Warrior's Promise Chapter 770

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Chapter 770: Leng Fan

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As the auction continued, the price climbed past 2,000,000,000 Upper Spiritual Stones. However, since there were fewer bidders, the price increased slowly.





After a while, the price had pa.s.sed 2,500,000,000, and there were only three people left.

The three men were in VIP rooms 3, 5, and 12.

Everyone was certain that the winner would be among those three.


Su Mo suddenly made his bid as the auction was drawing to a close.

Everyone was startled and turned to look at him.

The three men in the VIP rooms were also shocked and stopped bidding. They had not expected anyone to join in all of a sudden.

Su Mo felt all the attention on him, and some people in the VIP rooms even scanned them with their spiritual consciousness.

However, Su Mo did not care and just sat there expressionlessly.

“Who is that? How could he be so wealthy?”

“I don't know. I've never seen him before.”

“He's standing next to Master Cui from Sky-sea Pavilion, is he from Sky-sea Pavilion?”

Everyone quietly guessed at Su Mo's ident.i.ty.

“Does anyone want to top 2,600,000,000? If not, this rare Stove will go to this young man!”

The middle-aged man in a brocade robe asked after no one spoke for a couple seconds.

“2,700,000,000!” a cold voice sounded from VIP room 5 again, raising the price greatly.

Su Mo frowned. He only had 3,400,000,000 Upper Spiritual Stones, so if the price kept going up, he would be out of luck.

“2,750,000,000!” another voice said from room 2.

Everyone was flabbergasted. People were increasing their bids by hundreds of millions!

This was a real battle of wealth! These people were truly loaded!

Room 5 and 2 gave their bids, but 12 was silent, which meant he had given up.

“2,770,000,000!” Su Mo said, careful to not increase the price by too much.

“2,800,000,000!” said the man in room 2.

“2,850,000,000!” said the man in room 5.

The man in room 5 was very aggressive. He increased his bids by no less than 50,000,000 every time.

“Leng Fan is so wealthy, it's terrifying!”

“It's not surprising, since he's a Netherworld Devil Sect disciple and a Supreme Talent on the List of 10,000 Talents!”

“He's too extravagant. He's blowing all his money on a Stove!”

“Who's that in room 2?”

“Teal Fire King!”

Many martial artists chattered quietly. If this Supreme Stove had a higher cultivation, she may be worth the price.

However, this was too much to pay for a Lv 6 True Darkness Realm Stove!

“2,850,000,000!” said the man in room 5.

“2,900,000,000!” said Teal Fire King in room 2.

“3,000,000,000!” Leng Fan said coldly.


The entire Auction Room fell silent in awe of a Supreme Talent's wealth.

Su Mo clenched his fists nervously. He was running into trouble!

A pudgy old man sat in a sandalwood chair in VIP room 2, and his eyes twinkled sharply.

He sighed, closed his eyes to refresh himself with a cold smile, and stopped bidding.

“3,020,000,000!” Su Mo continued.

“3,100,000,000!” Leng Fan followed swiftly.

Su Mo waited a while and saw that the man in room 2 had stopped bidding.

Now, it was a showdown between him and Leng Fan.

“3,120,000,000!” Su Mo kept adding 20,000,000.

“3,200,000,000!” Leng Fan said again.

Su Mo felt defeated. This man clearly had no intention of giving up and was actually gaining momentum.

“You piece of trash, you have no right to compete with me!” the cold voice rang out from room 5.

Everyone wondered silently at how powerful this Supreme Talent was!

“3,220,000,000!” Su Mo's eyes glinted coldly, and he ignored his compet.i.tor.


Leng Fan chuckled and said, “Look, I'm determined to have this Stove, and I'll crush you with my wealth!”

He sounded extremely confident, as if he had endless resources.

“3,350,000,000!” Su Mo continued expressionlessly.

“Humf! 3,500,000,000!” Leng Fan slapped on a huge sum.

The whole room fell silent as everyone held their breath at this bold move.

Su Mo clenched his fists tightly, and his gaze grew sharp. The price had pa.s.sed his limit.

Even if he sold some of his treasures, it would probably not be enough to beat Leng Fan.

“Master Su, it's too expensive! Just give up!” Master Cui said quietly to Su Mo.

He had thought Su Mo was very worldly, but he turned out to be a creep who was turned on by this Stove's looks.

“You piece of trash, I've told you that you have no right to compete with me!” Leng Fan laughed coldly after Su Mo fell silent.

Su Mo took a deep breath. Since he could not buy her, he would have to steal her!

Of course, he would not take her directly from the Auction Room, but from Leng Fan.

“So what if he's a Supreme Talent on the List of 10,000 Talents?”

Su Mo gritted his teeth. He did not care who his opponent was, and he might even win if he used his hidden card.

Not to mention, Leng Fan was only ranked around 9000th on the List, so he was not too powerful!

Everyone was sure that the winner was Leng Fan after all!

Warrior's Promise Chapter 770

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