-shattering.

The dragon’s tail was like a large divine whip. It swept across the fighting ring and struck toward Su Mo at a lightning speed.

Before the dragon’s tail could strike Su Mo, the strong wind had cut Su Mo’s body like a blade.

“That’s pretty impressive!” Su Mo nodded. Tang Ao had indeed lived up to his reputation as the number two expert in the Outer Palace. He was powerful.

This blow was enough to wipe out most of the younger generation in the East Continent.

Although Su Mo had not met Wenren Tiandu, who was ranked number one in the List of Top 1,000 Talents in East Continent, he believed that Wenren Tiandu could not possibly beat Tang Ao!

Su Mo activated all the eight Spiritual Spirals that were in his body as the dragon’s tail was approaching him. Powerful Dark Force then flowed into his long sword.

“Destroy!” Su Mo shouted and simply waved his Sky-crus.h.i.+ng Sword to counter the attack of the dragon’s tail.


There was an explosion as the sword radiance cut the dragon’s tail off. it turned into an air blast before it dissipated.


The divine dragon was not destroyed. It roared and continued to charge toward Su Mo, aiming at his head with its large claws.

“You’re tired of living!” Su Mo’s eyes turned sharp. He lifted up his left fist and punched out.

Golden light shone out from his fist that was covered by a scale armor, and a three-colored Dark Force swirled around it.

His punch broke through the sky with great power and hit the dragon’s claws.

In the next moment.

The punch with the three-colored Dark Force collided with the large dragon’s claws.


There was an earth-shattering sound and the s.p.a.ce in the fighting ring exploded, turning the place into a mess.

Horrifying air blasts swirled around the area and shocked the onlooking disciples, causing them to retreat quickly.

When the air blasts finally dissipated, there was calmness in the sky. The disciples were stunned when they looked at the fighting ring.

Su Mo stood tall in the fighting ring and had not moved at all. However, Tang Ao was nowhere to be seen.

The disciples looked around and found Tang Ao in the sky, some distance away.

When Su Mo’s punch and the divine dragon hit each other, horrifying shockwaves had burst out, causing Tang Ao to move back to avoid being hit by the shockwaves.

The disciples were shocked to see that Su Mo was unaffected by the powerful blow from Tang Ao!

Where did Mo Su come from? How did he manage to possess such a powerful combat strength?

Since the beginning, Mo Su has remained so cool. What’s his actual power?

No words could describe how stupefied the disciples were, and many of them started to doubt if Su Mo’s cultivation was truly at Lv 6 True Darkness Realm.

It was not logical for someone with a cultivation of Lv 6 True Darkness Realm to have such a powerful combat strength!

“Are we continuing with the fight, Tang Ao?” Su Mo asked with a smile. He lifted up his head and looked at Tang Ao, who was far off in the sky.

Tang Ao looked grave, and his mind was in turmoil. He already knew that he was no match for Su Mo.

He felt that Su Mo had great underlying power which he did not even feel it from Ouyang Xiao.

Tang Ao flew back to the fighting ring after he heard what Su Mo had said. After pondering for a while, he said, “I have been the one attacking. It’s now your turn to strike! I’d like to see how powerful you are!”

It was impossible for Tang Ao to simply admit defeat. He would like to spar with Su Mo to find out his capability!

“Alright!” Su Mo nodded. The Dark Force in his body rose instantly and the sword will shot up to the sky.

The sword radiance from the Sky-crus.h.i.+ng Sword shot up to form an enormous three-colored sword.

“Holy Serenity!” The sword radiance sparkled as Su Mo slashed out.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 745 - The Berserker Martial Soul

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