Supreme Uprising Chapter 943 - Arrogance

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Chapter 943: Arrogance
Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The Long Family Patriarch felt at ease while hearing Luo Yunyang's razor-sharp words. Yes, he felt at ease.

Although all the things being said were directed at him, the Long Family Patriarch was cool with it. After all, the more arrogantly Luo Yunyang acted, the better it would be for him. He was more afraid of Luo Yunyang hiding ill intentions behind a friendly smile like a smooth, slimy loach.

"Brother Yunyang, I have lived somewhat longer than you, so I can explain to you some of the ways of the world."

The Long Family Patriarch was smiling wide just like a gentleman as he told Luo Yunyang in an indulgent manner, "It's better to squash enmity than keep it burning. My family had some enmity with you in the past because there's no concord without discord. The Long Family is willing to compensate you this time!"

As the Long Family Patriarch spoke, someone else interjected. "The Long Family Patriarch is right. It's really better to squash enmity rather than keep it alive. Both the Long Family and Young Brother Yunyang are elites of the Human Race."

"Ha ha… Now that our race finds itself at a critical juncture when impending war against the Mysterious Underworld Race looms, both Brother Yunyang and Brother Long should view the current circ.u.mstances with greater importance than whatever enmity there is between them."

"I think Brother Long should compensate Brother Luo a little more so we can all drop this matter. Am I right?" As this was said, a Yuan Venerate wearing long white robes strolled over casually.

He nodded at the Long Family Patriarch before smiling at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang had sensed the existence of three Yuan Venerates in the Longlin Great Cosmos. The person who had just spoken was one of them.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the speaker and hesitated for a bit. "How shall I address you, sir?"

"I'm Yinchu, Sect Master of the Sky Mark Sect," the speaker said proudly.

Even though he knew that his cultivation might not necessarily triumph over Luo Yunyang's, he was still a Yuan Venerate. Anyone who could become a Yuan Venerate naturally had their own pride.

Luo Yunyang nodded at Yuan Venerate Yinchu. "Yuan Venerate Yinchu, would you be able to accept it as a misunderstanding if I destroyed the Sky Mark Sect now and said that I am willing to compensate you for it?"

"If you can accept that, then how about we go about doing it right now?"

Yuan Venerate Yinchu's face stiffened at once. He had been entrusted by the Long Family Patriarch to act as a peacemaker this time around. He had imagined that it would be a simple matter if he used his t.i.tle. However, he had never expected that Luo Yunyang would actually not show him any respect whatsoever.

Moreover, this fellow's reaction didn't seem rational. He had made a menacing threat right off the bat.

He would destroy his sect and compensate him? Yuan Venerate Yinchu was no fool. How could he accept that?

However, he felt tongue-tied. He did not know how to reply after recalling what he had said previously.

The Long Family Patriarch, who could see the predicament Yuan Venerate Yinchu was in, couldn't help staring at his compatriot disdainfully.

It was rather stupid of him to be caught by a single sentence said by Luo Yunyang.

As he was thinking of how to reply, someone interrupted. "Luo Yunyang, stop grappling with your word sophistry!"

"Brother Long used to have a conflict with you because you hadn't made a reputation for yourself. Now, we are all Yuan Venerates. Why do you have to fuss over every little thing that happened back then and make yourself a laughing stock?"

These words, which were sharp and piercing, felt irrational.

If Luo Yunyang felt unhappy with what Yuan Venerate Yinchu had said, then he would be absolutely disgusted with whoever this other person was.

He glared at the Yuan Venerate who had stepped forward and said indifferently, "This is my feud with the Long Family. It's none of your business!"

The Yuan Venerate that had stepped forward was an old man in black robes. His thin lips made him look menacing, and he gave off a rather grim vibe.

Of course, anyone that could become a Yuan Venerate would be no fool. He definitely had his reasons for stepping out and supporting the Long Family Patriarch.

While he had heard of Luo Yunyang's accomplishments, he didn't think too highly of Luo Yunyang. At this point in time, he was actually looking down on Luo Yunyang arrogantly.

However, while he made it seem like he held a moral high ground to suppress Luo Yunyang's momentum, he had never expected to get such a reply from Luo Yunyang.

None of his business?

This person had been accustomed to being a lofty figure ever since becoming a Yuan Venerate. He could easily dominate a region with just words, and n.o.body would dare to question his decision regardless of whether it was right or wrong.

However, now that he had been entrusted by the Long Family Patriarch to act as a mediator between him and a junior, he unexpectedly felt like a fool. He felt as though he was going to explode in rage after hearing Luo Yunyang say this.

He knew that he would become a laughing stock if he did not come up with a proper response.

"Junior, that is too much!" Yuan Venerate Xuansu said icily, "Longlin Great Cosmos is not a place where a junior like you can act with such impudence."

