Warrior's Promise Chapter 895 - Nothing Is Left

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Chapter 895: Nothing Is Left

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The crowd watching from a distance held their breaths. They all a.s.sumed that Su Mo would probably be killed by this blow.

However, they were soon distracted by the second Archean Dragonesque Elephant, for it had started to attack the Divine Martial Emperor.

The second Archean Dragonesque Elephant was stronger than the first and also stamped its heavy foot down, crus.h.i.+ng everything around it.

The Divine Martial Emperor furiously attacked the Archean Dragonesque Elephant, but it had little to no effect. Soon, he faced the same fate as Su Mo.

The ground beneath its ma.s.sive foot collapsed and formed a huge abyss. No one knew where the DIvine Martial Emperor had been flung to!

Roar! Roar!

The two Archean Dragonesque Elephants let out mighty roars in the void.

The crowd in the distance burst into an uproar.

“I wonder if that kid and the Divine Martial Emperor perished from those attacks?”

“It is likely that they did!”

“The Great Emperor’s strength is comparable to a Martial King Realm martial artist and even he could not withstand this attack. It must be truly terrifying!”


The crowd was filled with astonishment as they looked on from a distance.

Soon, the crowd spotted a twinkle from the large abyss and Su Mo flew out from it.

“He didn’t die!”

“He is very tough!”

The crowd exclaimed in surprise when they saw that Su Mo was alive.

They found it hard to believe that Su Mo had survived such a powerful attack!

Cough! Cough!

Su Mo looked extremely disheveled. He could not stop coughing and each time he coughed, blood flowed out from his mouth. After he flew out of the abyss, he looked coldly at the Archean Dragonesque Elephant in the sky.

The attack earlier had pounded him hundreds of meters down into the earth and the impact of it had almost killed him.

He felt like his entire body was coming apart.

His face turned grave. His Martial King Punishment had far surpa.s.sed his expectations.

During a standard Martial King Punishment, the lightning punishment would disappear after it flashed once, regardless of whether the martial artist survived or died.

As for this sort of Monstrous Talent Punishment, the monsters formed by lightning punishment would continue to attack until either the martial artist died or it was destroyed.

Fortunately, their force of thunder would weaken after each attack, which gave the Punishment partic.i.p.ant a slim chance of survival.


The Divine Martial Emperor also shot up to the air from another gigantic abyss in the ground.

He looked even more unkempt as compared to Su Mo. His body was covered in wounds and his face was as white as a ghost. Blood flowed like a river from his mouth.

The Divine Martial Emperor may not be weaker than Su Mo, but his defensive abilities were far weaker than Su Mo’s. It was a miracle that he had survived this attack from the Archean Dragonesque Elephant.

His eyes were bloodshot as he turned to look at Su Mo and his face took on a crazed expression. He could not longer hold his anger in.

He would not be in this state if it wasn’t for SU Mo!

“Kid, I’ll send you to meet your ancestors today!” he raged as he charged at Su Mo.

“Even if I die today, you will still have to die first!” he yelled.

The Divine Martial Emperor attacked Su Mo as if he had lost his mind and his palms moved frantically across the sky.

Crash Crash Cras.h.!.+

Although the Divine Martial Emperor was injured, his attacks were still powerful. Dark Force surged and his palm power roared like a raging river toward Su Mo.

“You must be courting death!” Su Mo said as killing desire filled his eyes. He moved to kill the Divine Martial Emperor when suddenly, both Archean Dragonesque Elephants in the heavens moved and started to attack them once again.

They waved their long trunks around and created a powerful suction force that drew Su Mo and the Divine Martial Emperor toward each respective Archean Dragonesque Elephant.

The Divine Martial Emperor’s powerful attack was also destroyed by that mighty suction force.


Both of them turned pale and tried to stop themselves from moving toward the Archean Dragonesque Elephant, but to no avail.

Their ma.s.sive long trunks were like invincible exhaust fans and the suction force they created even shattered the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

“Oh no!” Su Mo cried out when he saw that he was about to be sucked into that Archean Dragonesque Elephant’s body.

If he were to be sucked into its body, the powerful force of thunder in its body would surely destroy him.

Su Mo thought quickly. He now had two options. First, he could immediately use the Three Secret Techniques to boost his strength significantly.

Second, he could use his Billion Demonic Sword.

Without a second thought, the Hornet Sword in his hand was replaced by the pitch black Demonic Sword, which glowed red.

He immediately chose to use the Billion Demonic Sword because his essence, qi and spirit had yet to fully recover. Therefore, he could not use the Three Secret Techniques under any circ.u.mstances.

The price to pay if he used the Three Secret Techniques was far too high. Although it would also be extremely dangerous for him to use the Billion Demonic Sword, but he was much stronger than he was before, which decreased the risk significantly.

The moment the Billion Demonic Sword appeared, powerful Devilish Qi and demonic aura was unleashed across the surroundings.

A cold and evil Demonic Spirit tunneled into his mind.


Su Mo ignored it and as his Dark Force surged into the Billion Demonic Sword, brilliant radiance burst forth from it. The dazzling three-colored Dark Force together with the blood-colored radiance lit up the heavens.

“Slas.h.!.+” Su Mo cried out.

He waved his Demonic Sword and heaven and earth was torn apart as his mighty three-colored sword Qi and demonic Qi hurtled toward the Archean Dragonesque Elephant.

Su Mo’s attack was very formidable and the demonic Qi surged forth like a bubbling volcano, which significantly boosted the power of his three-colored sword Qi.


The sword Qi destroyed everything in its path and its mighty power surpa.s.sed the power from the Archean Dragonesque Elephant as it slashed ruthlessly at it.


The ma.s.sive Archean Dragonesque Elephant’s thunder body was slashed into two by Su Mo’s sword Qi.

Thereafter, its body immediately broke apart and turned into countless lightning bolts that shot across the sky before it disappeared into thin air.


Su Mo breathed out a sigh of relief. However, his face soon contorted in pain.

He felt a powerful demonic spirit from the Billion Demonic Sword relentlesly attacking his soul and his consciousness ocean.

It was evil, cold, bloodthirsty and crazy!

Su Mo’s eyes immediately turned red and his heart was filled with murderous intent.

He immediately cast aside all thoughts and focused on defending his mind from being eroded away by that demonic force.

“No!” a terrified scream rang out.

Su Mo turned and he saw that the Divine Martial Emperor was sucked into the Archean Dragonesque Elephant’s body like a stream of light.

Constant rumbling sounds could then be heard from within its body as if multiple bombs had exploded within it.

The rumbling sound stopped after two breaths. Then, that Archean Dragonesque Elephant started to fade away.

A while later, that Archean Dragonesque Elephant’s ma.s.sive body transformed into thunder dragons that flew across the sky and disappeared into the void. Not a trace of the Divine Martial Emperor remained.

“Nothing was left of him!” Su Mo exclaimed in shock. This thunder punishment was truly terrifying.

The Divine Martial Emperor who was of a half step to Martial Royal Realm cultivation, and possessed strength comparable to a Lv 1 Martial Royal Realm martial artist, had now been completely destroyed to the point that nothing was left of him.

Su Mo was shocked for he still had to deal with the final Lightning Punishment.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 895 - Nothing Is Left

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