Gratifying The Royal Family Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Wedding of Fumo* [R18]

*TL-note: Combination of Yunfu and Xu Mo's names.

On the night when Xu Mo finally saw Yunfu, he was not dressed in his usual white and all of the Jing Kingdom praised his unrivalled fairy-like appearance. Naturally, Xu Mo had to stay in the residence so she did not know.

When Yunfu used the stilyard rod* to raise the head covering, he was so stunned that he was unable to conceal his expression. He was used to her natural appearance but tonight she was adorned in heavy make-up and seemed more mature than her usual childish look. She looked absolutely elegant like a plum blossom in full bloom under the phoenix coronet shawl with her curvy black eyebrows, bashful eyes, red charming lips and the plum blossom mark between her eyebrows.

*TL-note: Old-fas.h.i.+oned weighing mechanism used in the past. Basically a lucky (happiness) stick.

He gazed at her while she sneaks a glimpse. No one else in this world but he can have a magical aura when wearing red!

"Princess, second husband, it is time to share the nuptial cups*."

*TL-note: Exchanging a drink from small cups to symbolise their union.

Yunfu released the stilyard rod to pick up the jug and poured two cups. He sat down on the bed and happily handed it to her.

Xu Mo was stunned by the ice-breaking smile. She confusedly took the cup and intertwined their arms to exchange the drink.

"The ceremony is complete! Congratulations to you both, may your hearts be forever united as one."

The matron of honour retreated when she received her gratuity.

Yunfu reached out his hands and grabbed her into his embrace then removed the phoenix crown on her head. In an instant, her long hair cascaded down behind her shoulders impossible to tell them apart. He bent near her ear and softly said, "I finally married you."

Her ears turned slightly red from his breath and Xu Mo lowered her head, "You used to not like me!" At that time, Xu Mo had found out about his medical skills and she frequently visited him but she was always thrown out with a couple of medical books.

Yunfu recalled and his expression softened a little, "I was not used to it first but realised it was good to have another person in the room." He will of course not tell her that when she had left Hanshan Temple and returned to the Imperial City, he felt so lost when he read the letter that she had left. From that day on whenever he was in the room alone, he felt each day became increasingly lonely and difficult to endure. Until the day he went to see her on the grounds of her illness and realised he had already fallen in love with her.

This heartless girl only cared about medical skills and going home. She has no thoughts about love but I will slowly teach her now that we are married.

The red candle lit from night to daybreak.

The reflection on the wall faintly revealed the garments being removed. Yunfu looked down at her, it had been over half a month since and he was now desperate.

Whereas Xu Mo had Ji Rufeng and was doted almost every night. She had become less scared and slowly realised the beauty of it but still would rather not do it every night. If these two were like this then she could not imagine with seven and besides two was already going against her deep-rooted modern views.

"This part seems to have grown." Yunfu said and kneaded her soft bosom.

Xu Mo's face turned pink and could hardly believe such an impetuous remark came out of him. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s grew a little from the man's attention but it was still tender to touch.

The man bent down and held the beautiful cornelian cherry* in his mouth and used the tip of his tongue to teasingly lick and suck until he felt her tremble beneath him.

TL-note: Cornus mas is a species of flowering plant in the dogwood family Cornaceae native to Southern Europe and Southwestern Asia.

He looked up and saw her nervousness, her cheeks were stained red, lips pursed tight and eyelashes fluttered like b.u.t.terflies. She was extremely shy and would not easily let out her beautiful voice until the last moment.

He could not bear it any more and covered those seductive red lips to ravage the most delicious wine.

Both of them breathed chaotically while their lips and tongues continued to tangle and even when parted a single silver strand hang between them.

The man held the young lady and flipped her over so she was top while he was underneath. He reached out and parted her long well-proportioned legs while the hardness at his abdomen pressed against the softness of her. He lifted her up with his arm and watched as his st.u.r.dy thing entered her tiny flower when she slowly sat down.

The small flower struggled to swallow due to insufficient foreplay as it filled to burst. Fortunately, the man was going at a slow pace.

He held on to her slender waist and moved shallowly to rub against the small flower petals. The young lady grew weak and he tried to endure the overflowing pleasure from his lower half as he watched her.

"I want……I……" The shallow movements could no longer satisfy her and Xu Mo faced him with a longing look in her eyes.

Yunfu had endured until the blue veins on his head were raised like a drought before the rain. He could have been reckless but he still wished she would take the initiative and beg him. In a clear cold hoa.r.s.e voice with a hint of emotion and said, "What do you want, say it."

Xu Mo's face was red as a tomato and did not utter a word. The movement beneath was about to drive her to madness.

