Supreme Uprising Chapter 1080

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Chapter 1080: Universe Breaking

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Luo Yunyang felt really melancholic when he stepped back in Hong Meng Sacred Hall. This was the feeling of having a new lease of life after a calamity.

Even though he didn't dare verify exactly how long he had been in the Origin Source Grounds, the experiences he had gone through made him feel as if he had been there for a very long time.

Thus, when he once again returned to this realm, Luo Yunyang felt as though things had changed.

“You've returned!” The Divine Elder appeared the moment Luo Yunyang entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

Luo Yunyang immediately asked the Divine Elder, “Why is that place called the Origin Source Grounds?”

The Divine Elder didn't seem surprised by this question. It could even be said that Luo Yunyang asking this was well within what the Divine Elder had expected. He thus replied, “The reason that place is called the Origin Source Grounds is because each destruction represents the establishment of a Great Era.”

“Each destruction represents the establishment of a Great Era!” Luo Yunyang repeated what the Divine Elder had said softly as his eyes lit up with understanding.

The Divine Elder's words had left him full of lament. Those battles, which had been filled with ruin and destruction, had indeed made the Human Race become stronger and stronger.

“The last battle I experienced was between two Taiyi Yuan Venerates and that being. Was that the previous Great Era?”

This was the second question Luo Yunyang asked. Right now, he really wanted to know whether he had gone through the Human Race's history.

“I don't know!” The Divine Elder glanced at Luo Yunyang as he spoke calmly.

Luo Yunyang felt that asking anything more would be futile upon seeing that the Divine Elder had already regained his calm demeanor.

Therefore, as Luo Yunyang was about to head into seclusion, he asked how long he had been away.

“A moment!” This was the Divine Elder's reply.

A moment. So many ma.s.sacres, so many battles, yet what he had experienced had lasted just a mere moment.

Luo Yunyang could not really believe this. However, he believed that the Divine Elder had no reason to lie to him.

Upon returning to his own palace, Luo Yunyang quietly pondered for some time before sitting in a lotus position.

There were various nomological laws in his body and countless law fragments gathered in his mind.

If these nomological laws and nomological law fragments were used as a foundation, Luo Yunyang would have the confidence to construct a different cultivation path.

However, after considering it, he still decided to go along with the cultivation path of Universe Breaking. After all, the Taichu Yuan Venerate path of Universe Breaking was the most suitable for him.

Furthermore, the Human Race's Divine Ancestor had made a comment about the Universe Breaking cultivation path: “This cultivation path has unimaginable prospects!”

Luo Yunyang, who had seen Taiyi Yuan Venerates dying, was now very aware of the great calamity that they would all have to face.

This great calamity was something that could be avoided by becoming a Taiyi Yuan Venerate. Even ordinary Taiyi Yuan Venerates didn't have any ability to withstand this.

Not only did he have to become a Taiyi Yuan Venerate in order to withstand this great calamity, but he would also have to become a peak Taiyi Yuan Venerate.

Even though Luo Yunyang had gained nomological laws, the majority were basically ordinary nomological laws that Tais.h.i.+ Yuan Venerates possessed. Great path nomological laws belonging to Taiyi Yuan Venerates were very few and had mostly been destroyed. However, because Luo Yunyang already controlled them, they weren't too difficult to incorporate.

The difficulty of the Universe Breaking technique wasn't in incorporating but rather in controlling so many nomological laws.

After 49 days, Luo Yunyang finally combed through the various nomological laws and law fragments within his body.

Even though he already controlled these laws, he simply hadn't been able to sort them out when he had been in the Origin Source Grounds.

After completely sorting them out in those 49 days, it all actually went very fast. After all, for an ordinary ninth-level Heavenly Venerate, condensing a Yuan Venerate nomological law of their own took a long time.

“Combining various bits to establish a Universe Breaking involves an incredible disparity.”

Luo Yunyang had already made up his mind as he was muttering to himself. Although the Universe Breaking path recorded in the martial scriptures was not bad, Luo Yunyang felt that he too could create a path that was his own.

The first thing necessary for walking down this path was to use these nomological laws and fragments to create a Universal Boundary.

Given the experiences within the Divine Creation Disc, Luo Yunyang didn't feel that combining all these various nomological laws would be very difficult. He would just have to spare a lot of effort tempering it.

Fortunately, Luo Yunyang didn't lack time. After determining what he was going to do, he started to condense the various nomological laws within him to establish a boundary.

