Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 351 - I Am Going to Make A Trouble

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Chapter 351: I Am Going to Make A Trouble

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“So that’s the woman who has been bringing troubles to you.” Suddenly, a hoa.r.s.e voice was heard.

Yuan Tianxing, Du Yuanxing, Lin Wenwen and Long Qingying all turned to the source of the voice and saw a woman standing there, wearing a hat and a pair of sungla.s.ses. None of them knew when she showed up.

Lin Qiao took off her sungla.s.ses, exposing her dark eyes and green pupils.

Seeing her, Lin Wenwen said happily, “Ah, Miss. Lu, you’re back!”

Lin Qiao smilingly nodded at her.

The smile on Yuan Tianxing’s face turned much more real than before as he said, “Great, we’ll be able to leave here soon then.”

However, Lin Qiao shook her head and said, “I’m afraid that we’ll have to stay here for a while.”

Her words made the others pause shortly, then look at her with confusion.

“Why?” asked Lin Wenwen.

“Because, a few people died tonight. A slight disorder will soon be stirred up in this base. It won’t take too long. I think some people will come to our doors tomorrow at dawn.”

Lin Wenwen and the others glanced at each other with surprise. Unlike them, Yuan Tianxing blinked and asked, “You seem to know who died.”

Lin Qiao gave a faint smile and said, “Of course! A Deputy Chief, a Chief’s little sister, and a researcher who had been studying the zombie virus. What do you think?” While speaking, she walked to the window and leaned against the frame while carefully looking outside.

Yuan Tianxing and the others all had their expressions changed slightly. After that, they stared at Lin Qiao with both shock and doubt.

“Why did they die? And… you shouldn’t show up now,” Lin Wenwen said with a frown.

Yuan Tianxing’s face darkened slightly. He hurriedly walked to the window and closed the curtain.

“Wenwen is right. You showing up now will only make Yang Chao suspect you. Also, why did those people suddenly die? Yang Chao’s family should have been protected firmly. Who in this base can be bold enough to hurt his sister?” said Yuan Tianxing.

“I did it. I surely have nothing to be afraid of,” said Lin Qiao blandly.

Lin Wenwen was quite delighted upon hearing about Yang Yan’s death. However, as Lin Qiao said that it was she who had killed those people, she gazed at her stunned just like the others.

She suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Du Yuanxing popped his eyes and yelled at Lin Qiao as if he was looking at a ghost, “Lady! You’re causing trouble!”

“I am causing trouble!” Lin Qiao gave an evil grin, then shrugged and said carelessly, “Relax! Soon enough, someone will seize this opportunity to give Yang Chao difficulties. He won’t have the time for us anymore.”

“Who?” The others asked in one voice.

“Who’s his enemy?” said Lin Qiao.

“Wu Chengyue!” The people answered again with one voice.

Lin Wenwen and Yuan Tianxing both thought quickly and immediately figured out Lin Qiao’s meaning.

“The dead researcher was on Chief Wu’s side, wasn’t he? Is that why you said he’ll use this opportunity to hurt Yang Chao?” Lin Wenwen slightly widened her eyes and asked.

Lin Qiao smiled and gave her a meaningful glance.

Yuan Tianxing nodded and said, “If I were Wu Chengyue, I certainly wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Perhaps, Chief Wu had been holding some other thing over Yang Chao, and we just don’t know it yet.”

Lin Qiao nodded and said, “He’s a base leader after all. Even if there isn’t an opportunity, he’ll create one.”

At that moment, Lin Wenwen looked at Lin Qiao and suddenly asked, “Just now, you mentioned about a woman bringing troubles. Were you talking about that woman who came here just now? Who does she bring troubles to?”

Lin Qiao pointed at Yuan Tianxing and said, “Him. Or, should I say that it’s his debt of love? Do you know that because he was close with that woman, Yang Chao got jealous and intended to murder him? Earlier on, Yang Chao hired a group of robbers to ambush him on his way out of the base. I wonder where did he find that level-seven robber. Doesn’t he worry that the robber might turn against him?”

Once she said that, the other three in the room all quietly gazed into Yuan Tianxing’s eyes.

“… What does that have to do with me? I’m innocent, alright?” Yuan Tianxing explained.

Suddenly, he remembered something. “Ugh, I almost forgot about it. I have something for you,” he looked at Lin Qiao and said.

Lin Qiao curiously watched him walk out of this flat to the room across the hallway, then come back in a few minutes with a small box in his hand.

“This is for you, from Wu Chengyue,” Yuan Tianxing handed the box to her.

“From him? What is it?” asked Lin Qiao.

Yuan Tianxing put the box in her hand and said, “Cosmetic contacts? I think he said so.”

Lin Qiao looked at him with surprise and asked, “Why did he find these contacts for me?”

Yuan Tianxing spread his hands and said, “How am I supposed to know? You should ask him yourself.”

Lin Qiao opened the box bewilderedly and found that those cosmetic contacts were very well preserved.

On the other side, Yang Chao had started searching through the entire base after he buried Yang Yan.

“Yang Yan’s wounds seemed to have been caused by the teeth of wild beasts, and they were also seriously infected by the zombie virus. If her brain weren’t eaten, she would have become a zombie by now. Go and search the base. Not only has a zombie come in, even a zombie beast has made its way in.”

Yang Chao stood in his living room, wearing a cold and grim look. His vibe spread in the room and raised the air pressure, making the group of people who were standing in front of him slow their breaths down.

“Why are you all standing here? Go! Now! All of you!” As these people actually reacted slowly after receiving his order, Yang Chao immediately burst in shouts.

“Yes, sir!” Most of those people s.h.i.+vered while responding, then turned and prepared to leave.

“You two stay here, the others out.” Yang Chao suddenly pointed at two men and demanded them to stay, then said to them, “Go and gather all people who worked in the number one virus study group in the research inst.i.tute.”

“Yes, sir!”

Soon, when Yang Chao was left alone in his living room, Tang He walked out of a bedroom.

“Are those zombies from your research inst.i.tute?” he asked.

Yang Chao glanced at him and said, “The research inst.i.tute is the only place in this base where zombies existed. If a female zombie has shown up in the base, it must be from there. Besides, Liang Dashu has died, and his a.s.sistant has gone missing. The important files that he has might have been taken away. Moreover, that woman saw you. You better hide yourself, and don’t let Wu Chengyue find you. Or, we’ll both be in troubles.”

Tang He responded carelessly, “I’d hide well even if you didn’t say so. Earlier on, you mentioned that those files are about how to cure the viral infection. Is that real?”

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 351 - I Am Going to Make A Trouble

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