Warrior's Promise 846 Get Prepared

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"Forty li!"

Su Mo murmured as he watched the Calamity Clouds in the sky. Wenren Tiandu entered the Martial King Realm with 15 Spiritual Spirals condensed divine elixirs. His Calamity Clouds reached 40 li.

What about his 49 Spiritual Spirals?

With so many Spiritual Spirals, he wondered how his Martial King Realm Punishment would be like.

Shortly after, Su Mo sighed and stopped thinking about it. Where there's a will, there's a way. His strength was much stronger than Wenren Tiandu. Even if his Martial King Ordeal was to be way stronger than his, he had the confidence to conquer it.

Then, Su Mo watched Wenren Tiandu survive the ordeal quietly.

At this time, in the vast Calamity Clouds, the thunderous power continued brewing. As it became stronger and stronger, Wenren Tiandu's face turned heavier and heavier.


After a while, a gigantic lightning bolt split from the Thunder Sea, tearing through s.p.a.ce and slas.h.i.+ng violently at Wenren Tiandu.

This lightning bolt was thousands of zhang long. Like a deadly blade, its power was peerless.

The lightning bolt moved extremely fast. It approached Wenren Tiandu's head in a flash.


Wenren Tiandu did not move but threw a punch at the striking lightning.


An explosion was heard as the lightning was smashed by the punch and scattered away.

Wenren Tiandu was wearing a pair of light grey gauntlet which was diffusing a surging aura.

Apparently, this gauntlet was a royal weapon.

After, the Thunder Sea continued brewing, firing one lightning bolt after another.

Wenren Tiandu managed to fight through seven flashes of lightning.

"Seven flashes of Lightning Punishment already. Two more to go!"

"The last two are the most dangerous. If anything went wrong, he would be destroyed completely!"

"This young man is pretty impressive!"

The puppets were astonished by Wenren Tiandu's easily resisting the seven flashes of Lightning Punishment.

At this very moment, the eighth Lightning Punishment descended from the sky.

The vast Thunder Sea was surging. All of a sudden, a huge beam of light of ten zhang in diameter dashed out, sweeping with amazing power towards Wenren Tiandu.

The huge beam of light was formed by the thundering force. Its power was extremely horrifying.

As the lightning beam pa.s.sed by, everything was destroyed. Its powerful thundering will suppressed all resistance.


Wenren Tiandu charged forward instead of retreating. He dashed up into the sky towards the beam of light.

Wenren Tiandu punched out two vast beams of fist radiance, forming two beams of light to confront the Lightning Punishment.

Boom! Rumble!

Loud explosions came one after another as the lightning beam crushed violently into the fist radiance. The thunder rays shot out one thousand li and swept in all directions with its horrifying force.


Another explosion occurred and Wenren Tiandu was blown down from the sky, cras.h.i.+ng into the ground.

The Earth cracked open and a bottomless pit emerged.

"Can I help him?" Su Mo, in shock, asked the puppets.

He was worried that Wenren Tiandu might not be able to survive the last and most terrifying flash of the Lightning Punishment.

"Holy Son, please do not step forward. The power of the Lightning Punishment would increase considerably if interrupted!"

Gold One quickly stopped Su Mo.


At this moment, Wenren Tiandu flew out of the pit, his hair messy, face dirty, and clothes torn. With blood coming out of his mouth, he looked pathetic.

However, Wenren Tiandu's aura was not weakened much. Apparently, his injuries were not serious.

Part of his white internal armor was revealed, with radiant splendor and surging aura.

Obviously, this internal armor was an excellent defensive treasure.

"Don't worry! This young man has inherited the Beam Emperor's Legacy and I've bestowed him a defensive treasure. He will be fine!" Light One said.

Everyone nodded. Wenren Tiandu had become the heir to the Illuminious Palace, he must have obtained treasures. The Lightning Punishment might be powerful but not powerful enough to harm him.

Then, the last flash of Lightning Punishment finally descended.


The Thunder Sea was surging, followed by a loud explosion. Another more gigantic thunder beam came down fiercely.

This lightning beam was twice as powerful as the previous one. It had the power to destroy Heaven and Earth.

The ma.s.sive lightning power caused the void to freeze. And the immense turbulence resulted in continuous explosions in the surrounding area.

Facing the last flash of Lightning Punishment, Wenren Tiandu chose to defend at his best.

Light shone brightly behind him as his Martial Soul rose.

Wenren Tiandu's Martial Soul was a Rank 3 Heaven Cla.s.s star with dazzling rays.

His Dark Force was surging and the starlight condensed. Layers of defense s.h.i.+eld appeared outside his body.

In the blink of an eye, there were more than ten layers of external defense s.h.i.+eld.

These amazing defense s.h.i.+elds were formed by the condensed Dark Force and starlight.

Not only that, a strange stone charm also appeared in his hand.

The stone charm was activated and a ray of light burst, forming a s.h.i.+ning suit of armor outside Wenren Tiandu's body in a flash, which wrapped him from head to toe. A perfect defense.

"What a magical defensive treasure!" Su Mo was astonished.

After, the last flash of the Lightning Punishment boomed brutally on Wenren Tiandu's.e.xternal defense s.h.i.+eld.

Bang, bang, bang!

Layers of defense s.h.i.+eld were tattered and the Lightning Punishment beam continued charging at Wenren Tiandu's body.


A violent explosion was ringing in the sky, accompanied by shrill shrieks.

Devastating waves of air blast swept across a radius of one thousand li. Countless thunder rays rolled out like electric snakes.

Su Mo and the puppets were extremely concerned but there was nothing they could do.

Shortly after, the thunder scattered and the air blast dissipated. Everyone stared intently and couldn't help feeling shocked.

There was a deep pit of a radius of dozens of li, where Wenren Tiandu was lying. His body was burnt into charcoal and his aura weak.


Su Mo flew toward Wenren Tiandu without hesitation.

After checking on Wenren Tiandu, he heaved a sigh of relieve.

Although he was seriously injured, his life was not in danger.

"Brother Su, I've finally reached the Martial King Realm!"

Wenren Tiandu revealed a smile. He had been stuck at the True Darkness Realm peak for years, unable to break through. Now his wish finally came true.

In fact, he managed to survive the Lightning Punishment all thanks to the stone charm presented by Light One.

That stone charm was an extremely powerful defensive treasure. However, his strength was too weak to unleash the power of the stone charm; otherwise, he wouldn't be seriously injured.

"Well. Congratulations!"

Su Mo said with a smile, "I'll bring you back to treat your injuries!"

After that, Su Mo brought Wenren Tiandu back to the Firmament Palace.

Su Mo felt heavy in his heart. Wenren Tiandu's Martial King Ordeal was already so strong. What would his be like?

He must get prepared early!

Warrior's Promise 846 Get Prepared

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