Warrior's Promise Chapter 935 - Are You Crazy?

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Chapter 935: Are You Crazy?

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Su Mo did not stand and stare upon the incoming phantom claw.

He ordered the nine Natal Spiritual Swords to form the Nine-death Sword Formation in front of him.

“Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+”

The sword formation immediately burst out a dazzling light.

Numerous sword Qi carried an earthshattering power and charged toward the phantom claw madly.

“Bang, Bang, Bang!”

However, the phantom claw was overpowered and easily shattered all the sword Qi.

The huge claw was paused a little bit and then approached Su Mo quickly.


Su Mo was shocked. He was no match for this man at all, and he was also injured by Yan Tai. He was not able to block this attack.


With a flash of sword radiance, the Hornet Sword violently hit the claw.


Su Mo spat out a mouthful of fresh blood under the fierce explosion. His body was shaken and was sent off thousands of meters.

The phantom claw was not shattered and continued moving to him.

Su Mo was pale as paper. He was injured so badly that he could only wield half of his strength.

He gnashed his teeth and was ready to use the Three Secret Techniques.

He knew that he still could not get away after using this technique. Even if he could, he would die for running out essence, qi, and spirit.

His had not fully recovered yet from last time as his hair was still grey.

But he had no choice. He had to fight for his life.

When he was about to use the Three Secret Techniques, something happened.

Two beams of light, one in white while the other in blue, were das.h.i.+ng to him from below.

The white one was faster and approached Su Mo almost instantaneously.


A girlish voice suddenly rose as a piercing sword radiance precisely struck the phantom claw.


The phantom claw’s power was already decreased twice by Su Mo’s attack, so it was shattered instantly.


The white beam stopped in front of Su Mo.

Su Mo was shocked upon seeing the beautiful figure. It was Qian Xunyue.

“Brother Su Mo!”

The blue beam stopped beside Su Mo shortly thereafter. It was Hong Qingxuan.

“Brother Su Mo, are you okay?”

Hong Qingxuan grabbed Su Mo’s arm and asked in a face full of concern.

Su Mo did not answer as his face changed and his heart fell to his feet.

How could they come to such a dangerous place?! Were they seeking death?

Su Mo was moved by the two women. They really worried about his life and death.

“Go, now!”

Su Mo did not think much and told them to leave.

“Brother Su Mo, let’s go together!” Hong Qingxuan looked pale. She did not want to leave alone.

Qian Xunyue did not say anything and just stood there silently.

Su Mo was so helpless. They were too weak to save him!

“You don’t stand a chance!” A cold voice rose as Wu Shan stepped forth.

Su Mo and the two women were surrounded by the Netherworld Devil Sect experts and they had nowhere to escape.

“Li Feng, you also joined the Netherworld Devil Sect!” Hong Qingxuan snarled to Wu Shan.

“He is not Li Feng!” Su Mo shook his head and said.

Wushan’s cold eyes scanned Qian Xunyue and then fixed on Hong Qingxuan.

“Pure Yin Body!” Wu Shan’s eyes flashed a dazzling light as if he found a rare piece of beautiful jade.

“Hahaha!” Wushan suddenly burst out laughing. He didn’t expect this.

Moreover, from his observation, this was a girl that still had her virginity. This was really a pleasant surprise.

However, her present cultivation was too low. She was only at True Darkness Realm.

“Leave this woman to me. Capture Su Mo quickly!” Wu Shan ordered.

“Yes, young master!”

A half of Netherworld Devil Sect experts brought up the rear to prevent Su Mo from escaping, while the others rushed to Su Mo.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

In a split second, there were six people attacked. All kinds of paw prints, fist prints, and palm prints were moving toward Su Mo.

The mighty power of the attacks was overwhelming, and the horrible aura turbulence squashed Su Mo like mountains.

Su Mo’s face changed dramatically. He couldn’t resist these attacks. Even if he didn’t die, he would lose half his life.

“Qingxuan, go into the Divine Map!” Su Mo said anxiously.

Hong Qingxuan was even too weak to survive from the shockwave.

There might be a silver lining if he used the Three Secret Techniques. He was about to put Hong Qingxuan into his Divine Map.

But the next moment, Su Mo’s eyes suddenly widened and he stared at his front.

“Are you crazy!?” Su Mo yelled in horror.

At this moment, Qian Xunyue rushed to those attacks.

“Go take Qingxuan away!”

Qian Xunyue looked back at Su Mo and said coldly while rus.h.i.+ng to the incoming attacks.

She also used some skills to boost her strength, and then swung out rows of sword Qi that looked like billows.

She was just fighting for some time for Su Mo to escape.

She was ready to die since she knew that she could not block the attacks.

She wanted to save Su Mo, whatever it took.

However, Su Mo could not abandon Qian Xunyue and run away alone.

He immediately urged the nine Spiritual Swords to strike at those attacks like lightning.

Qian Xunyue would definitely die if he did not do anything.

The attacks from both sides met violently.

“Boom! Rumble!”

There was a lot of noise, and the explosion was deafening. Nine swords were blown away again, and all the sword Qi from Qian Xunyue were blown out and turned into rains of sword Qi all over the sky.

The six attacks were still strong as if they could crush everything.

The fist radiance at the front hit Qian Xunyue heavily.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 935 - Are You Crazy?

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