Warrior's Promise Chapter 751 - Goal Achieved

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Chapter 751: Goal Achieved

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The old man in the grey robe was none other than the 13th Elder who had gone to Sunnywood City with Shangguan Hao.

Su Mo was shocked to see the man. His plan would not only fall through, but his life would also be in danger if he were to be recognized by the man.

Even if the old man didn’t kill him, the old man would still tell Shangguan Hao about his arrival.

Su Mo’s mind ran fast. In an instant, dozens of ideas came to his mind.

Then, Su Mo immediately pressed down his chaotic thoughts. He should not panic at this specific moment. It was not certain that the old man would recognize him.

In this regard, Su Mo still had some a.s.surance.

First of all, when the 13th Elder went to Sunnywood City, Su Mo was just 15 years old, but now, he was almost 20.

As his age increased, his height, body shape, and voice had completely changed.

Moreover, because he had cultivated Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill and Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill, Su Mo’s aura was totally different from his aura of more than 4 years ago.

Furthermore, Su Mo had changed his appearance. Though the outlines and muscles of his face had only undergone a slight change, this simple change was the hardest to be recognized.

That kind of camouflage methods and advanced alteration techniques were awesome, but still they could not fool the Martial Royal Realm experts.

On the contrary, this simplest way to change facial muscles was the hardest to detect.

So, under these conditions, Su Mo had the confidence that the old man might not recognize him.


In a trice, the 13th Elder arrived, his thin body landed on the fighting ring.

“Greetings, 13th Elder!”

More than a dozen elders who were on the fighting ring saw the 13th Elder’ arrival and saluted him.

THe 13th Elder, just as his name implied, ranked 13th in the Emperor Xuan Palace. With such a high ranking which was right after the ten Supreme Elders, his position in the Emperor Xuan Palace was unreachable for those ordinary elders.

“Well”, The 13th Elder nodded his head slightly, then he looked at Su Mo and said, “I saw several of your battles. You possess such a great strength at this young age, you are really talented!”

“Elder, I am flattered!” Su Mo said, hanging his head. He felt rather timorous and did not dare to look at the old man.

“Your talent isa gift. Don’t be flattered!” The 13th Elder shook his head slightly and said thoughtfully, “Seeing your talent, I just have the thought of accepting you as my disciple. Mo Su, would you like toacknowledge me asyour teacher?”

Although the 13th Elder was asking, he still thought that Su Mo would not reject him and would not dare to reject him.

Su Mo moaned to himself upon hearing that. It was really true that whatever he feared would surely happen!

He would rather wors.h.i.+p the elder who ranked the least in the Emperor Xuan Palace as his teacher than acknowledge the 13th Elder as his teacher. This was really a coincidence.

However, Su Mo was also secretly pleased. The fact that the 13th Elder wanted to accept him as a disciple meant that he had not recognized Su Mo.

This was a good news, and that eased him a little.

The rest of the elders kept silent when they saw that. They did not dare to compete with the 13th Elder since he wanted Su Mo. So they just could only sigh secretly and had no choice but to give up.

All the disciples below really envied Su Mo. They were even jealous of him.

It was the 13th Elder, a top Lv 6 Martial Royal Realm expert! They were extremely envious that he had wanted to accept Su Mo as his disciple.

However, they did not know that Su Mo was not willing to be the 13th Elder’s disciple at all!

“Eh?” The 13th Elder’s face darkened slightly as Su Mo remained silent.

Is he unwilling?

The 13th Elder frowned. He, a top Lv 6 Martial Royal Realm expert, and the 13th Elder of the Emperor Xuan Palace, had countless young people who wanted to be his disciple, but not have the chance to.

It could be said that as long as he wished, the young geniuses who wanted to be his disciple would line up from the Emperor Xuan Palace to the sh.o.r.e of North Sea.

But now, he had said that he wanted to accept Su Mo as his disciple but Su Mo was unwilling.

Su Mo saw the 13th Elder’s face, his heart thumped. It seemed that he could not refuse the offer today.

If he did refuse it, though the 13th Elder would not do anything to him, he was afraid that the others would not accept him as a disciple.

Moreover, if he offended the 13th Elder, it would be hard for him to do anything in the Emperor Xuan Palace, let alone sneak into the Inner Palace.

“Elder, please don’t be upset! I was just too excited that I lost my words!” Su Mo said, placing his fists together in a salute.

Su Mo was extremely reluctant, he had no choice but acknowledge the 13th Elder as his teacher. But it would be fine since he would not stay in the Emperor Xuan Palace for long; he would stay there until he could sneak into the Inner Palace and find Xi’er!

The 13th Elder’s face softened upon hearing that. He did not give it much thought. It was understandable that the young man was too excited to speak after hearing the good news that a True Darkness Realm martial artist had accepted him as a disciple.

“Master, please accept my 3 bows!” Su Mo said, and then he immediately went through the formality of accepting the 13th Elder as his master.

“Good! Hahaha!” The 13th Elder laughed. He stroked his short beard, looking satisfied.

“Mo Su, from now on, you are my second disciple!” The 13th Elder said with smile.

Su Mo nodded heavily. He realized that this old man had another disciple.

Then the 13th Elder said, “Mo Su, from now on you don’t have to stay in the Outer Palace. Follow me into the Inner Palace to cultivate!”

“It’s all up to you, Master!” Su Mo said. He was exhilarated upon hearing that and immediately placed his fists together to salute the man. He had finally heard the statement he had been waiting.

He would finally be able to enter the Inner Palace. Su Mo felt rather excited. It seemed that Xi’er was just in front of his eyes, he would see her very soon.

It had been 4 years. Su Mo really missed Xi’er a lot. How was the shy little girl now? How much had she changed? Did she grow even more beautiful?

“Haha! Entering the Inner Palace had been the wish of countless disciples. You don’t have to be excited, I will guide you carefully in the future!” The 13th Elder said when he saw Su Mo’s thrilled expression. He did not think too much as he thought that Su Mo was excited because he was happy to know that he could enter the Inner Palace.

“Many thanks to you, Master!” Su Mo expressed his thanks to the 13th Elder.

“Very well, let’s go!” The 13th Elder said and gave a slight nod of his head.

Then he waved his sleeve, and an air blast swirled out, carrying Su Mo to his side.

Later, the 13th Elder carried Su Mo and flew away.

The gate of the Emperor Xuan Palace was made of dozens of peaks. However, the Inner Palace was above none of these peaks.

The 13th Elder brought Su Mo along through the sky, ignoring the Air-sealing Formation of the Emperor Xuan Palace. Within a breath, they arrived at the center peak.

Then, Su Mo saw a complicated handprint forming on the 13th Elder’s palm, and then the 13th Elder suddenly pressed it into the void.

Suddenly, the void slowly separated like a calm water surface being stirred, revealing a portal of 33 feet wide.

Su Mo immediately realized that the Emperor Xuan Palace’s Inner Palace was built in the Plane.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 751 - Goal Achieved

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