Warrior's Promise Chapter 833 - Sacred Ruler of the Firmament World

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Chapter 833: Sacred Ruler of the Firmament World

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This feeling left him feeling rather uneasy, but he knew that his uneasiness did not stem from the power of this attack. Rather, it was from the Heaven’s Will contained in this thunder.

This trace of Heaven’s Will caused his body to instinctively react with fear.

“Die!” Su Mo roared as he tamped down his uneasiness.

He exerted all 49 Spiritual Spirals in his body.

Dense three-colored Dark Force frantically surged from his body, transforming his Sky-crus.h.i.+ng Sword into a towering large sword.


He slashed upward and a mighty three-colored sword radiance exploded from his sword.

His sword radiance destroyed all the thunderbolts in its way as it streaked toward and finally hit the sprawling Thunder Sea.


An earth-shattering explosion rocked the surrounding area, covering a radius of thousands of kilometers.

The Thunder Sea, which contained the colossal force of thunder, was split into half by his sword Qi. Then, both halves of the Thunder Sea exploded with a loud bang.


Dazzling, bright light flooded the area and the terrifying explosive power from the blast destroyed this part of s.p.a.ce.

The mighty force of thunder turned into powerful blast waves that reverberated everywhere.


Su Mo quickly retreated. He did not want to risk injury by facing the blast waves head-on.

After the terrifying blast waves dissipated, Su Mo’s gaze locked onto that burly young man in the distance.

“Die!” Su Mo charged forward without any hesitation. He slashed out continuously with his Sky-crus.h.i.+ng Sword, sending rays of sword Qi hurtling across the sky.

That young man looked sullen after his Thunder Sea was destroyed, but he also charged forward to meet Su Mo head-on.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

That burly young man punched out with both fists, and huge thunder b.a.l.l.s appeared with a flashed with fist radiance.

These thunder b.a.l.l.s were extremely powerful and the force of thunder was encapsulated within each ball, causing thunderbolts to strike everywhere.

This burly young man was much more powerful than Su Mo’s earlier opponents. This was what a peerless genius of the ancient times truly looked like.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There was a series of explosions as sword Qi continued to clash with the thunder b.a.l.l.s. When the thunder b.a.l.l.s exploded, thunder and lightning struck everywhere. When Su Mo’s sword Qi shattered, the resulting blast swept the area.

Su Mo continued to slash out unceasingly and it then emerged that he was still much stronger than his opponent. His opponent could only withstand his attacks, but could not counter with one of his own.

After they exchanged hundreds of blows, Su Mo finally used the Qi force of his physical strength to kill that burly young man.

He then found himself back on the flight of stairs.

There were still seven steps in front of him, but since the final step was where the Emperor’s Throne stood, he only had to pa.s.s the next six challenges.

Su Mo started to look forward to his upcoming challenges for he heard that they were most challenging of them all.


Su Mo immediately stepped onto the 27th step.

Everyone in the ancient palace looked on at Su Mo in disbelief and wonderment.

This unknown young man had made it all the way to the 27th step!

This was where even the top 1,000 Supreme Talents faltered.

Last year, there were two Supreme Talents who ranked amongst the top 600 on the List who attempted to scale the stairs. They sustained such serious injuries on the 26th step that they ultimately perished!

Su Mo’s combat strength must be truly incredible for him to step onto the 27th step.

“How is this young man so extraordinary?”

“He’s truly incredible. With a talent like this, I’m sure he would make it to the List of 10,000 Talents in the future!”

“He is much faster than Jiang Fengran!”

Excited chatter filled the crowd as everyone expressed their astonishment at what they’ve just witnessed.

Jiang Fengran was just as shocked as the rest of them. At the rate Su Mo was going, he might even be able to sit on the Emperor’s Throne.

“How…how could this be?” Teal Fire King cried out in dismay. Never in his wildest dreams could he see Su Mo making it all the way to the 27th step!

Was Su Mo really so incredibly talented?

Teal Fire King alternated between rage and shock as he looked on at Su Mo’s progress. After some quick-thinking, he finally relaxed as he came up with other ways to bring about Su Mo’s ruin.

Su Mo lost consciousness the moment he stepped onto the 27th step.

When he came to, he found himself sitting on the Emperor’s Throne.

He was in a grand and magnificent palace, sitting on a tall throne that towered above the land. Thousands of experts knelt before his throne.

“Sacred Ruler, the rebels in East Continent are creating trouble. Should we send experts to wipe them out?” an elderly man asked Su Mo respectfully. This man was none other than Qing Pingzi.

Surprised, Su Mo took a while to recall that he had already united the entire Firmament World and was now the Sacred Ruler of this World.

“Send men to wipe them out!” Su Mo finally said with a wave.

“Yes, sir!” Qing Pingzi said with a bow. Then, he left to make the necessary arrangements.

“Something’s not right!” Su Mo had a feeling that something was fishy about the entire situation.

His memories slowly came flooding back and Su Mo frowned as he recalled that he had advanced to Martial King Realm with the help of Earth Palace’s Palace Master after returning from Waste Domain.

Thereafter, his cultivation rapidly increased as he remained at Firmament Palace to cultivate. He then proceeded to easily defeat Shangguan Hao in their battle and took Xi’er with him.

A hundred years later, when he had attained Martial Emperor Cultivation, he led Firmament Sect to become the top power all across the world. Finally, he managed to unify the entire Firmament World with his unsurpa.s.sable strength.

Everything was so clear and vivid as if they had just happened!

“There is a large family slandering your good name in South Continent. Should we send men to exterminate the whole family?” Su Mo received another report, this time from Yue Qun.

As he looked at the countless number of experts kneeling before him, a sense of immense pride washed over him. He had worked so hard to get where he was and was finally reaping the fruits of his labour.

Now, one word from him could decide the fate of billions!

This feeling of being the ruler of all was simply amazing!

“Very well, go ahead and make the arrangements!” Su Mo said with another wave of his hand.

Next, several experts continued to brief Su Mo on various matters and Su Mo pa.s.sed his judgement on each case.

Finally, everyone was dismissed and Su Mo was left alone on his throne.

Su Mo frowned, still unable to shake off the feeling that something was wrong. Although this feeling of ruling over Firmament and Continent was great and almost a little intoxicating, he still felt that there was something off about this place.

“Something still feels off!” Su Mo muttered to himself.

He looked around this large palace; this palace was now the main gate of Firmament Sect in the Central Continent and had been recently constructed.

He had even moved Holy Mountain from Barbaric Mountain to this place when choosing the site for the main gate.

Naturally, those powerful demonic beasts had violently objected to him taking away their Holy Mountain.

All those demonic beasts had been killed by one slap from him!

Warrior's Promise Chapter 833 - Sacred Ruler of the Firmament World

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