Warrior's Promise Chapter 759 - Master Cui

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Chapter 759: Master Cui

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Heaven-sea City was one of the biggest cities in this world.

It was as vast as the entire Skymoon Country, and it was impossible to see the end of its lofty city walls.

The name had nothing to do with Skysea Lake. It was only named Heaven-sea City because the Sky-sea Pavilion headquarters was located there.

However, the Sky-sea Pavilion was not the only overlord in this city. There was another superpower called the Yin-yang Palace.

It took Su Mo five days to reach Heaven-sea City.

Above the clouds, he saw a huge river come into view. It was 500 kilometers wide, and the water was flowing torrentially.

Beyond the river lay the magnificent city.

And upon seeing the city, Su Mo smiled, saying, “Finally!”

He had heard that there was a Sky Lake beside Heaven-sea City.

The river he saw just now had to be the Sky Lake, hence the city had to be Heaven-sea City.

He was not in the mood to appreciate this city’s imposing manner. He took up his Spiritual Sword and rushed into the city.

Before long, he entered Heaven-sea City.

Walking on a broad street, he asked someone and was then able to locate the headquarters.

It was on the west side of the city. Su Mo walked in that direction at a quick pace and quickly arrived at the headquarters.

Su Mo was surprised that the Sky-sea Pavilion headquarters was located inside another city.

Its city walls were even more towering than that of Heaven-sea City. There were numerous 300-meter-tall towers and palaces inside this magnificent city.

There were eight guards, each of whom gave off the strong aura of a high-level True Darkness Realm martial artist.

Su Mo walked straight toward the gate.


One of the guards thundered and rushed in front of him.

The guard looked at Su Mo with sharp eyes and said, “Unnecessary people are not allowed to enter!”

Su Mo turned over his hand to reveal his honorary badge and then fixed it on his chest.

“Honorary craftsman!”

The guard was stunned and immediately bowed to Su Mo, saying, “Greetings, master!”


Su Mo nodded slightly and said, “I’m new here. Take me to the Craftsmans.h.i.+p Pavilion.”

“Master, there’s no Craftsmans.h.i.+p Pavilion here but there is a Craftsmans.h.i.+p Hall!”

“Then take me there.”


The guard then led Su Mo into the city.

Su Mo sighed at this ident.i.ty as an honorary craftsman, which had brought him so much convenience.

However, except for the formulas that he had given to Elder Shan, he had contributed nothing else to the Sky-sea Pavillion.

A few moments later, the guard brought Su Mo to a magnificent tower.

The guard said, “Master, this is the Craftsmans.h.i.+p Hall!”

“Thank you!”

Su Mo nodded and strode into the tower.

As soon as he went through the door, he entered into a huge hall.

There were many people inside. A grey-haired elder sat in the main seat, and below him sat dozens of people.

All of them were craftsmen. Su Mo was shocked when he noticed the sign on the elder’s chest. It was seven crafting furnaces plus two golden lines, meaning that the elder was a Medium Royal craftsman.

The dozens of people below him were all King craftsmen.

They were clearly in a meeting, and their eyes simultaneously fell on Su Mo just as he walked in.

Su Mo looked embarra.s.sed. He did not expect there to be an on-going meeting.

However, since he had already come in, he had to continue to walk forth.

“Pleasure to meet you, senior, and every master!”

Su Mo saluted to the grey-haired elder and the others with both hands folded.

“Are you an honorary craftsman of my pavilion?” said the elder as he glanced at the honorary badge. He looked sullen because he was unhappy that his meeting had been interrupted.

Su Mo nodded and said, “Yes, I am. I come from the East Continent, and it’s my first time here.”

The elder looked indifferent. He waved his hand and said, “Go to the second floor and find Lil Cui. He’ll make the arrangements!”

“Thanks, senior!”

He then walked over to the stairs at the side of the hall and ascended.

On the second floor was a similar hall and it had many rooms on both sides. This was obviously a place for crafting.

A middle-aged craftsman was doing some accounting at the front desk of the hall.

Su Mo said to the middle-aged man, “Excuse me, I’m looking for Master Cui.”

Su Mo greatly lowered his posture in this place. Not only because he was asking for a favor, but there were also so many experts present.

Even this middle-aged man in front of him was a Lower King craftsman.

“Master Cui is in the seventh crafting room,” the middle-aged man said without raising his head.

“Thanks, senior!”

He then started to look for that room.

Not long after, he found the seventh crafting room.

However, he did not enter inside. He a.s.sumed that Master Cui was crafting at the moment. It would be bad timing to interrupt the process.

He then sat cross-legged in front of the door and started cultivating.

After four hours, the door finally opened.

Su Mo immediately opened his eyes and saw a middle-aged man in a gray gown walking out. This man was gaunt, short, and had a narrow face.

This shorty looked like a mean person. How could he be an Upper King craftsman?

He was shocked after he opened the door and found a man sitting in front of him.

“Pleasure to meet you, Master Cui!” Su Mo stood up and saluted with both hands folded.

“Who are you?” the middle-aged man asked.

“Master, I’m an honorary craftsman. I just came from the East Continent!”


Master Cui sized up Su Mo’s badge, nodded, and said, “Follow me!”

He then led Su Mo into a smaller side hall.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 759 - Master Cui

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