Warrior's Promise Chapter 767 - Pure Yin Body

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Chapter 767: Pure Yin Body

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If Su Mo had known about cultivating-through-s.e.x when he had relations with Qian Xunyue, there would be no knowing the benefits.

However, he was not desperate enough to use women to increase his cultivation, and he had been focused solely on saving Qian Xunyue.

Also, Su Mo did not know the methods of cultivating-through-s.e.x

“Sigh, their cultivations are all too low!” Master Cui shook his head and said in exasperation.

His cultivation was Lv 8 Martial King Realm, so he needed a Stove at Martial King Realm.

Even Middle Martial King Realm Stoves would not have a significant impact on him.

“Your cultivation is too high! There won’t be any suitable Stoves for you!” Su Mo shook his head and said. “Let’s not waste any more time here.”

Su Mo did not feel like staying anymore, since he was not bidding.

“Let’s wait a little longer. I heard that Yin-yang Palace has a rare Supreme Stove lined up. I have to see it for myself!” Master Cui said, vigorously shaking his head.

“Supreme Stove? Does she have a very high cultivation?” Su Mo asked confusedly.

“I have no idea!”

Master Cui said, “I heard that Yin-yang Palace was not planning on selling this Stove and saving it for their Junior Palace Master, but the Junior Master has already reached Peak Lv 8 Martial King Realm, too high for the Stove!”

Su Mo nodded and sized Master Cui up. He scoffed, “Your cultivation has also reached Lv 8 Martial King Realm, so what good would a Stove do for you?”


Master Cui smiled lewdly and said, “I still want to see what is so exceptional about a Supreme Stove!”

With his small frame and thin face, Master Cui looked extremely gross with his lewd smile.

Su Mo shook his head. As a Upper King Craftsman, this man was a disgrace to craftsmen.

Then, he ignored the old man and the auction, continuing instead to refine his Dark Force with closed eyes.

As time trickled by, Su Mo remained as focused and calm as a monk amidst the chatter in the Auction Room.

After a while, the room quieted, and Master Cui’s exicted voice sounded in his ear, “Master Su, time for the Supreme Stove!”

Su Mo opened his eyes slowly and looked at the platform.

The middle-aged man in brocade robe stood on the platform, scanning the crowd. He announced, “As this auction draws to a close, we present the final Stove!”

Then, he looked behind him.

The same tall young man brought up a girl in white.

She had a slim and tall figure, with draping long hair. Even her stiff steps could not affect her elegant posture.

Draped over her face was the same pink veil, which had the special ability to block even spiritual consciousness.

Everyone’s burning gaze fell on her instantly.

They knew that she had to be extraodinary to be the last Stove, just like in all other auctions.

Usually, she could be special in three regards: she could have a high cultivation, be a peerless beauty, or have body const.i.tutions suited for cultivating-through-s.e.x.

No matter what made them special, she was the ultimate Stove for all martial artists.

The middle-aged man stood beside the maiden in white. Without lifting her veil, he looked around and said loudly with a laugh, “Everyone, I will not lift this veil until the bidding reaches a certain price!”

Unlike with past Stoves, the man used the woman’s appearance as bait.

Everyone immediately began shouting angrily.

“How am I supposed to know what she looks like?”

“She better not look like an ogre!”

“I object! How can I bid without knowing what she looks like?”

Many people voiced their dissent.

Although they were bidding for Stoves to cultivate-through-s.e.x and increase their cultivation, the appearance of the Stove is also very important. They at least had to look decent.

Otherwise, no one would have the desire to cultivate with an ugly girl!

Therefore, a Stove could be highly in demand based on her looks alone.

The middle-aged-man seemed to have forseen the crowd’s objections and said with a light smile, “Although I can’t show you her looks, I can let you all in on some information.”

“What information?” People asked curiously.

The man scanned the crowd and said, “First of all, this girl is at Lv 6 True Darkness Realm and is natural born Pure Yin Body!”

His voice made the room instantly so silent that the sound of a fallen needle could be heard.

Everyone widened their eyes in shock and stared at the woman.

She had a Pure Yin Body?

How was this possible?

It was rumored that there were three body const.i.tutions that were perfect for cultivatig-through-s.e.x, called natural cultivate-through-s.e.x bodies.

They were Pure Yin Body, Dark Yin Body and Ultimate Yin Body.

They were unbelieveably rare, and each was the most Supreme Stove.

Throughout the history of the Firmament and Continent, almost every woman with these body const.i.tutions became the partner of a legendary expert.

To reduce these body const.i.tutions to only a Stove was a waste, and making them life partners was the only way to extract their full value.

Now, was this woman standing on the platform an extremely rare Pure Yin Body?

Everyone’s emotions were sent into turmoil. How could Yin-yang Palace bear to sell of a woman with Pure Yin Body?

They stared at the woman in white with burning excitement, as if they were going to devour her.

Even if she was unbelievably ugly, countless martial artists would still go crazy over her.

At this moment, Su Mo was also staring blankly at the woman in white.

However, he was not staring because he was ogling her figure, but because she had a sense of familiarity.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 767 - Pure Yin Body

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