Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 473

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Published at 22nd of July 2019 11:45:08 AM Chapter 473: 473

Lin Qiao was waiting for Yang Jianhua to be suppressed by the power of her s.p.a.ce, so she could finish his life .

“Don't you know that the people who do lots of evils will suffer consequences? Today, you'll die here . You brought this to yourself,” She showed up on the other side of the mist and smiled at Yang Jianhua, her smile toned with coldness .

Yang Jianhua had attacked a few times, but never managed to hit Lin Qiao . He now clearly understood that she was a strong enemy .

“So what? After the apocalypse, the world follows the law of the jungle . The rule of nature wouldn't change even if mankind died . They couldn't survive, and they only had themselves to blame . ” He didn't care about what Lin Qiao said, but responded without thinking .

“But, no human should do what you've done . You saw yourself as an animal without humanity, so eventually, you'll be destroyed by real human beings,” said Lin Qiao blandly .

Yang Jianhua sneered, “Those useless people couldn't do anything . Their lives meant nothing but a waste of food . Why would I let them live?”

He had no idea why Lin Qiao brought him into her s.p.a.ce and how she was going to hurt him . Judging by her relaxed att.i.tude, she didn't seem to take him seriously . As a level-seven superpowered being, Yang Jianhua wasn't happy about her att.i.tude .

He believed that as a level-seven man, he was one of the truly powerful beings in the world, so he deserved to be respected . Therefore, Lin Qiao's careless att.i.tude made him feel annoyed, and her words sounded like a joke .

“Even if they weren't capable enough to survive, you didn't have the right to end their lives,” Lin Qiao looked at him and said . After that, she abruptly reached out a hand and waved at Yang Jianhua .

The slowly expanding dark mist suddenly gushed toward Yang Jianhua .

Yang Jianhua easily guessed that the mist contained some kind of power when he first saw it . Now, as Lin Qiao sent the mist to him, he hurriedly raised both hands and created an ice wall which wasn't very thick, to s.h.i.+eld himself from the mist .

The dark mist touched the ice wall and generated a series of sizzling noise like water touching fire . The side of the ice wall which had touched the mist immediately melted, as if corroded by strong acid .

Yang Jianhua guessed that Lin Qiao was the reinforcement of those surviving Hades Base people, because he had never seen her before . If she were from Hades Base too, he would know about her, as she was such a powerful being .

“Who the h.e.l.l are you?” He growled out loud while stepping backward . He didn't know where Lin Qiao came from, and guessed that she was from another base .

Lin Qiao slowly walked to Yang Jianhua who was drawing further and further away, then blinked her eyes abruptly .

“If I tell you that I'm Lin Qiao, would you believe me?” she said blandly . Meanwhile, she raised a hand and took back her black mist, because it was barely effective to Yang Jianhua's ice power .

Yang Jianhua made an obvious pause, then looked at Lin Qiao and laughed with a weird expression . ”Haha… What did you say? Are you kidding? Do you think I'm blind? Do you think I don't know what Lin Qiao looks like, or do you think you look really like her? Well, you're wearing those sungla.s.ses, so who knows how you look . But, that woman died three or four months ago . The world knows about it . If you are her, you should be a ghost . Are you a ghost? Haha…”

He couldn't stop laughing as if he just heard about something really hilarious .

“Haha… Eh, maybe you're really stupid, or maybe I'm in a dream . You're such an idiot! Who would pretend to be a dead person?”

Lin Qiao spent a moment looked at him quietly and hear him laughing, then said, “Why can't I be Lin Qiao? You betrayed me and the entire Hades Base . Why can't I come back and take revenge on you?”

She made it sound like real, but Yang Jianhua didn't believe a word she said .

“That's impossible! That woman detonated her energy nucleus and her body was blown up . How could she possibly survive? Stop joking around!” He finished laughing and said to Lin Qiao with scorn .

As he didn't believe her at all, Lin Qiao shrugged and sighed, “Alright, since you didn't buy it, I give up . You hated her because you loved her so much but couldn't have her, right? I heard that you used to follow her so closely that the other men didn't even have a chance to get close to her . However, she had no feelings toward you except for grat.i.tude . ”

“What? There's such a version of the story? Do you want to know the truth? Since you're so curious, I'll just tell you . ” Lin Qiao's words triggered something in Yang Jianhua's mind . At that moment, he was actually less worried about his current situation .

He said disdainfully, “That woman should thank me . As I saved her from a zombie city . But, as for what you just said? I loved her and couldn't have her? I didn't even know that kind of a rumor existed . Where did you hear it from? It's such a weird rumor!”

“That woman fell in love with me . She even pretended to be drunk to seduce me . I satisfied her once, as she was quite pretty . You have no idea how it felt to f**k a female Chief . ”

The look in Yang Jianhua's face turned creepy when he was speaking . He wore that disgusting smile which destroyed his pretty look, as he seemed to be recalling something that made him feel great .

Lin Qiao felt terribly disgusted as she responded in a cold voice, “That's impossible! How could she ever seduce someone like you? You drugged her, didn't you? Otherwise, she wouldn't be forced to that cliff to blow herself up, and neither would she let you live until present!”

Fell in love with him? Pretended to be drunk? Impossible! For their missions, she and her army friends had all taken alcohol tolerance training . Almost every single one of them was able to drink endlessly and never get drunk . How could she possibly get drunk?

Well, Duan Juan wasn't one of them . She couldn't touch alcohol, as she was allergic to it . What was even worse, she got drunk very easily . And once she was drunk, she'd suffer memory loss; in addition of that, her side of violence would be triggered as well .

She tended to attack people when she was drunk, and remember nothing when she was sober .

Yang Jianhua claimed that Lin Qiao the Chief pretended to be drunk and seduced him . However, Lin Qiao the zombie felt that was a lie .

She was quite far away from him, but still, she could tell that what was in his mind wasn't the same as what he said . He was clearly lying!

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 473

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