Warrior's Promise Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Two Spiritual Spirals

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The Spiritual Spiral was a vortex of liquid Genuine Qi in the elixir field of a martial artist in the Spiritual Martial Realm.

It was condensed from the strong Congenital Genuine Qi and was the foundation of a Spiritual Martial Realm martial artist.

Usually, there was only one Spiritual Spiral in a martial artist’s body.

However, according to Nine Spirals Mystique, a martial artist could condense another eight Spiritual Spirals. Thus, he could have eight or nine times more power than before.

This secret method could only be practiced when one was in the Spiritual Martial Realm, but it was not limited by the cultivation method levels. One could practice any cultivation method to make the Spiritual Spirals.

“I’m so lucky! It’s actually a secret method!”

Su Mo was very happy.

A secret method was not a cultivation method nor a martial arts technique, and it was extremely rare. It was said that every secret method had an incredible function.

The function of this secret method provided a way to help martial artists condense more Spiritual Spirals.

However, according to Nine Spirals Mystique, it was really hard to condense nine Spiritual Spirals.

It was quite hard for an ordinary martial artist to even condense the second Spiritual Spiral, and only a martial artist with a high talent and a strong body const.i.tution could condense the third Spiritual Spiral.

Condensing the fourth or the fifth Spiritual Spiral was several times, or dozens of times, harder than condensing the third Spiritual Spiral.

There would be thousands of difficulties to condense the ninth Spiritual Spiral.

“No wonder Jade-faced Playboy still was so powerful even when he was seriously injured—it seems that he had practiced Nine Spirals Mystique!”

There was a colorful light in Su Mo’s eyes as he said in his heart, “However, I guess he must have only condensed two Spiritual Spirals, otherwise, even if I had sword will, I still would not have been his match.”

Su Mo packed up the tortoisesh.e.l.l, got on the horse, and was going to find a place to study it.

Soon after, Su Mo came to an unknown town.

He booked an upper room in an inn and stayed there.

In the room, Su Mo took out the tortoisesh.e.l.l, then carefully studied Nine Spirals Mystique, trying to remember its key points.

After a long time, Su Mo sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and began to practice Nine Spirals Mystique.

In the elixir field, Su Mo’s Spiritual Spiral was enveloped by an invisible force, slightly quivering.

As time went by, the frequency of the quivering Spiritual Spiral went faster and faster.

The Spiritual Spiral was slowly pulled to both sides. There was a tendency to divide it into two.

Suddenly, an incomparably strong fluctuation of Genuine Qi erupted from Su Mo’s two Spiritual Spirals, impacting his entire body.


Su Mo uttered a groan. Even with his strong body, he still felt a burst of pain.

He took a deep breath and was very cautious, knowing that if it went wrong, he would stop at once.

If he could not practice the second Spiritual Spiral, but instead, destroyed his first Spiritual Spiral, he would lose more than he gained.

Time was pa.s.sing second by second and Su Mo’s cheeks were covered in sweat, but his eyes appeared pleasantly surprised.

His Spiritual Spiral had been gradually separated—two Spiritual Spirals were now rotating respectively, and only partially connected together.

Once they were completely separated, he would succeed.

As Su Mo’s heart was beating quickly, he continued to practice the secret method, and finally, the two Spiritual Spirals were completely separated.


The moment that the two Spiritual Spirals were separated, two strands of strong Genuine Qi echoed off of each other. The surging momentum rushed out from Su Mo’s body and smashed all the desks and chairs in the room into pieces.

After a little while, Su Mo had completely controlled the power in his body, and then he opened his eyes, which were completely filled with joy.

The second Spiritual Spiral had been made!

At this time, his two Spiritual Spirals were self-contained. Each Spiritual Spiral was the same as before, except that the shape was smaller and the Genuine Qi was weaker.

As long as a full recovery was made, he could fill his two Spiritual Spirals with Genuine Qi, and then he would have double the power.

“It wasn’t easy to condense the second Spiritual Spiral, thus, it’ll be even harder to condense the third Spiritual Spiral!” Su Mo thought in his heart.

However, the most difficult part of condensing Spiritual Spirals was bearing the strong pressure of the Genuine Qi impacting his body.

However, as long as his body was strong enough, there would not much difficulty in condensing the Spiritual Spirals.

Su Mo had spent all his time recently on improving his cultivation and practicing martial arts techniques, and the power of his body had not improved for a long time.

He had successfully practiced the Lv 3 of Elephant’s Strength Skill, and now it was time to practice the Lv 4.

The first three levels of Elephant’s Strength Skill were mainly to strengthen the skin and flesh and to enhance physical strength.

From the Lv 4 to the Lv 6, he would be taught how to strengthen his muscles and bones. Once that was done, not only would his physical strength be improved countless times over, but his body would also be hard enough to block weapons.

This Body Refining Skill was rather magical as its promotions almost had no bottlenecks. As long as he could absorb enough Spiritual Qi, he could successfully practice.

Su Mo released his Rank 8 Human Cla.s.s Devouring Martial Spirit, and an incomparable power erupted out of it to devour the Spiritual Qi. After Genuine Qi filled the two Spiritual Spirals, he began to practice the Lv 4 of the Elephant’s Strength Skill.

This time, when the Spiritual Qi entered Su Mo’s body, it no longer turned into elephant runes but turned into small virtual shadows of the elephants. Numerous small elephants were screaming, and they drilled into Su Mo’s body and then disappeared.

The strength of Su Mo’s body was slowly increasing.

Su Mo stayed in the inn for three days before setting off again.

Every mission had its time limit, and besides, he was far away from Sirius Mountain. If he was not able to meet the deadline, even if he finished the mission, there would be no contribution points.

Su Mo urged the horse to run quickly, and eight days later, he came to the foot of Sirius Mountain.

The b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade was located on Sirius Mountain.

Because of the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade, there were no villages, towns, or people—nothing but dead silence in the 50 km radius around Sirius Mountain.

Su Mo got down from the horse and went up the mountain.

He now had two Spiritual Spirals, so he had double power. Even if the chief of brigands was at Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm, plus several martial artists at Lv 1 or Lv 2 Spiritual Martial Realm, he would not be afraid of the b.l.o.o.d.y Blade Stockade.

In a short time, Su Mo arrived at the mountainside, and a huge stockade appeared in his vision.

It was a large stockade with hundreds of houses, and there was a wall a few meters high built with huge stones outside the stockade.

A flag was fluttering in the wind over the stockade’s gate, and there was a b.l.o.o.d.y war saber drawn on the flag.

Eight bandits were chatting while their long saber hung on their waists.

“This time, Protector Tan personally led our brothers to steal, and they’ve had a rich harvest!”

“Yes! They brought back more than 50 women, not to mention the treasures!”

“Ah! They’re sharing the treasures and enjoying the women, but we have to stay here and guard the gate. d.a.m.n it, when can I leave to enjoy myself?” A man with pockmarks on his face complained.

“You? Zhang Mazi, you’re so weak that you can only guard the gate!” Another man laughed at him.

“Humph! F*ck, if I could have often gone down the mountain to steal some money, then I would have broken through in my cultivation and I wouldn’t have been trapped at Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm for such a long time…”

Zhang Mazi was still complaining, but before he finished, he suddenly paused and looked in the distance.

The others did not know why, so they also looked in the same direction.

They saw a boy in a white robe walking at a steady pace toward the stockade.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 81

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