Warrior's Promise Chapter 976 - Ten Thousand

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Chapter 976: Ten Thousand

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Su Mostood on the peak with the sword in his hand. He was also shocked.

He was also shocked by the power of the Billion Demonic Sword. One casual stroke was now more powerful than any of his attacks.

In the past, he needed to resist the invasion of the Demonic Spirit while using this sword. But now he did not, and it felt great.

Su Mo could feel that the sword became more powerful after absorbing the blood of the dozen martial artists.

The Demonic Spirit in the sword was growing up rapidly as if it had took some drugs.

“Kid, I need blood. Give me infinite blood!” The voice of the spirit rose in Su Mo’s heart.

“Alright. You will get what you want!”

Su Mo barked and then skyrocketed, charging to Shangguan Hao and his helpers.

“Run!” Shangguan Hao barked and immediately escaped.

Although Shangguan Hao really wanted Su Mo dead, he was sober and he knew that they could not fight Su Mo with the Billion Demonic Sword.

“Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+”

In an instant, including Ruan Yunxiu and Dugu Sheng, the remaining 20 people fled madly.

Dugu Sheng was clear that he was not able to rob the Billion Demonic Sword from Su Mo. He had to figure it out when he returned to his sect.


Su Mo swung the sword to Shangguan Hao.

He could let the others go, but not Shangguan Hao.

The incredible sword Qi moved to Shangguan Hao as if it was a lethal attack.

Su Mo also commanded the nine Natal Spiritual Swords to form into one piece to thrust at Dugu Sheng.

Su Mo did not save his strength and waged ultimate attacks on them.

The sword Qi moved at an incredible speed and approached Shangguan Hao in a flash.


Shangguan Hao was frightened. A sense of danger rushed into his heart.

Ruan Yunxiu moved at this point. A long saber appeared in his hand and sent out saber Qi to the sword Qi.

The dazzling golden saber Qi was illusive and hit the sword Qi instantly.


The saber Qi was immediately shattered as if nothing happened to the sword Qi.


The sword Qi broke the Body-protection Dark Force on Shangguan Hao’s back.


However, the b.l.o.o.d.y scene that Su Mo had expected did not happen.

The moment the sword Qi broke Shangguan Hao’s Body-protection Dark Force,his body suddenly flashed a five-colored divine light.

The divine light spread out in a fan shape and destroyed everything in its range.

Su Mo’s sword Qi was instantly shattered by the divine light and disappeared.

Shangguan Hao stayed intact. He moved even faster and disappeared into the void in the blink of an eye.

“Su Mo, I will revenge as long as I live!”

Shangguan Hao’s vicious voice spread around like thunder.

Su Mo looked terrible. How could he let this guy escape!

“It’s Di s.h.i.+!”

Su Mo murmured. That divine light contained Di s.h.i.+’s aura. Di s.h.i.+ must have left a life-saving method on Shangguan Hao’s body.

Su Mo looked at the other direction and sighed helplessly.

Dugu Sheng also escaped as the Spiritual Swords were returning.

Just now, the nine swords merged into one sword to kill him.

However, that guy’s speed suddenly boosted times faster than before and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“It seems that these super talents have quite a few life-saving methods! It’s not that easy to kill them!” Su Mo underestimated them.

As the most outstanding talents of the Humans, they must have been given many life-saving methods by their sects.

The Flood Dragon Prince could destroy the physical body of Wu Shan, this was really something.

There would still be many chances for Su Mo to kill them. So it was better for him to get down to business.

“Demonic Spirit, there will be infinite blood for you. Now you should just absorb the Killing Ultimacy!”

Su Mo said to the Demonic Spirit and returned to the peak.


The Demonic Spirit wanted experts’ blood so badly.

But it could not force Su Mo to do anything.

As long as Su Mo was strong, blood supply would not be an issue.

Then, the Demonic Spirit continued to absorb the Killing Ultimacy.

The Killing Ultimacy on this peak was left by Dugu Shang. So the Demonic Spirit could directly absorb it without comprehending it.

Su Mo sat down on the peak again and started to cultivate while waiting for the Demonic Spirit to devour all of the Ultimacy.

The Demonic Spirit did not keep Su Mo waiting for too long. About four hours later, all of the Killing Ultimacy was absorbed.

“Kid, the blood and Killing Ultimacy I absorbed has recovered 10% of my strength!”

The Demonic Sword stuck in the Su Mo and the voice of the Demonic Spirit rose.

“Only 10%?” Su Mo was shocked.

“Correct! 10%!”

The Demonic Spirit sighed and said, “It’s my owner’s Killing Ultimacy. Otherwise, it will be less than 5%!”

“How much blood do you need to be fully recovered?”

The Demonic Spirit paused for a while and said, “All of the blood from 10,000 of those martial artists you just killed! I’ll be back on top again!”

“Ten thousand?” Su Mo opened his mouth in shock.

“d.a.m.n! Are you serious!?”

Those were Martial Royal Realm experts, and most of them were Lv 2 Martial Royal Realm experts. One was Lv 3 Martial Royal Realm expert.

The Demonic Spirit wanted 10,000 of them?

Only if the Firmament World had 10,000 Martial Royal Realm experts!

Should he kill every Martial Royal Realm martial artist in this world only to get the sword back to its prime?

This was obviously impossible!

Warrior's Promise Chapter 976 - Ten Thousand

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