Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 662 - The Most Efficient Way

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Chapter 662: The Most Efficient Way

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The most efficient way was y using her blood. However, she hadn’t figured out the best dilution ratio of her blood. She felt that she had used an excessive amount of her blood just now.

That was her blood after all! She couldn’t waste it!

After naming the three zombies, Lin Qiao poured the remaining diluted blood into the bottle to store it.

As she collected all the gla.s.ses and brought them back to the house, she saw that Lu Tianyi had found a table for Jingyan and the other two zombies to sit around and eat!

They were having a meal! Their food was raw meat, but they were actually eating on a table like humans.

Seeing Lin Qiao come over, the three zombies instinctively dropped the meat in their hands and stood up, looking at her cravenly.

“Carry on,” Lin Qiao said with a faint smile, then placed the gla.s.ses in her hands on the table. After that, she picked up a gla.s.s and poured half a gla.s.s of diluted blood, then said to Xie Dong, “Come on and drink it.”

Xie Dong walked over and took over the gla.s.s. He knew that the blood was diluted. Maybe because it was diluted, or because he was at a relatively higher level, he didn’t have a strong fear toward the diluted blood, and only felt an inexplicable repulsion.

“Drink it and see if it’ll work,” Lin Qiao said to him.

Xie Dong endured that repulsion as he expressionlessly raised the cup and drank the diluted blood. After that, he heavily put the gla.s.s back onto the table, generating a loud bang.

Next, he knitted his brows and covered his throat with the other hand.

Seeing that the half gla.s.s of diluted blood was effective for Xie Dong, Lin Qiao started thinking about how she should distribute her blood to more zombies.

Her zombie army was growing larger and larger. In order to enable her zombie soldiers to feed on animals and divert their desire for human flesh, she needed to replace the virus inside them with her own virus.

Another benefit of that was she would be able to control them more easily.

She found that between her and all the zombies who were infected by her virus was a subordinative connection. That connection allowed her to control them more easily.

She could also sense those zombies more clearly.

Xie Dong bent over with pain. He realized that he was still near Lin Qiao and the table, so he endured the pain and made a few steps away, then finally fell to the ground.

“Em…” He clenched his teeth but didn’t roar out loud like the other zombies. However, judging by the bulged veins on his forehead, one could easily imagine how much pain he was suffering.

Maybe because he as at a higher level than the three zombies in the small s.p.a.ce or because he only drank half a gla.s.s of the diluted blood, it took a longer time for him to complete the transformation.

Half an hour later, he finally, slowly stopped twitching.

As Lin Qiao was observing his reaction, Pesticide abruptly stuck his head out from behind a corner of the house. He was getting curious again.

“Come here,” Lin Qiao waved at him.

“Eh…” Pesticide gave a start. Seeing Lin Qiao wave at him, he immediately had a bad feeling.

“Drink it,” Lin Qiao poured half a gla.s.s of diluted blood and handed it to him.

“Roar…” Pesticide was on alert. He looked at Xie Dong, then at the three zombies who were sitting around the table and eating meat. At last, he bowed under the strong pressure from Lin Qiao and moved toward her.

He reluctantly took over the gla.s.s of diluted blood from Lin Qiao’s hand. However, he didn’t hesitate, but closed his eyes and quickly poured the diluted blood into his throat.

As same as Xie Dong, he then fell right to the ground. But, he didn’t grit his teeth to keep himself from screaming out loud as Xie Dong did.

“O… Roarrrrrr…” His scream brought a headache to all the zombies on the scene. They felt as if someone had just hammered their heads violently. The dull pain even made them s.h.i.+ver.

“Eh…” Lin Qiao gave a start. Suffering the headache, she hurriedly raised an arm and suppressed the explosion of Pesticide’s power with the power of the s.p.a.ce.

She almost forgot that he was a spirit-powered zombie!

Xie Dong was struggling up from the ground. However, suffering the wave of spirit power, his legs went limp again, and he almost fell back to the ground.

Thankfully, Lin Qiao suppressed Pesticide’s erupting spirit power timely. The spirit power didn’t bring a strong effect to Lin Qiao and Lin Kui who were both at level-seven, and only gave them a slight headache. However, all the zombies at or under level-five felt as if they had taken a heavy bash on the heads.

At that time in Upper City District in Hangzhou, Qiu Lili, Yun Meng, and the others had raised their vigilance to the highest level, as if they were facing a powerful enemy. They summoned all their people back to the hotel and focused all forces to defend themselves.

“Do we have a chance to win?” Yuan Tianxing was wearing a sullen look, yet didn’t seem to be panicking.

“We might be facing at least ten level-six zombies and five level-seven ones. And this other one, we could not sense its level. However, we felt a great danger. If I’m right, that is the legendary level-eight zombie you human bases have been talking about.” Yun Meng said seriously with a frown.

“I never thought that they’d discover us! I thought we’d escape this!” Qiu Lili was with a big frown as well.

They sensed the danger not long ago. Back then, they thought that those powerful zombies would go straight to Sea City Base. But unexpectedly, they paused on the way and turned around, moving toward Upper City District.

By the time Qiu Lili and Yun Meng could react, there was already no chance to run. They were surrounded.

The zombies which were guarding the new base, serving as a fence wall under Lin Qiao’s command, had all changed sides. They moved closer to the base and surrounded the people in it.

Not even Qiu Lili and Yun Meng could command them.

Hearing Yun Meng’s words, Yuan Tianxing paused briefly, then had his face darkening.

Level-eight zombie! Qiu Lili and Yun Meng said so, and they must be right!

A level-eight zombie had never shown up during the past five years. And now, one had emerged, coming straight for the weakest human base.

Level-seven zombies were already extremely terrifying. And now, a level-eight one had shown up. No one had seen what a level-eight zombie could do. Were they going to witness a level-eight zombie’s power with their own eyes?

“Huaxia Base is over a thousand miles away from here. Can you make it?” Lin Feng stood beside Yuan Tianxing, Qiu Lili, and Yun Meng, looking worried.

“Lili can be there in less than five hours with her full speed,” Yun Meng glanced at Qiu Lili and said.

“No! If I leave, our defense will grow weaker. I promised Qiaoqiao that I’ll guard this place! You’d have a greater chance of losing if I leave!” Qiu Lili shook her head quickly.

“I know. So, we’ll send someone else,” Yuan Tianxing sighed.

Through discussion, they sent a wind-powered zombie. The zombie sneaked out of the new base and headed toward Huaxia Base at its full speed.

That zombie was only at level-four. However, compared with the other zombies, it was way faster.

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 662 - The Most Efficient Way

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