Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1131 - She Might Be Able to Go Back

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Chapter 1131: She Might Be Able to Go Back

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The world would end in three months. Why should anyone still spend time trying to get college offers?

‘Help me to make my brother believe that the apocalypse will happen in three months.’ That voice was heard in Lin Wenwen’s mind again.

While putting food into her mouth, Lin Wenwen asked that voice, ‘What on earth do you want? Are we in the same body? How am I supposed to go back?’

‘I don’t know how you came back with me, but I know how to send you back to seven years later. Before that, you need to help me with a few things. Do you like fish heads?’

Lin Wenwen, who was reaching her chopsticks toward the fish head, paused and said in her mind, ‘Don’t you like fish heads?’


Lin Wenwen had no choice but to move her chopsticks to the fish belly. ‘Fish heads are delicious! I can’t believe you don’t like them. It’s such a waste! Why do you need my help anyway? You brought me back here accidentally, didn’t you? Besides, isn’t this your body? I don’t need to be here, do I?’

‘Because I… Because I’m not in good condition now. If I took over the body, I might lose consciousness. So please, help me! I’ll recover when you do those few things. I’ll help you to go back to where you came from by then.’

While eating the fish, Lin Wenwen raised her eyes and glanced at the others. As no one was paying attention to her, she said to that voice with disbelief, ‘Can you really send me back? How? I might have nowhere to go after leaving your body. I might die.’

‘You won’t. Believe me! Don’t you want to go back? The original you already exists in this timeline, so you can’t go back into your own body.’

While Lin Wenwen was talking to the voice in her head, Dong Lijia finally noticed that she had been absent-minded the whole time. So, he abruptly said to her, “What about I buy you a pair of sneakers? You really can’t wear heels. Believe your brother, heels will hurt your bones. You can always wear some other shoes.”

Lin Wenwen raised her head and gave him a glance while blinking her eyes. An idea crossed her mind as she nodded and said, “Emm.”

Then, she said to the voice in her head, “Are you really Dong Xinxin? Why did you come back here?”

‘I am Dong Xinxin. I died seven years later. I jumped back in time using my power.’

Dong Xinxin was talking with a bland tone at first. However, when she said the last phrase, Lin Wenwen clearly sensed the hatred and anger contained in her words.

“Go on and eat then.” Seeing Lin Wenwen nod, Dong Lijia delightedly urged her to eat faster.

Lin Wenwen eat quickly while asking Dong Xinxin about her preference of food in her head. She also said to Dong Xinxin, ‘I guess you died of some special cause. Your hatred is overwhelming me. You haven’t told me how you’re going to send me back.’

‘My power is special,’ said Dong Xinxin, ‘I might be able to send you back to seven years later when I have recovered. You were accidentally brought back here by me. You didn’t die before that. Your body is in my s.p.a.ce.’

Lin Wenwen’s hands paused. With surprise, she had her eyes glowing. ‘Wait. Where did you find my body is? What is your power? s.p.a.ce power?’

Did Dong Xinxin have the same kind of power as she did? Was that why she was brought back to the past?

‘Not s.p.a.ce power,’ said Dong Xinxin, ‘It can be considered as a type of s.p.a.ce power, actually.’

Lin Wenwen was slightly confused. ‘Not s.p.a.ce power, but a type of it?’ she asked with curiosity.

Dong Xinxin wasn’t willing to say more. ‘I’ll explain it to you later… I’m losing it. Wait until I wake up…‘ her voice sounded weak.

Lin Wenwen was stunned to hear that.

Losing what? Wait until she woke up?

Earlier, she mentioned that she wasn’t in good condition, and she asked Lin Wenwen just now to wait until she woke up. Did she fall into unconsciousness? Did she fall asleep?

While Lin Wenwen was putting food into her mouth quickly, Deng Chenfei, who had been quiet and expressionless all the time, turned his eyes away from her. He was observing her; since earlier that afternoon, Xinxin had been making him feel strange. He didn’t know where the problem was.

He saw the food she picked. Everything was the same as usual. However, he somehow felt that her eyes often landed on the food that she never liked before. Why?

“Chenfei, eat! You are not eating anything. Do you have no appet.i.te?” Lin Yuehui put a chicken wing in Deng Chenfei’s bowl with the shared chopsticks and then said to him with a gentle smile. She, of course, knew that Deng Chenfei liked chicken wings. She had read his file and learned all his habits and hobbies.

Deng Chenfei glanced at the chicken wing in his bowl. He didn’t like people putting food in his bowl, but to be polite, he still nodded and thanked her before eating.

After dinner, Lin Wenwen headed straight to a shop store in the shopping mall. There, she picked a few pairs of sneakers or sports shoes and bought them.

“Wait a second! I need to go to the ladies’ room. Yuehui, are you coming with me?” Qin Jiao wanted to go to the ladies’ room, and asked Lin Yuehui if she wanted to go too. She didn’t ask Lin Wenwen. Clearly, she didn’t want Lin Wenwen to follow her.

Lin Yuehui gave her a glance and instantly received her eye signal. So, she nodded and said, “Okay. You guys keep shopping. We need to use the ladies’ room.”

Dong Lijia, who had shopping bags carried in both hands, nodded and then asked Lin Wenwen, “Do you need to go too?”

Lin Wenwen smiled and shook her head, “Not yet.”

Next, the three of them watched the two girls walk toward the ladies’ room. As the two girls disappeared around a corner, Lin Wenwen said, “Oh, I think I’m going.”

After saying that, she walked toward the ladies’ room too. Instead of going straight in, she leaned against the wall and folded her arms, listening to the conversation between the two girls.

“What’s wrong with Dong Xinxin today? She’s listening to her brother instead of us,” said Qin Jiao.

“Who cares? We just need to always tell her what kind of clothes are pretty and what kind are not. Over time, she will believe that we are right. Dong Lijia is a boy. How can he possibly know about girls’ tastes? Besides, he’s been so strict with Dong Xinxin, so she might start to dislike him someday. By then, she’ll certainly argue with him, and he’ll like her less and less,” said Lin Yuehui blandly.

While they were talking, the slight noises of shutting toilet lids could also be heard.

“Is this good? If we want Dong Lijia to like her less, why are we trying so hard to fawn on her?” Qin Jiao didn’t understand.

“Are you stupid? Apart from study, Dong Lijia has all his attention on her. When he gets tired of her, he might actually notice you! Don’t you know about the sister complex? Also, when Dong Lijia stops taking Dong Xinxin everywhere with him, Chenfei won’t have to always spend time with Dong Xinxin anymore either,” said Lin Yuehui grumpily.

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1131 - She Might Be Able to Go Back

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