Warrior's Promise 836 Divine Jade!

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The moment Su Mo's shoulder was slashed, his figure standing on the steps at the ancient palace also shook slightly. Then, blood flowed freely from his shoulder.

"Look, he is injured!" someone in the crowd exclaimed when he spotted blood flowing from Su Mo's shoulder.

"I knew it! The final challenge is the toughest one!"

"He's probably going to fail at the final challenge too!"

"This is the most dangerous challenge yet. Many people had died there!"

Su Mo's injury caused a small commotion to ripple through the crowd.

"Ha ha ha!" Teal Fire King laughed heartily.

His worries earlier were unfounded! There was no way Su Mo would be able to make it all the way!

Not just that, Su Mo could even end up peris.h.i.+ng here.

He would have thus gotten rid of Su Mo without even having done anything.

Teal Fire King breathed out a small sigh of relief.

"Is it wind?" Jiang Fengran muttered as he looked at Su Mo's injured shoulder.

He could tell that Su Mo's injury had been caused by wind blades.

Therefore, Su Mo must be comprehending wind Ultimacy!

He had also been comprehending wind Ultimacy when he attempted the challenge earlier. Since he was of Wind Spiritual Build, this allowed him to gain a greater understanding of wind Ultimacy.

However, those were the very reasons why the wind man that had attacked him was so incredibly strong. This had cost him the Emperor's Throne.

Jiang Fengran was not sure whether Su Mo would be able to make it past the final challenge. This challenge was really too demanding. It would be impossible for anyone without an extraordinary talent of comprehension to successfully pa.s.s this challenge.

In the s.p.a.ce Su Mo had been transported to on the 32nd step—

Su Mo had barely managed to dodge the wind blades before that wind man waved his hands again. Dozens of wind blades flew at him.

"What…!" Su Mo was shocked.

There were so many wind blades that he would not be able to escape at all. He was doomed this time!

As dozens of wind blades charged at him, Su Mo's mind raced. Suddenly, an idea came to him.


If this man could attack him with wind blades, he could also do the same!

Furthermore, this man looked like he did not have any cultivation at all. He attacked solely by sending wind blades toward Su Mo.

Su Mo didn't have too much time to think. He immediately used his Mind to reach out to the wind surrounding him.

Then, he used his Mind to transform the fierce winds to wind blades that collided against the wind blades charging at him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The dozens of wind blades that had been charging at him exploded with a series of m.u.f.fled explosions and dispersed into the air.

Then., Su Mo continued to use his powerful Mind to wage countless wind blades that charged at the wind man.

Not to be outdone, the wind man also countered with countless of wind blades.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sky was filled with wind blades rus.h.i.+ng through the air. Constant sounds of explosions also rang out as countless wind blades were destroyed.

Both seemed evenly matched and it was hard to see who had the upper hand.

Su Mo continued to impose his control over the surrounding winds and shaped them into many wind blades that constantly attacked the wind man.

After spending one month here, his comprehension of Wind Ultimacy had increased by leaps and bounds.

He was not even sure exactly how far he had achieved regarding Wind Ultimacy.

Both men continued to attack with wind blades, but they were still unable to break the deadlock. As time dragged on, Su Mo attacked even more ferociously but that wind man started to show signs of faltering.

Su Mo's willpower was extremely mighty. He continued to attack tirelessly and the wind blades dancing through the air were all his weapons.

After trading blows for an hour, the wind man's attacking speed started to slow and the power of his wind blades also dropped significantly.

"Die!" Su Mo shouted.

He increased the ferocity of his attacks as he expanded the reach of his mental powers that flowed like a gus.h.i.+ng river. He controlled wind within a 300 meters radius of himself and transformed mighty raging gales into piercing blades that filled the sky as they streaked toward the wind man.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At long last, Su Mo managed to destroy the wind man after 10 breaths. The wind man turned into tiny air currents and then completely disappeared.


Su Mo finally let out a sigh of relief. He had made it through all the challenges!

His surroundings changed again and he found himself back at the stairs.

"Hm?" Su Mo was surprised to see that the crowd had not dispersed at all.

He then realized that although he had spent one month in that s.p.a.ce earlier, only been a few minutes had ticked by here at the ancient palace.

"How remarkable!" Su Mo said with a shake of his head.

He then took the next step up.

The crowd watched in complete silence as Su Mo took the final step, their eyes widening in disbelief.


There was a dull thud as Su Mo stepped on the final step.

It might have just been a dull thud, but to the crowd, it sounded like a roaring clap of thunder.

He succeeded!

He had truly succeeded!

He made it past the final challenge!

This man was about to sit on the Emperor's Throne!

The crowd was completely dumbfounded. Shock and disbelief were clearly written on their faces.

All across the Firmament World, many centuries had pa.s.sed without anyone successfully scaling the stairs leading to the Emperor's Throne. It was only recently that the emergence of extraordinary talents led to eight people successfully making it to the Emperor's Throne.

Among the eight, three were talented people from the Demons, while only five were from the Humans.

Now, an unknown talent had made it all the way up to the Emperor's Throne. This was an astounding achievement!

Even though they had witnessed this feat with their own eyes, they still found it unbelievable.

Jiang Fengran looked at Su Mo in astonishment, his mind suddenly going blank. This man had succeeded where he had failed!

Teal Fire King's face just could not stop twitching and his facial expressions kept changing like an entertaining slideshow.

He had brought Su Mo to this place in hopes that Su Mo would perish. Never in his wildest dreams did it cross his mind that Su Mo could be so powerful. Su Mo had managed to make it all the way up to the Emperor's Throne!

"Martial Emperor Qualification! He is someone with a Martial Emperor Qualification!" Teal Fire King muttered to himself, completely overwhelmed by shock.

This was just too absurd!

How could a complete unknown, a Lv 9 True Darkness Realm punk possess the Martial Emperor Qualification?

Oblivious to the shock rippling through the crowd, Su Mo had already scaled up the stairs and walked right up to the Emperor's Throne.

He smiled as he looked at the magnificent Emperor's Throne which gleamed brightly with golden light.

Su Mo did not rush to sit on the throne, but rather, he started to carefully examine this Emperor's Throne.

The entire throne gleamed golden, but it was definitely not forged from pure gold. It looked like an exceedingly rare material.

Divine dragons circled above the throne, domineering and powerful. It was also inlaid with many white jadeite stones.

These jadeite stones were not big; each the size of a swan's egg. The inner sides of the throne were inlaid with dozens of these stones, which made it look even more magnificent.

Su Mo was stunned when he took a closer look at those jadeite stones.

Those jadeite stones were none other than the Divine Jade!

Warrior's Promise 836 Divine Jade!

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