Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 440 - Check On Ling Ling Again

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Chapter 440: Check On Ling Ling Again

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Shen Yujen wasn’t alone in her room, as Chen Yuting was there as well. In fact, Lin Qiao was really curious about what they were doing in her room. Were they simply sitting there and chatting?

Invading others’ privacy was wrong, so Lin Qiao didn’t press her ears on the door.

Shen Yujen had become a zombie. She had the virus all over her body, so she would definitely not make any physical contact with Chen Yuting. He might not care, but she did.

Therefore, Lin Qiao guessed that they were just talking. Also, Shen Yujen would keep a distance from Chen Yuting.

‘Well, that’s a little weird ,’ thought Lin Qiao.

She waited for a short while, then heard some noises from the room. Shen Yujen opened the door, and then Chen Yuting walked out.

“I’m going downstairs,” he turned back and said to Shen Yujen, seeming reluctant to leave.

He was talking about going downstairs, but suddenly, he reached out a hand toward Shen Yujen’s face. Shen Yujen immediately flinched to dodge.

Seeing that, Chen Yuting sighed before turning and leaving.

Lin Qiao walked into the room. After Shen Yujen came back in and closed the door, she grabbed the latter and brought her into the s.p.a.ce. Shen Yujen took fright when she was abruptly brought into the s.p.a.ce. However, she relaxed as soon as she recognized the s.p.a.ce.

The two of them were standing before the entrance of the small building.

Lin Qiao said to her, “In fact, you can let him touch you. It’ll be okay as long as you don’t… eh, kiss, and have s.e.x.”

Hearing Lin Qiao’s straightforward words, Shen Yujen felt shy as she looked at Lin Qiao with embarra.s.sment.

Lin Qiao walked into the building and sat on a couch. Then, she waved at Shen Yuzhen and offered her another couch.

Shen Yujen walked in and saw Xie Dong sitting on a single couch.

“You see, Junjun is with her son every single day. She can hug and touch her son in any way she likes. You don’t need to worry. You won’t infect Chen Yuting.” Lin Qiao said to Shen Yujen.

Hearing her words, Xie Dong looked at Shen Yujen curiously.

Meanwhile, Shen Yujen looked at Lin Qiao and opened her mouth, but didn’t utter a sound.

Lin Qiao understood what she was worried about. “I’ll be fine, I promise. Trust me!” she said, “Alright, I suddenly brought you here because I have a job for you two. Tomorrow, you need to loosen the soil in that field. I prepare to plant some potatoes and pumpkins in that field.”

Hearing her words, both Xie Dong and Shen Yujen nodded. They were willing to do the job, as they had no other things to do. Only Lin Qiao would give them tasks, because they were under her command alone.

Lin Qiao continued, “I’ve checked… we can keep developing the area around that field. From now on, our work will mostly take place in that area. I guess we’re the only zombies in the world who farm, aren’t we?”

Xie Dong and Shen Yujen glanced at each other. It seemed that Lin Qiao was planning to turn all of the land around the mountain into farmlands, and more superpowered zombies into farmers.

Soon, Lin Qiao exited her s.p.a.ce again and sneaked to Wu Chengyue’s door, glancing at the two soldiers by the door who could not see her, then put her ear against the door to listen to the sounds in the room.

Next, she heard the voices of Wu Chengyue’s and Xiao Licheng. It seemed that they had just finished a conversation.

Not long after she pressed an ear on the door, she heard a series of footsteps coming toward the door. She hurriedly stepped back and leaned against the wall behind a soldier.

Then, she heard the door open, after which, Xiao Licheng walked out. When he turned to close the door, Lin Qiao quickly bent over and sneaked into the room.

She glanced at Wu Chengyue who was sitting on a couch with his legs crossed. He was leaning against the back of the couch with his arms crossed before his chest. His chiseled face wore a faint smile, and his eyes were blinking.

Lin Qiao gave an extra glance at his crossed legs with dislike. She always felt that the guys who liked to cross their legs were a little sissy.

She didn’t spend much time looking at Wu Chengyue, but turned and headed toward the bedroom.

There was a bulge on one side of the bed, and the other side of the bed was empty.

Lin Qiao walked to the bulge and squatted by the bedside, reaching out a hand to touch the blanket and feel the emotions of the tiny person underneath it.

‘Em, she seems to be happy. I think she loves the gra.s.s doll that I made for her.’

The faint brutality in her heart was gone.

Wu Yueling Lin Qiao touched the blanket, Wu Yueling paused for a second. She lifted a corner of the blanket as she thought it was her father standing by the bed and touching her. However, she found no one near the bedside.


She looked around with curiosity, but still, no one!

She sat up with tousled hair and looked at the couch area to see that her father was sitting there in a daze.

Then, she was puzzled.

‘Eh? Daddy is out there. Who just touched me then?’

She started to look around over and over again with deep confusion, not even missing the ceiling and s.p.a.ce under the bed.

‘No one?’

Wu Yueling sat back on the bed, her face filled with curiosity.

At that moment, Lin Qiao rubbed her head with a smile, then took the gra.s.s doll out of the blanket. She then made the doll stand in a place that Wu Chengyue could not see.

Wu Yueling paused when the other touched her. Next, she popped her eyes and stared at the gra.s.s doll which stood up on the bed. Suddenly, she figured out something, and then she was pleasantly surprised.

‘Whoa! It’s Zombie Mom!’

She hurriedly raised her little hands to grab the invisible hand on her head.

Lin Qiao heard her calling her Zombie Mom in her mind, and was dumbfounded.

‘Hold on… hold on… What do you mean by Zombie Mom!’

Unexpectedly, Wu Yueling heard her thought through her hand. Hearing Lin Qiao’s voice, Wu Yueling confirmed that the mysterious being was her Zombie Mom indeed.

She laughed and happily called Lin Qiao in her mind— ‘Mama, Mama, Mama…’

Lin Qiao couldn’t stand it. She hurriedly raised a hand and gently covered the little girl’s mouth. Meanwhile, she said in her mind, ‘Good girl, don’t call me that. I’m not your mother…’

Once she said that, the happy Wu Yueling immediately turned upset. The kid paused for a moment, then suddenly curved her lips downward. Her eyes turned red, as if she was going to burst in cry.

‘I want Mama, I want Zombie Mama! I want Zombie Mama… I don’t want anyone else! I only want you…’ Wu Yueling cried silently.

This time, Lin Qiao paused in shock. She looked at the girl with both surprise and confusion, wondering what was happening.

‘Eh? Did the kid hear my thoughts? Why is she reacting so strongly?’

Next, Wu Yueling quickly nodded at Lin Qiao— ‘Yes, I can hear you! I want you to be my Mama… I want you…’

Lin Qiao was a little stunned.

Was the kid communicating with her mentally? She sounded like a healthy child! Wasn’t she autistic? Why did this never happen before?

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 440 - Check On Ling Ling Again

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