"If it weren't for Hong Meng Sacred Hall, I definitely wouldn't let you leave Longlin Great Cosmos alive. However, I still have to teach you a lesson on behalf of the Three Hall Masters, even though they aren't here. You insolent brat!"

A turbulent surge of aura began to congregate behind Yuan Venerate Xuansu as he spoke. A Yuan Venerate could create nomological laws, and their level of nomological laws could distinguish them between Tais.h.i.+ Yuan Venerates, Taichu Yuan Venerates, and Taiyi Yuan Venerates.

Due to Yuan Venerate Xuansu's imposing aura, the atmosphere around Luo Yunyang and the others had begun to change rapidly.

Clearly, Yuan Venerate Xuansu was trying to strike first and gain the upper hand.

Unfortunately, Yuan Venerate Xuansu was only an initial-stage Tais.h.i.+ Yuan Venerate. Thus, his nomological laws weren't too effective against Luo Yunyang.

The Long Family Patriarch smirked when Yuan Venerate Xuansu made a move but he hurriedly pretended to intervene. "Yuan Venerate Xuansu, please stop for a moment. I have something to say."

Although Yuan Venerate Xuansu looked fierce and was about to make his move, he was actually complaining deep down. In his opinion, a mediator shouldn't take action because someone didn't agree with their opinion.

Even though he felt that he could suppress Luo Yunyang, he wouldn't be able to take Luo Yunyang down and he was unwilling to do anything that would result in him and Luo Yunyang becoming enemies.

Thus, he quickly took this way out when the Long Family Patriarch intervened. "I would not have stopped if it weren't for Brother Long."

He did not wait for a response from Luo Yunyang before he backed off quickly.

"Yunyang Shengzi, the Long Family really caused you significant losses in the Divine Union Void. In order to express how sorry we are, I am willing to compensate you with 10 Cosmoses and 100 Voids. What do you think?"

"Of course, if you think these places are too barren, my family still has plenty of resources in Longlin Great Cosmos. As long as you want to, I am willing to give you one-sixth of the territory that belongs to Longlin Great Cosmos."

The riches of Longlin Great Cosmos weren't something an ordinary void or universe could compare with. It was really generous of the Long Family Patriarch to give out one-sixth of this territory in one shot.

Luo Yunyang, who felt a newfound level of respect for the Long Family Patriarch after seeing these concessions, was smiling. As the saying goes, great men know when to yield. The Long Family Patriarch was indeed impressive. After all, he could act in any way he wanted to.

He clearly knew that the Long Family's enmity with Luo Yunyang was already difficult to mediate, yet he had still offered generous terms. What could be his motive? Did he want to occupy the so-called moral high ground?

This made Luo Yunyang more aware that the Long Family Patriarch was brewing something absolutely tremendous. If Luo Yunyang hadn't gained what he had gotten in the Dual Realm Sky and become confident, he might have temporarily chosen to accept the truce offer before getting even with the Long Family at a later time.

Several ideas went through Luo Yunyang's mind. "Your conditions sound great, but why didn't you give me a chance to live back when your family came after me and forced me to my wit's end?"

"Did I offend the Long Family? More than half of the Human Tribe of the Divine Union was wiped out because of the arrival of your family. Did they offend the Long Family?"

"Now, you actually offered to compensate me because I came here? If compensation was effective, then there wouldn't be any need for justice in the world, right?"

Luo Yunyang's killing intent intensified toward the end of his words, and he glared icily at the Long Family Patriarch. "Today, I want your family to pay the price for what happened that day."

Although the Long Family Patriarch grimaced, he was actually delighted deep down.

"Brother Yunyang, this is all a misunderstanding. I will punish the children who caused trouble in the past. Young Brother, why do you have to be adamant about such a small matter?"

The Long Family Patriarch feigned innocence and gestured with his hand. However, Luo Yunyang could sense that he was pleased.

Luo Yunyang was aware of the intent behind this act. However, he had come up with his own idea, so he cooperated and partic.i.p.ated in this act.

Aren't you going to continue pretending? I'll render your act completely ineffective. All your schemes and tricks will be nothing in the face of absolute power.

"I couldn't handle your move back then. Today, you shall deal with mine first!" Luo Yunyang's Sacred Image appeared behind him as he spoke. When the Sky Feather Sword in his hand was swung, the longsword in the hands of the three-faced Sacred Image did the same.

12th Sword—Obliteration!

Luo Yunyang did not harbor too much hope about his move, but he had a feeling that the Long Family Patriarch would give him a surprise.

A pleasant surprise.

"Brother Yunyang, why are you doing this?" The Long Family Patriarch retreated when he saw Luo Yunyang wielding his sword.

However, as he was retreating, the Long Family's ancestral home was exposed to Luo Yunyang's sword and a wave of killing intent pa.s.sed over the family's ancestral home in an instant!

Supreme Uprising Chapter 943 - Arrogance

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