Supreme Uprising 1195 Destroying The Origin Inten

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"Why is the Human Ruler gathering everyone right now?" the two Taiyi Yuan Venerates standing side by side outside Hong Meng Sacred Hall asked.

They couldn't care less about the crowd who respectfully bowed.

"Who knows, maybe he wants to equally divide up the resources of Tianding Realm?" the other Taiyi Yuan Venerate said with a frown. However, he didn't really believe what he had said to be true.

There was no need for the Human Ruler to gather so many people around, even though there were vast resources in Tianding Realm.

"Why do you even care so much? We'll know later when the Human Ruler tells us himself." Another Taiyi Yuan Venerate who came walking from behind laughed.

"That is right, we never need to worry about decisions made by the Human Ruler," the first Taiyi Yuan Venerate said as he laughed along.

They only felt that things were different when they finally gathered in Hong Meng Sacred Hall in front of the Human Ruler.

Within that hall were over a hundred Taiyi Yuan Venerates. One could say that the entire population of Taiyi Yuan Venerates of the Human Race was gathered there at that moment.

Amongst them were also the extremely accomplished martialists who had not yet broken through to the Taiyi Yuan Venerate but had the capabilities to be just as strong.

These martialists were also a force to be reckoned with.

One such example was Yuan Zi. While he still had some way to go before becoming a Taiyi Yuan Venerate, there was n.o.body in that hall who would dare underestimate his prowess.

The crowd gathered with doubtful looks. It was obvious that n.o.body knew what to expect from the gathering.

"Divine Ancestor, do you know what we were summoned here for?" one of the martialists asked the Human Race's Divine Ancestor as he arrived.

The Human Race's Divine Ancestor took a good look at the people who were surrounding him. Seeing so many Taiyi Yuan Venerates around him made him feel a little joyful deep down, but at the same time, it also made him feel a sense of loss.

He had unknowingly lost his status!

He was no longer able to rule over the Human Ruler like before. Now, he was just another individual standing in the crowd. "My fellow martialists, we have the same cultivation base now. Please call me Yuanrui instead," he replied with a faint smile on his face.

"I am not sure why the Human Ruler instructed us to gather here either."

The humble att.i.tude of the Human Race's Divine Ancestor won over the hearts of many people around him. Those who had become Taiyi Yuan Venerates were mostly returnees.

These returnees were lofty and highly-accomplished individuals in their individual eras. It was fine that they had been respectful to the Human Race's Divine Ancestor in the past, as they used to have a lower cultivation base.

However, given that they had the same cultivation base as the Human Race's Divine Ancestor now, they no longer needed to continue being as respectful as they used to.

Still, the sincere request of the Human Race's Divine Ancestor, who wanted them to address him by his name, made them change their minds once again.

"Since you have requested this, I shall go ahead and do it. I am currently refining a valuable treasure of mine that is on the verge of success. If not for the instructions given out by the Human Ruler, I would have finished tempering it before coming over," the Taiyi Yuan Venerate who was standing nearby replied.

Yuan Zi remained calm and undisturbed during this intense discussion between the crowd. While his cultivation still had not broken through to the Taiyi Yuan Venerate, the aura emanating from him was way stronger than that of a full-fledged Taiyi Yuan Venerate.

While he too was curious about the reason they had gathered, he continued to sit in a lotus position with an outwardly calm expression.

He decided that he would know eventually when Luo Yunyang came around.

Luo Yunyang walked into the hall accompanied by the Left Hall Master and other subordinates. Everybody stood up respectfully as they entered even though the hall was filled with Taiyi Yuan Venerates.

That was not only because Luo Yunyang was stronger than them, but also because they were grateful to him for his teachings.

Without him, who knew how long it might have taken them to attain the Taiyi Yuan Venerate level. Or rather, it could even be said that a large number of the people present would never have attained such a level.

"Our respects to you, Human Ruler!"

"Please dispense with the formalities. I have asked everyone to gather here because I would like to ask a favor." Luo Yunyang addressed everyone in the hall.

"We will do everything within our means to accommodate any requests the Human Ruler might have."

