Supreme Uprising 593 The Frozen Prison Yama

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The seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis had thrived for countless years. The Luo family had already become a big clan and the clan members gathered there were more than 1,000.

There was also a dangerous individual in the Blue Dragon Marquis's seat!

These people had been waiting for Luo Tianxiong to a.s.sume the position of the Marquis and evaluate them.

However, they had never imagined that someone would actually be causing trouble at the seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis. Therefore, they all looked over in the direction of the speaker.

In the direction, the voice came from was a man with a devilish face. As he walked forward, a vast sinister cold pervaded the entire ancestral hall.

Dozens of imperial guards of the Marquis Seat made weird noises, as if their teeth were colliding into one another.

A few elders who had reached the Man Celestial-Grade rapidly released the power in their bodies to prevent this icy power from entering their own bodies.

"Frozen Prison Yama Technique!" said an aged yet irascible voice.

Luo Yunyang glanced over at the speaker and saw a wizened old lady with a dragon-headed walking stick glaring icily at the newcomer.

Although this lady looked really aged, Luo Yunyang sensed a hidden power within her that would make anyone shudder.

"Ha ha ha! You old hag! Although you have a sh*tty personality, you still have great eyesight. Not bad, but unfortunately your time is up today," the man said as he glared at the old woman with eyes filled with intense hatred.

The old woman, who also seemed to recall something, said with a hint of bitterness, "I remember now. You are that vile sp.a.w.n, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d of that cheap s.l.u.t Yunya."

"Ha ha ha! So the demonic hag has recalled me. I, Luo Beishen, have returned again today!"

The name Luo Beishen made many elders frown. They all knew what sort of person Luo Beishen was. However, they had never imagined that a dead person would actually return.

"Old hag, aren't you adept at the Sun Concealing Overcast Sparrow technique? Come on, come on, let me see whether your Sun Concealing Overcast Sparrow technique can stop my Frozen Prison Yama Technique…" Luo Beishen said as he blasted out a wave of power from his palm.

As he made his move, the body of Luo Beishen, who looked like the devil incarnate, was entirely enveloped by a blue silhouette.

Suddenly, his body swelled up many times. An azure crown, an azure dragon robe, an azure sword…

In an instant, Luo Beishen had already become a real emperor. An emperor that wielded the life and death of the sky and earth.

"It is the Frozen Prison Yama's True Body!" someone shouted in fear. Many others turned to watch the old lady.

A black sparrow had appeared behind the old woman. The instant this sparrow appeared, a bleak devastating power was released by it towards that azure sword.


The two powers clashed, causing everything around to shudder. The old woman with the resentful gaze was sent flying back during that clash.

"Are you trying to take me on without condensing the Great Overcast Sparrow's True Body?" Luo Beishen scoffed. "Today, I shall take back everything that you owe me."

The ancestral hall of the Blue Dragon Marquis seat had been laid out with powerful array formations to protect the structure. Even so, cracks appeared on the floors made of violet-black jade.

Besides resentment, there was now also a hint of fear on the old woman's face. She glared at Luo Beishen. "You actually managed to condense the True Body of the Frozen Prison Yama. I never expected that you would become an Earth Celestial-Grade."

"However, our Blue Dragon Marquis seat is one of the Nine Great Guardian Marquis seats of the Tianyunshen Dynasty. Do you think His Majesty won't get angry?" the old woman said rather confidently, although this was in fact a form of disguised concession. Luo Beishan laughed heartily. He was here to take revenge.

"Old hag, you know quite a bit! Ha ha ha… What a pity!" He then turned to the young man by his side. "Eunuch Su, why don't you tell her who I am?"

"This is the Tianyunshen Dynasty's 15th in rank Earth Fiend Starlord. Now, he has been conferred the t.i.tle of the Blue Dragon Marquis by our emperor," said a middle-aged man. When his mouth was shut, he had been a fair, white ordinary man.

However, when he spoke, his words were laced with a sinister flavor that caused fear to sprout in people's hearts.

72 Earth Fiend Starlords represented the 72 strongest Earth Celestial-Grade powerhouses of the Tianyunshen Dynasty. Some time ago, Luo Yingtian had only ranked 39th amid the Earth Fiend Starlords.

This meant that even if Luo Yingtian was here, he also wouldn't be a match for Luo Beishen.

The elders who had initially been hostile now gazed at Luo Beishen in fear. Regardless of whether it was due to the cultivation of Luo Beishan or the power behind him, these people no longer felt that they were capable of resisting him.

