Supreme Uprising 969 Challenging The Sixth Mysterious Demon

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Nalanfeng wanted to establish his might in battle and thus dragged all the big shots of Rose Sky City to watch him crush his opponents with force.

Four first-level Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerates plus Nalanfeng could be considered a force to be reckoned with. Luo Yunyang's clone embodiment, Nalanye, was simply just a tiny hill compared to them.

Naturally, all the powerhouses in Rose Sky City just treated this as a spectacle meant for their viewing pleasure.

In their eyes, the protagonist was naturally Nalanfeng.

However, just as they were secretly ridiculing Second Young Master for overestimating his capabilities, six rings of light appeared behind Nalanye's body.

What did six rings of light mean? Practically everyone in the Mysterious Underworld Race knew. Therefore, when those six rings of light appeared behind Nalanye, practically everyone was dumbfounded.

One ring represented one level of Heavenly Venerate. This meant that Nalanye was currently a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate.

How could that be? Even the deceased old master duke had been just a fourth-level Heavenly Venerate. How could the Second Young Master, who had never liked cultivating, be a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate?

This was simply impossible!

While many people thought this way, Nanlanfeng found it even more difficult to believe what he was seeing.

How was this possible? How had this younger brother, who he simply regarded as a piece of trash, become a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate?

"You can't be a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate, Nalanye. Don't think that I do not know what sort of person you are. I don't know what kind of illusion you are using, but let me tell you that these sort of tricks are of no use! Resorting to tricks at such a time is simply disgraceful."

Nalanfeng was still a little apprehensive after saying all this. However, as he spoke, he started to believe his own judgment.

Although Nalanye had been born later than him and had a better natural apt.i.tude, his brother was too lazy.

How could he have become a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate?

It was an illusion. This was definitely a high-level illusion technique he had learned. This was simply a ploy to scare everyone. How extremely vile of him!

As Nalanfeng felt certain of his judgment, he saw Nalanye glare at him disdainfully while he said, "You are ignorant!"

Then, Nalanfeng saw Nalanye putting his palms together. At that moment, Nalanfeng felt as though Nalanye was a G.o.d in the nine heavens.

Nalanfeng had a bad feeling when this emotion emerged. However, before he could even react, he felt his entire body get sealed up in a small s.p.a.ce that seemed vast.

One Thought One Realm! One Thought One Realm was a technique that only fifth-level Heavenly Venerates could control.

Nalanfeng frantically brandished his fists when he found himself caught in this predicament. Although he knew that waving his fist around wouldn't be of much use, he still couldn't help but unleash his strongest technique.

Furious Gale Art!

All of his power gathered for a moment. This attack was Nalanfeng's strongest technique. It had even killed off an opponent at a similar level with Nalanfeng in the past.

Now, Nalanfeng wanted to use this attack to break the sealed void around him.

However, this mighty surging fist vanished completely as it struck the vast world he was in.

It hadn't even caused a ripple. This outcome made Nalanfeng instantly aware that the reason this was happening was because the gulf between him and Nalanye was too huge!

The other four marquises encountered a similar problem. When their attacks proved fruitless, they all shouted in Nalanye's direction. "We are paying our respects to Duke Nalanye!"

The various powerhouses of Rose Sky City, who were watching from atop the city walls, also greeted Nalanye. "We are paying our respects to Duke Nalanye."

Nalanfeng could still see the situation in Rose Sky City despite being in that vast world. His expression turned unsightly.

He knew that today was the day when he would lose all control over Rose Sky City and become a laughing stock to all these people.

That's right, he was a laughing stock!

What had been supposed to be an easy battle had actually gone south. He was reluctant and helpless, especially upon seeing the people that had already pledged their loyalty hurriedly acknowledge their allegiance to his younger brother.

He felt as if he was going to explode!

"Nalanye, don't be so happy. You won't be able to hold the t.i.tle of Rose Duke for too long. The Sixth Mysterious Demon won't let you have that position."

"I am following the Sixth Mysterious Demon. Although I am the Rose Duke, I am only representing the Sixth Mysterious Demon by overseeing the Rose Domain."

"Nothing… Nothing good will come out of your actions. The Sixth Mysterious Demon won't take this lying down!"

The four marquises, who were prostrating, immediately flinched. Although they were afraid of Luo Yunyang's cultivation base, Nalanfeng's words. .h.i.t a nerve and made them feel hesitant again.

If things were truly the way Nalanfeng claimed and he was really a subordinate of the Sixth Mysterious Demon, then the Sixth Mysterious Demon definitely wouldn't take this lying down given his temperament. These marquises really didn't have the gall to face the Sixth Mysterious Demon.