Two days, three days…

In Da Qian Sacred Hall, the Da Qian Master's expression was somewhat furious. Even though he was livid, he felt equally helpless.

Although he was still the Da Qian Master and the hall master of Da Qian Sacred Hall, many people within Da Qian Sacred Hall knew that he wouldn't be able to maintain his position as hall master for long.

After all, he had already used the owners.h.i.+p of the Da Qian Sacred Mirror.

The Da Qian Master looked reluctant as he thought about the owners.h.i.+p of the Da Qian Sacred Mirror. Although he also didn't have complete control of the Da Qian Sacred Mirror, his cultivation base improved exponentially when it was in his hands.

Unfortunately, the Da Qian Sacred Mirror already belonged to someone else.

Even though he hadn't been willing to give the Da Qian Sacred Mirror out, that person had come under the orders of the first Da Qian Master. Furthermore, five Taichu Yuan Venerates had come along with him. More importantly, that person's status was much higher than his own.

He was a disciple of the first Da Qian Master. Even the most senior figure in Da Qian Sacred Hall would have to address him as Ancestral Master.

As a result, the Da Qian Master had been forced to give up his foundations of many years and stand aside, which had made him very uncomfortable.

In all these years, he had given his all for the Human Race's 36 Great Cosmoses.

Now, with just some words, everything he owned had been seized. How could he not be upset?

A jade talisman flew into his hand. When he saw the contents, the Da Qian Master's face broke into a bitter smile.

Xuan Pin Sacred Hall's Xuan Pin Gate had also fallen into the hands of the so-called precursors of Tanding Realm. While the Da Qian Master and the Xuan Pin Sacred Hall Master couldn't be considered good friends, the two of them had gone through a lot together.

Although he had expected such a situation, the news from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall was slower than his. When he saw one sentence of the jade talisman, cold intent filled his eyes.

The Xuan Pin Gate had been brought back to Tianding Realm!

The Xuan Pin Gate's use concerned the foundations of the 36 Great Cosmoses. Without the Xuan Pin Gate to constantly furnish Qi, the spiritual energies of the 36 Great Cosmoses would diminish greatly.

That was why the five sacred halls had been so worried during the incident in the Sealed Sky City and had even been willing to engage in an all-out war against the Mysterious Underworld Race to get the Xuan Pin Gate back.

Now, the ent.i.ties from Tianding Realm actually wanted to bring the Xuan Pin Gate back to Tianding Realm.

No, absolutely not! They had protected the 36 Great Cosmoses so vigorously against the Mysterious Underworld Race. Now, they absolutely couldn't allow the Xuan Pin Gate to be taken by Tainding Realm.

“Tell them that the Xuan Pin Gate is too important to our 36 Great Cosmoses. Our 36 Great Cosmoses will definitely decline without it. This is the foundation of our Human Race!” The Da Qian Master took a deep breath after sending this message out.

At this point, he thought about all the news he had heard recently. For example, Tianding Realm powerhouses had been refining an entire void for the sake of harvesting Sky Blue Rainbow Metal weapons.

Using that void to harvest Sky Metal would cause irreparable harm to the void.

However, that Tianding Realm powerhouse simply didn't care about any resistance from Yuan Venerates of the 36 Great Cosmoses. Thus, he immediately caused a void to collapse.

Even though they had given the Yuan Venerates of the 36 Great Cosmoses time to s.h.i.+ft the people in that void, they ultimately turned it into a wasteland for the sake of producing Rainbow Metal.

These incidents weren't limited to just one or two!

They were recklessly toying with the Human Race!

This was what the Da Qian Master thought and he found it really unbearable.

“The Xuan Pin Gate is supposed to be a part of the Human Ruler's Ling Xiao Sacred Hall. It can't remain in the 36 Great Cosmoses.” A jade talisman rushed over once again as the Da Qian Master grimaced.

This message wasn't long, but the helplessness within was plain for the Da Qian Master to see.

After all, he was experiencing the same thing.

“Perhaps what Luo Yunyang wants to do is right.” The Da Qian Master felt respect when he recalled the news of Luo Yunyang dealing with the Tianding Realm powerhouses that had gone to Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

However, he also knew that Luo Yunyang and Hong Meng Sacred Hall would have to face a coming storm.

And this storm would be extremely ferocious!

If it was not handled well, the great Hong Meng Sacred Hall might be made an example. As for Luo Yunyang…

The Da Qian Master gazed out into the horizon and shouted. “Tianding Realm, do you really think that you are the sky?”

Supreme Uprising Chapter 1080

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