When one person took the lead, more than a hundred people nodded in agreement.

While the Human Race's Divine Ancestor was seated in the number one seat in this great hall, he felt that it would be almost impossible for him to move against Luo Yunyang under the circ.u.mstances.

"I would like to refine some treasures and I want to enlist everyone's help," Luo Yunyang said as some images appeared.

Amongst the items Luo Yunyang was refining were flags and banners of various sizes. There were about a hundred items, but the item which stood out the most was a giant banner that stood at nearly 300 meters.

The giant banner was black in color and there were no inscriptions on it. However, seeing it made the Human Race's Divine Ancestor feel as though his mind was seized.

The Human Race's Divine Ancestor felt apprehensive about that giant banner. "What is this?" he asked in full seriousness.

Yuan Zi and the rest also felt that there was something peculiar about this banner but did not question Luo Yunyang further out of respect.

"The Sky-Breaking Banner!" Luo Yunyang said without holding anything back.

"This divine banner is used for the destruction of the Origin Intent!"

The destruction of the Origin Intent was almost the equivalent of the great calamity. Without the support of the Origin Intent, the sky laws in the world would just be thrown into complete chaos.

When that happened, the sky and land would crumble and the sun and stars would collapse.

Yuan Zi and the rest were unsure how to react to Luo Yunyang. Seeing him trying to bring about the great calamity even though the actual person responsible had not even acted was not what they had envisioned when they had gathered there.

"Human Ruler, you intend to destroy the Origin Intent? How is that even possible?" asked the Human Race's Divine Ancestor.

Even though he had decided to pledge his allegiance to Luo Yunyang, he could not just go about doing so blindly.

He had decided that he would support Luo Yunyang so long as the things being done did not go against his moral principles. However, he could not do so this time.

For example, his intention to destroy the Origin Intent was absolute nonsense from the perspective of the Human Race's Divine Ancestor.

That was, after all, the Origin Intent of the realm!

Luo Yunyang was not at all surprised by the reaction of the Human Race's Divine Ancestor. "Divine Ancestor, you have seen the situation regarding the Origin Intent. How long do you think it can last if we let it carry on like this?"

"It should not be a problem for at least the next 1,000 years." The Human Race's Divine Ancestor estimated after a slight pause.

"In the span of these 1,000 years, the Origin Intent will still have to revolve around the trajectory set for it by others," Luo Yunyang replied.

"When the great calamity looms over us, this Origin Intent might not only hinder us but it could even cause us quite a bit of trouble. By suggesting to destroy it, I am not talking about complete destruction. What I intend to do is remodel it."

"It is only through the destruction of the Origin Intent of the sky and land that I will be able to remodel a completely new Origin Intent."

Yuan Zi and the rest, who were each incredibly accomplished individuals in their respective eras, had also seen their fair share of valiance amongst their groups of friends and seniors. However, listening to Luo Yunyang's plan still left them in disbelief.

Destroying the Origin Intent and then remodeling it was almost comparable to a fantasy saga.

It was the first time they were hearing that the Origin Intent of the sky could be completely remodeled.

"Human Ruler, are you certain that this method will work?" the Human Race's Divine Ancestor asked.

Luo Yunyang knew what the Human Race's Divine Ancestor was hoping for. "I would like to believe so," he replied after a slight pause.

There was a pause before Yuan Zi and the rest began discussing the situation. At their cultivation levels, even if everyone present were to exchange opinions and comments, not a single sound would be made.

However, a din was caused by their intense exchange of opinions.

Luo Yunyang did not stop this from happening. He had expected what would be coming after he made the announcement.

The current situation was exactly what he had expected. Destroying the Origin Intent of the sky was not a trivial thing to speak of on a whim.

There was even a possibility that the sky and land would crumble along with the destruction of the Origin Intent.

This was akin to moving forward the great calamity they were trying so hard to stop. "I cannot guarantee a 100-percent success rate, but I do feel that it is worth a try," Luo Yunyang said, addressing the crowd once again.

