Warrior's Promise Chapter 991 - : Black Dragon Blood Essence

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Chapter 991: Black Dragon Blood Essence

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Su Mo adjusted his route to avoid the Prime Minister Turtle, who was chasing him.

The East Sea Dragon Palace was powerful. If he was hunted down by the Flood-dragon tribe, he could not avoid it.

Su Mo had been flying fast on his sword for several hours until he was thousands of miles away from the sea and saw no one chasing him.

“It seems safe!”

Su Mo felt relieved. It was nice that he didn’t need to fight against the East Sea Dragon Palace.

After flying for a long time, Su Mo saw a teal island in front of him, with lush vegetation and cities on it.

Su Mo hesitated a little before he flew to the island.

He had seen many inhabited islands along the way, but he didn’t dare to stop until now.

He flew to the sky above the island and found the island was very large, with a radius of tens of thousands of miles. There were three cities on it, each of which could accommodate a million people.

Su Mo flew over the island and entered one city.

This city was called Black Dragon City. Su Mo thought it had something to do with the East Sea Dragon Palace until he found there were all human-beings living in the city. He felt relieved.

He came here for a recuperation. He had to prepare for returning to Central Continent.

Zhan Luan was strong and the Netherworld Devil Sect would not let him go, so he had to try his best to improve his cultivation.

He found an inn to rest in Black Dragon City.

As soon as he entered the room, he got into the Divine Map and prepared for cultivation.

Su Mo sat cross-legged not far away from the Sky-burn Tower in the Divine Map. He took out a few divine elixirs and was going to devour their Dark Force.

These divine elixirs came from martial artists or the Demons experts since no matter the Dark Force or the demonic power, they all worked for Su Mo.

Su Mo collected them from the people he killed recently. As long as the experts above the Martial Royal Realm, he would take their elixirs.

And Su Mo was going to break after the last two months.

He devoured smoothly. Six hours later, Su Mo reached the Lv 6 Martial King Realm.

He stabilized his cultivation for a while and then he came to a cave nearby.

In the cave, there was a Dark Sky Spiritual Coffin which Qian Xunyue was lying inside.

“I am going to save you after I save Qingxuan.” Looking at the serene woman in the coffin, Su Mo murmured.

Qian Xunyue, who was lying in the Dark Sky Spiritual Coffin, looked like a beautiful specimen. She was beautiful all the time.

Then Su Mo left the Divine Map. He walked out of the inn and wandered in Black Dragon City.

Su Mo wanted to see that if the shops here had any treasures of Dragon Force, such as the Dragon Blood Herb.

If he could find some, he could improve his physical strength.

He found some of them in two hours among dozens of large shops, but they were not enough.

“I need more.”

Su Mo was upset. He wandered on the broad street until he found a large shop ahead and went in again.

“Shopkeeper, do you have any treasure containing Dragon Force?” Su Mo walked to the front of the counter in the shop and asked directly.

“Dragon Force?”

The shopkeeper was a chubby old man. Hearing this, he shook his head at once and said, “No, we don’t.”

“I pay you ten times the price!” Su Mo said. He knew they were rare and people didn’t usually take them to sell, so he raised the price.

“Ten times?”

The shopkeeper was shocked upon hearing this. He nodded his head after thinking for a while and said, “I do have some something with Dragon Force, but if I sell them to you, you must keep it secret!”


Su Mo’s eyes turned bright. They did have that?

“I promise you!” Su Mo nodded his head. Although he didn’t know why he had to do that, he just needed the treasures containing the Dragon Force!

The shopkeeper looked around. When he found there was no one else, he turned his palm and took out a teal gourd from his storage ring.

“There is a gourd of black dragon blood essence. If you give me five hundred million Upper Spiritual Stones, it is yours.” The shopkeeper said.

“The black dragon blood essence?”

Su Mo was shocked and asked incredulously, “Is it real?”

Su Mo could not believe it. If the black dragon blood essence was real, the shopkeeper could not sell it to him.

“It is black flood dragon’s blood essence.” The shopkeeper added.

“So it is!” Su Mo suddenly understood. The black flood dragon was not a real black dragon.

“Can I have a look?” Su Mo asked.

The shopkeeper looked at Su Mo and found he was at the Lv 6 Martial King Realm. He gave the gourd to Su Mo and said, “Here you are.”

Su Mo took it and opened. Then he smelled the blood Qi and found thick Dragon Force of it.


This was real flood dragon blood essence. With the amount of blood essence, he could improve his physical strength to Lv 8 Martial King Realm.

“I will take it!” Su Mo smiled and immediately put away the flood dragon blood essence before he handed the shopkeeper a storage ring.

There were five hundred million Upper Spiritual Stones in the ring.

Su Mo had a large number of Spiritual Stones and storage rings.

He was satisfied with buying the things he needed before he left the shop.

“Wait, my friend.” The shopkeeper suddenly stopped Su Mo.

“What else can I do for you?” Su Mo frowned and asked.

“Friend, please don’t tell anybody that you bought the black dragon blood essence from me, especially the black dragon patriarch.” The shopkeeper reminded him.

“Who is the black dragon patriarch? Someone from the East Sea Dragon Palace?” Su Mo asked.

“You don’t know the black dragon patriarch?”

The shopkeeper was somewhat surprised that Su Mo didn’t even know the black dragon patriarch, and then he realized that Su Mo must be an outsider immediately.

“The black dragon patriarch was from the East Sea Dragon Palace, but he was expelled by the East Sea Dragon Palace out of the Flood-dragon tribe. He is the overlord of the island and no one dares to provoke him.” The shopkeeper said.

“What cultivation does the black dragon patriarch have?” Su Mo asked. Hearing the black dragon patriarch didn’t belong to the East Sea Dragon Palace, Su Mo had a plan.

If he could kill the black dragon patriarch, he could get more flood dragon blood essence. The blood essence of the black dragon patriarch should be much better than this gourd of blood essence.

Warrior's Promise Chapter 991 - : Black Dragon Blood Essence

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