Luo Tianxiong was a tall, robust middle-aged man. However, compared to his previously high-spirited manner, he was now shaking from top to toe.

Immense fear had gripped his entire body.

If Luo Beishen became the Blue Dragon Marquis, then he, who had nearly a.s.sumed the mantle of the Blue Dragon Marquis, would surely be eradicated.

Even if he offered to be a slave, he feared that Luo Beishen would still kill him all the same.

"As long as those of you who aren't too closely related to this old hag pledge your loyalty, I certainly won't make things too difficult for you," Luo Beishen said as he scanned the Luo family.

Suddenly, many martialists clad in armor converged from all directions. Their golden armor indicated that they were the most elite of the Tianyunshen Dynasty's imperial bodyguards.

"Those who share the same bloodline as that old hag will be completely exterminated!" As he said that, Luo Beishen extended his hand and grabbed at Luo Yunyang.

Although Luo Yunyang wasn't too conspicuous, Luo Yuanchu's information wasn't a huge secret to Luo Beishan, who definitely hadn't only seized control of the Blue Dragon Marquis seat that day.

Therefore, he chose to grab Luo Yunyang to make an example of him.

"Say, you might be looking for the wrong person," Luo Yunyang said nonchalantly as he eyed the azure palm that was coming at him.

As he spoke, a scarlet sun started to fill the air around his body. As that sun appeared, Luo Yunyang's body fused with the scarlet power.

A scarlet fist containing an inexhaustible blaze collided with Luo Beishan's palm.

Luo Beishan's sinister smile had rapidly frozen. The Frozen Prison Yama Technique around him started to dissipate when it clashed with Luo Yunyang's fist. In the end, there was just a trace remaining.

"My Frozen Prison Yama Technique shouldn't be any weaker than the Great Sun Ma.s.sacre Divine Art of the Blue Dragon Marquis seat. How can that be possible? How could it be defeated?"

Luo Beishan's snarl seemed frenzied. He had sacrificed a lot for the sake of getting revenge one day.

Today, everything was here. The dynasty's Divine Emperor had already conferred him the t.i.tle of the Blue Dragon Marquis. He had returned gloriously, so he could kill off that demonic b*tch that had caused him so much suffering.

The only reason he hadn't made his move right away was because killing that b*tch in one move would be too generous.

He had killed the son who had been the previous Blue Dragon Marquis. Afterward, he would continue murdering the bloodline to let this b*tch see her own family get killed in succession right before her eyes.

However, he had never expected a youngster who could be crushed to death like a mouse to actually possess an Earth Celestial-Grade cultivation base.

Furthermore, the Martial Path True Body condensed by that youngster had caused his own Frozen Yama True Body to melt away.

Although that should have been impossible, it had really happened.

Luo Yunyang didn't really care too much about the messy state of affairs of the Blue Dragon Marquis seat. To him, the seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis was just a springboard.

It was a springboard for him to understand this realm!

Luo Yunyang had only watched quietly as the two sides had fought. However, when Luo Beishan switched targets and turned to him, Luo Yunyang was forced to take a dive.

Although the rank of his Great Sun Ma.s.sacre Divine Art wasn't more profound than the Frozen Prison Yama Technique, his own degree of cultivation wasn't something that Luo Beishan could hope to compete against.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" As he was wrapped in his Martial Path True Body, Luo Yunyang blasted out a fist and surging blazes engulfed Luo Beishan. In an instant, Luo Beishan had already turned to ashes.

Luo Beishan's death left Eunuch Su and those who had come along with him dumbfounded. Eunuch Su stammered, "You… You killed the Blue Dragon Marquis appointed by His Majesty. You… you… are…"

Luo Yunyang didn't have too much respect for the Divine Emperor of the Tianyunshen Dynasty. Thus, he sneered while moving his palm and unleas.h.i.+ng a strike towards Eunuch Su.

Eunuch Su was also turned to ashes in the blink of an eye.

"Kill off all these people!" someone said loudly while pointing at the bodyguards in the golden armor in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace.

There wasn't really any need to say that, as some people had already started to attack those bodyguards. Now that things had already reached this stage, it was no time for any hesitation.

However, once the last golden bodyguard was slain, all eyes turned to Luo Yunyang.

Everyone knew very well what they were going to do at this gathering, yet the majority felt great fear as they gazed at Luo Yunyang.

Finally, all those gazes were turned towards the white-haired old lady. After all, she was the chief decision-maker in the entire Marquis Palace.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Supreme Uprising 593 The Frozen Prison Yama

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