There was a look of slight delight on Luo Yunyang's face when he heard Nalanfeng mention the Sixth Mysterious Demon. What he needed now was to progress rapidly. What he needed was to rise to a position that would allow him to come in contact with the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord within the Mysterious Underworld Race's domain.

"Sixth Mysterious Demon? Are you guys afraid of the Sixth Mysterious Demon?" Luo Yunyang glanced at the hesitant Rose Sky City Mysterious Underworld powerhouses and said, "Since the Sixth Mysterious Demon wants to meddle with Rose Sky City, I shall now challenge him!"

"Men! In 10 days, I will challenge the Sixth Mysterious Demon in Rose Sky City!" Luo Yunyang shouted.

Nalanfeng was simply flabbergasted when he heard this. He felt that his ears were surely mishearing things. His younger brother Nalanye had surely gone crazy!

He wanted to challenge the Sixth Mysterious Demon! He actually had the guts to challenge the Sixth Mysterious Demon. The Sixth Mysterious Demon was a Heavenly Venerate that had congealed a sacred image.

Furthermore, he wasn't an ordinary seventh-level Heavenly Venerate. He was a well-known figure amongst seventh-level Heavenly Venerates and a supreme genius in the entire Mysterious Underworld Race.

Even Lanhui and Luo Yunyang's other subordinates didn't dare believe their ears. However, upon seeing how seriously Luo Yunyang acted, they all knew that they wouldn't be able to change his decision.

"Are you all worried that the Sixth Mysterious Demon will come for payback? Then I shall give you a chance. You can choose not to pledge your loyalty to me and make your decision in 10 days."

Nalanfeng and all the other Rose Sky City powerhouses thought that Luo Yunyang's magnanimity was simply unbelievable. However, every single bit of it was real.

In no time, many people's hearts were filled with hesitance.

Even so, most people still chose to make their decision after 10 days. Even Nalanfeng howled, "Nalanye, even though I think that your decision is extremely naive, I shall be fully devoted to you for the rest of my life if you really defeat the Sixth Mysterious Demon."

Luo Yunyang grinned at the ignorant Nalanfeng. He no longer cared about his elder brother.

News of the newly-appointed Rose Duke's challenge against the Sixth Mysterious Demon spread like wildfire throughout the Great Cosmos Nalanye was in.

Many people believed that Nalanye was overestimating himself when they heard this news. Some people even said that Nalanye was deliberately stirring things up to boost his reputation.

When the Sixth Mysterious Demon heard about this challenge, all he did was grin and say nonchalantly. "If every random person challenged me and I accepted every challenge, then I would be beyond busy!"

The Sixth Mysterious Demon didn't hide the intent in his words. Therefore, these exact words were sent as a reply.

The Mysterious Underworld Race was a mighty race that could stifle the Human Race, so its domain had a similar virtual network to the humans, even though their technology was a little lacking.

However, the Mysterious Underworld Race called this virtual world the Endless Underworld.

In the Endless Underworld, Nalanye's challenge and the Sixth Mysterious Demon's disdainful reply instantly became hot topics. In no time, this issue became the second most discussed matter.

The matter that ranked first and had caught the most attention was the G.o.d Sky Conversion Technique. As the wonderful uses of the G.o.d Sky Conversion Technique developed and more and more people shared their experiences in the Endless Underworld, the G.o.d Sky Conversion Technique aroused the curiosity of even more people.

Although those with high cultivation bases turned up their noses disdainfully, the people with low cultivation bases and no high-level techniques started to treat this cultivation technique as a treasure.

More and more Mysterious Underworld martialists started to cultivate the G.o.d Sky Conversion Technique, and even Heavenly Venerate powerhouses started to cultivate it.

In no time, the G.o.d Sky Conversion Technique became popular everywhere and countless powerhouses started accepting it.

10 days pa.s.sed while the G.o.d Sky Conversion Technique spread rapidly. While many people were paying attention, a subordinate of the Sixth Mysterious Demon revealed the whereabouts of the Sixth Mysterious Demon.

He would be attending a gathering along with young powerhouses of the Mingyun Great Cosmos!

This meant that the Sixth Mysterious Demon simply didn't care about this challenge and paid no attention to the challenger.

Besides the reveal of the Sixth Mysterious Demon's movements, there was also an additional line. "A word of advice for the fellows that overestimate themselves. Don't a.s.sume you are so important!"

These words were filled with mockery.

As this message was released, the Sixth Mysterious Demon was leisurely sharing drinks with the young generation of elites in the Mingyun Great Cosmos.

This message lit the Endless Underworld abuzz!

Supreme Uprising 969 Challenging The Sixth Mysterious Demon

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