"Otherwise, all we can do is slowly wait for the impending great calamity. Without the support of the Origin Intent of the sky and land, our chances of being defeated are also very high."

The Human Race's Divine Ancestor glanced at Luo Yunyang with uncertainty. He was the one who had the best knowledge regarding the Origin Intent, so only he knew best the current state it was in.

The Origin Intent of the sky and land would crumble. It was only a matter of time.

However, Luo Yunyang's actions were indeed very risky. There were over a hundred Taiyi Yuan Venerates in the Human Race and even more would be trained in the next 1,000 years.

It was hard to say, but even Luo Yunyang and Yuan Zi might break through and suddenly achieve overwhelming success.

That was the most reliable plan!

This was why he had made that decision after taking all these factors into account. "Human Ruler, I acknowledge that you have made an undeniable contribution to the Human Race and I truly respect you for that."

"I have even decided to obey your decisions ever since you shared your insight. However, I just cannot agree with you on this matter."

"While it would be extremely advantageous for us to remodel the Origin Intent of the realm, I think that carrying out this task will be extremely difficult."

"Who knows if the realm might crumble when we destroy the Origin Intent? The great calamity might instead happen sooner."

"This issue is just too risky. I believe that it would be best for us to slowly develop our capabilities and use them to our best advantage when the great calamity finally befalls us."

The words of the Human Race's Divine Ancestor strongly resonated with the other people present. "Human Ruler, destroying the Origin Intent is a big matter. Hence, I agree with the Divine Ancestor on this," the Da Qian Master said as he stood up.

The Da Qian Master had always been the most ardent supporter of Luo Yunyang. However, he too made his own decision this time.

The Da Qian Master felt that he had been extremely close to Luo Yunyang. The two men were not only close buddies, but Luo Yunyang was also his benefactor.

However, given the situation, the Da Qian Master still made the decision to oppose Luo Yunyang on the destruction of the Origin Intent, as this idea was simply too crazy.

Although the success of such a plan would bring about extremely great benefits for the Human Race, the failure of its execution would also bring about a great calamity.

That was why, just to be on the safe side, the Da Qian Master chose to support the Human Race's Divine Ancestor.

Luo Yunyang was not angry about the Da Qian Master's decision to support the Human Race's Divine Ancestor. His ability to attain the Taiyi Yuan Venerate had also been greatly influenced by his own capabilities, and Luo Yunyang felt that he should not impose his will on other people.

"The Taiyi Yuan Venerates of the Human Race have all gathered here. Why doesn't everyone express their views too so we can make a collective decision on whether to destroy the Origin Intent?" Luo Yunyang said after seeing the resolute response of the Da Qian Master and the Human Race's Divine Ancestor.

There was a look of disappointment on the face of the Human Race's Divine Ancestor when he realized that he had failed to convince Luo Yunyang. "Since the Human Ruler has asked for everyone's input, then maybe it would be good if everyone present shared their opinion regarding this matter as well," he said.

"If the majority is in favor of destroying the Origin Intent, then I will not object either."

Yuan Zi and the rest were lost deep in contemplation. Countless thoughts were running through their heads as they were thinking about the various options presented by Luo Yunyang earlier.

In their opinion, the cases presented by the Human Race's Divine Ancestor and Luo Yunyang had their own merits, except that each plan was extreme in its own right.

"I am in favor of Yuanrui's plan. There are over a hundred Taiyi Yuan Venerates amongst us, and this number is definitely going to grow even more in the next 1,000 years. Until then, we might just be a force to be reckoned with when the great calamity finally dawns on us."

"That is why I still believe it would be better to stay on the safe side." A Taiyi Yuan Venerate stood up and expressed his stance respectfully.

"This is, after all, the only chance we have."

Over ten more Taiyi Yuan Venerates stood up afterward, also expressing similar views against Luo Yunyang's plan.

Luo Yunyan continued to have a calm expression on his face as he quietly observed the reaction of the people around him.

Yuan Zi stood up right at that moment. "I support the Human Ruler because I trust him!"

Supreme Uprising 1195 Destroying The Origin Inten

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