Finally, she could not bear it any longer, "Love me, Yunfu love me."


In a split second, the fierce bulge could be seen faintly on her flat stomach as he rapidly plunged in with his huge throbbing dragon.

In the queen like position, the man could easily hit the small tender spot in her deepest part. Each time Yunfu hit that spot, her walls convulsed and the young lady on top trembled non-stop. He wanted her to go crazy for him so each time he rapidly and violently hit her deepest part……

"No……more……ah……stop……slower……" The man's dark eyes looked on as her body moved from the impact accompanied by the continuous trembling of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s. He slightly raised his head and sucked hard on the right side. The young lady violently trembled and the pa.s.sion underneath drove her to the peak of climax.

The climax this time was so fast that Yunfu was not ready to come with her while her inner walls tightly clung to his huge thing.

The man took a breath, flipped her under then lifted her legs on to his shoulders and fiercely rammed in.

"No……slowly……" Xu Mo screamed out loud as she had just climaxed and was unable to withstand it.

The honey liquid was drawn out and turned into foam from the repeated impact to make a splas.h.i.+ng sound. And the faint sounds from the pa.s.sageway l.u.s.tfully continued to linger.

He stared at her seductive little mouth moaning repet.i.tively until she finally bites down on his broad shoulders. The man trembled from the light pain as if an electric current had pa.s.sed through his body.

"No……more……" Xu Mo tried to oppose and wake him up but in exchange, she aroused him to enter even more fiercely. Her extremely sensitive little flower could barely hold his huge size yet over and over again, he deeply filled her pa.s.sageway with his wild rhythm.

When it was over, Xu Mo was utterly defeated.

Yunfu who had finally received rain after a long draught already knew once was not enough to quench his thirst. He pulled out and saw the sticky white fluid flow out from her flower petals. In an instant, the huge dragon stood upright again full of vigour exactly like the young lady feared.

"Let me rest a while." She glanced at him to complain about her exhaustion.

Yunfu grinned. He could not believe that after all these days, she was still weak as before. It would appear that he needs to find the lotus seed and make the health strengthening magic pill for her.

Xu Mo was tired but she could still bear it, she just really liked acting coquettish and begging for mercy in front of Yunfu. If she were to use this tactic on Ji Rufeng it would only arouse him while Yunfu never brushed away her wish.

The moment did not last long and she was flipped over to face the bed. Yunfu had seen the explanation in erotic pictures that this position was most divine for men but had never tried it out before.

He lifted her smooth round b.u.t.t and parted her legs so the tender flower in full bloom was in clear view. The sparkling flower fluid slowly seeped out under the man's burning gaze and dripped down like a silver thread. And he was unable to s.h.i.+ft his gaze away from this extravagant view.

Yunfu nearly forgot what he was about to do and tightened his throat but could only feel dryness in his mouth. There was not a single part of her that was not beautiful and his only desire in this life was to be entangled with her forever.

The bedsheet was twisted into an unrecognisable shape under Xu Mo's tight grasp. This position was Ji Rufeng's favourite and it would happen up to three times in one session when they had intercourse but her heart always resisted. Each impact was extreme without a sense of security and the animalistic posture made her feel very ashamed. But she knew there was no point to put up a resistance and decided to obediently adapt.

He slowly trailed down her back with kisses since he liked to leave his own marks on her body. Then he watched as his large thing slowly entered her warm softness inch by inch to sample her tender tightness at a slow pace.



They both called out in unison as the man entered deeply to the entrance of her womb. He drowned in the immense pleasure brought on by the suction inside like tiny mouths holding on to him.

Yunfu vigorously moved his waist with each wild thurst as he watched his big thing sucked into the two swollen flower petals. Again and again, his thrusts became increasingly quick and violent until the mixing of their l.u.s.t could be heard.

Xu Mo twisted the bedsheet with both hands and shook her head. Filled with both fear and excitement, she finally called out, "Ah slowly……it's……too quick……no……ah……" The girl trembled and her swollen honey hole contracted as if to push out the invading giant. But it was evitable that a weak girl like her could not defy his beastly attacks……

In the end, the man panted while the young lady's inarticulate whispers resonated the entire night. The poor Xu Mo was not even able to get away when she pa.s.sed out.

When Yunfu finally stopped, the bed was in a terrible mess from their wild pa.s.sion and the young lady was deep asleep. A muddy mess lay between her legs and her beautiful flower was ravaged swollen with a hint of blood.

He remembered both his irrationality and indulgence then blushed with shame. Thank goodness she will be able to recuperate with some good medicine or else she will suffer greatly.

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Gratifying The Royal Family Chapter 13

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