Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 26: The Vanished Zombie

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Wu Chengyue and Xiao Yunlong looked back at her, their eyes reflecting the same thought.

Meng Yue now said with a sudden understanding, "No wonder my reaction to the seed is so weak. It turns out that we are separated by a s.p.a.ce. Fortunately, her level isn't high. If she was at a slightly higher level, I might not be able to have even this weak sensation."

Xiao Yunlong suddenly smiled at Wu Chengue and said, "See, you struck her away! Now, how do you propose we find her? Her s.p.a.ce should be mobile. When she comes out again, she might be in a different place."

Hearing him, Wu Chengyue's face darkened even further and turned a little sour. His mild expression was nowhere to be seen.

At that point, Meng Yue glared at Xiao Yunlong and said angrily, "Why are you so happy? Aren't you worried about Ling Ling? What if that zombie has been keeping Ling Ling as a food supply? Now that you two have rattled her cage, what will we do if she gets mad and eats Ling Ling once she enters her s.p.a.ce?"

Xiao Yunlong shrugged and said, "I didn't make a move! I wonder if you realized that this zombie is a little different from other high-level zombies."

Wu Chengyue didn't respond, only looking at him.

Meng Yue asked with surprise, "What's different about her?"

Xiao Yunlong said, "High-level zombies have intelligence. Their behaviors are almost the same as the behaviors of human beings because they have learned it by mimicking human beings. But just now, I observed that zombie and noted that she didn't have the hostility that the other zombies all have. Besides, some of her human-like actions were very natural, nothing like an imitation."

No hostility... This meant that the zombie hadn't killed or eaten human beings. However, as a zombie, how could she possibly not eat or kill human beings, particularly as a high-level zombie.

She didn't eat human beings, which meant she wouldn't eat Wu Yueling.

Once he said this, the other two fell silent.

Wu Chengyue gazed at the spot where Lin Qiao had disappeared and replayed the encounter in his head. He now realized that he truly hadn't sensed any hostility from that female zombie earlier on.

Was that a zombie which wouldn't kill human beings?

"How come? What kind of zombie doesn't kill human beings? Human beings are their food source, and once zombies see human beings, they will instinctively pounce upon and eat them. It's some kind of b.e.s.t.i.a.l, instinctive appet.i.te, and it can never change." Meng Yue said in disbelief,

Even though she said this, she showed doubt in her eyes as she had detected no fierce hostility from the female zombie's vibe either. She had a nature-based power, so she was many times more sensitive to vibes than the two men beside her.

However, she still couldn't believe that.

Xiao Yunlong again suggested, "Perhaps, that female zombie was helping Ling Ling in finding her parents. She may not know that it's you who she has been looking for. But, as she has suffered a strike from you, I think that even if she finds out your ident.i.ty as Ling Ling's father someday, she may not want to give her back to you anymore."

Hearing him, Wu Chengyue instantly felt embarra.s.sed for some reason.

Even though he knew that what Xiao Yunlong said could never happen to a zombie that had lost its humanity, he subconsciously preferred to believe that this was a miracle. Perhaps, his daughter was still alive and well in that zombie's s.p.a.ce.

"Besides, didn't you notice that she had no intention of attacking? I was going to play with her, but she was struck by you and got scared away." Xiao Yunlong continued while sighing regretfully.

Looking at Wu Chengyue's constantly darkening face, Meng Yue couldn't help but say to Xiao Yunlong, "Alright, you can quit talking. Now, in any case, we need to find that zombie before we can find Ling Ling."

Xiao Yunlong nodded and said, "It seems to be the only way. I'll send some people to carefully search the area for miles around."

Meng Yue nodded in agreement, "Let's do this for now. I'll go back and bring some people to encamp in this area. Perhaps, that zombie didn't actually leave. When she comes out, we'll be ready to stop her."

After having finished talking, the two of them jumped into action and left Wu Chengyue staying put.

On the other side, Lin Qiao flashed into her s.p.a.ce. Once inside, she fell to the ground along with a puffing noise, then lay on the ground without moving. The burnt smell on her body immediately spread in the s.p.a.ce, dissolving in the air.

Once she showed up in the s.p.a.ce, Wu Yueling sensed her presence and then saw her lying motionlessly in the clearing by the lake, with her whole body burned back.

Wu Yueling was shocked as she looked at Lin Qiao in confusion, wondering what had happened to this zombie.

She felt that Lin Qiao's look was a little familiar. This zombie here looked like those zombies which were vanquished by her dad's superpower. When her dad struck people with lightning, the ones who suffered the strikes would look just like this. 

However, because Wu Chengyue had never struck anyone into ashes in front of her, she didn't know that her dad was actually able to strike human beings or zombies straight into nothingness with just one bolt of lightning.

Wu Chengyue was afraid that it might traumatize his daughter, so he had never launched a fierce attack in front of her.

For some reason, Wu Yueling felt a little uneasy when she saw Lin Qiao in such a state. She was afraid that the latter would die like this. What would she do if the latter died?

She didn't know exactly what this place was, but she had been here for so long now. In this place, except for the gra.s.sland and a small lake, the rest was a vast expanse of whiteness, and she could see nothing clearly. She didn't know how to get out, and no one else existed in this place.

She had once tried to approach the edge of the white mist, but couldn't see anything clearly even while standing in front of it. So, she dared not to go any further in. For this reason, she had stayed by the lake and in the gra.s.s all this while.

The only creatures she had seen in this place were this zombie, who wouldn't hurt her, and that rabbit which had shown up earlier. The rabbit ran into the gra.s.s and disappeared after being released by the zombie earlier on. This zombie made a gra.s.s dragonfly for her to play with, and fetched some water for her to drink. When the zombie wasn't here, she had gone to the lakeside by herself to drink with the gra.s.s funnel that the zombie had left for her.

She was quite delighted when she saw the zombie return. However, on seeing the latter in this seemingly bad condition, her delight turned into concern.

Even though she didn't really understand the concept of worry yet, she didn't like seeing the zombie like this.

Seeing Lin Qiao show up but lying movelessly on the ground, Wu Yueling immediately ran over and peered at her from about three meters away. After looking at her for a while and noting that she still wasn't moving, Wu Yueling slowly put out a foot to take a step, and then another step.

She carefully inched her way closer to Lin Qiao, circling up to a step away from her and then stopping again.

Although this zombie had been acting harmless to her, she was still afraid that this zombie would suddenly leap up and run her down.

She paused by Lin Qiao's side for a while. When she saw this zombie simply keep her eyes closed without making any reaction, she slowly squatted, intending to take a closer look at her face.

'What happened to her? Why doesn't she get up? How long will she sleep before she wakes up?'

The little Wu Yueling couldn't figure out why, and could only wait for Lin Qiao to wake up.

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 26: The Vanished Zombie

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