Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 68: A Zombie's Protection

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Lin Qiao could sense the female zombie's complicated thoughts, and had learned of her situation. It turned out that she was a newborn zombie. For a zombie who had completed her transformation only days ago, the flexibility of her body was already not bad. Another good thing was that her mind continued to be clear, even though her memories were lost.

Furthermore, she was trying to protect the human being upstairs. So, Lin Qiao thought that she could somehow save this female zombie from becoming a real monster. 

'You're protecting the human upstairs,' Lin Qiao looked at her and said affirmatively. 

'You can't eat him! He's my child!' 

Hearing Lin Qiao mention the human being on the second floor, the female zombie immediately become anxious again and roared at Lin Qiao. 

To her, Lin Qiao was a zombie that she could communicate with, but she didn't know if encountering her was a good thing or not. If the latter were a human being who wasn't a robber, she could stay silent and let her take the child. However, Lin Qiao was a higher level zombie; so even though the latter had shown no hostility, she didn't dare to be careless. 

As of now, the female zombie believed that Lin Qiao was here for the child as she had expected, and that zombies had only one reason to approach human beings. 

She stared at Lin Qiao nervously. At that point, she was actually no longer afraid of the latter, as she thought that the child might be eaten by her. The only thing she could think at the moment was how to keep the child away from her. 

Lin Qiao nodded while observing the female zombie. Her body was in good shape, and a powerful maternal love had been radiating from her, creating a magical vibe. The woman who had never given birth would never have such a vibe. 

'Relax, I don't eat human beings. But, your child is barely breathing…' Lin Qiao roared at the female zombie. 

She sensed that the child's breath was becoming faint. Wu Yueling was in the same condition back when she found her. 

Hearing Lin Qiao say that the child was barely breathing, the female zombie immediately showed a concerned look. However, she still couldn't let herself believe Lin Qiao, and kept staring at her alertly. 

Lin Qiao understood her concern. So, she thought for a moment and then gave the female zombie another roar. 
'I'll be back in a second,' she said. 

Next, she disappeared right in front of the female zombie. 

'Eh?' The female zombie was stunned. 

After entering her s.p.a.ce, Lin Qiao saw that Wu Yueling was sitting on the couch. She glanced at the girl but didn't say anything to her. Instead, she found a clean small bowl, walked to the lakeside to wash it, then fetched a bowlful of water and exited her s.p.a.ce. 

When the female zombie paused because of Lin Qiao's sudden disappearance, the zombie crowd downstairs began rus.h.i.+ng up again as the suppression given by Lin Qiao was gone. 

"Roar!" The female zombie immediately came back to her senses, and roared at those ordinary zombies. However, before her voice faded, Lin Qiao came out of thin air. 

Seeing Lin Qiao, the female zombie and those ordinary zombies were all stupefied. 
'Is this high-level zombie playing some kind of game with us?' The female zombie wondered.

Then, Lin Qiao showed the female zombie a piece of paper with words written on it— 'This is clean water. You can feed it to your child. If you want to save him, you had better let me see him. Otherwise, you can wait for him to die.' 

The look on the female zombie's face changed when she read that. 

She understood what was written on the paper, but didn't know if she should trust Lin Qiao. However, she knew that Lin Qiao was right about the fact that the child was barely breathing, and that if she didn't do something now, the child might die. 

Lin Qiao offered her a chance to save the child at this critical moment, and let her choose to believe it or not. She didn't rush her, holding that bowl of water while quietly looking at her and waiting calmly. 

The female zombie struggled for a short while, then chose to believe her. After all, she couldn't think of a better idea than that. She couldn't go out to find food and water for the child, or take him out. 

She took over the bowl from Lin Qiao's hands, then gave her a roar. 

'You can't get too close!' She said. 

After that, she worriedly walked upstairs. While walking, she kept turning back to look at Lin Qiao. 

Lin Qiao nodded to her. As she requested, Lin Qiao kept the distance of three or four meters between herself and the female zombie while following her up. 

She came here to save the child, so she surely couldn't stimulate the female zombie. 

The female zombie was relieved slightly when she saw that Lin Qiao had distanced herself from her. After getting on the second floor, she kept walking toward the end of the corridor. 

Lin Qiao followed behind her and saw that she stopped before the door at the end of the corridor. She raised a hand to open the door, and then walked in. 

Lin Qiao walked to the door, but didn't go in directly. Instead, she stayed by the door and waited while looking inside. She saw a living room and two bedroom doors. The female zombie had walked into one of the two bedrooms. 

She waited by the door for a while, and sensed the human scent from the bedroom which the female zombie walked inside. She didn't know how the female zombie fed the water to the child, but soon, the latter came out with an empty bowl. She stood by the bedroom door, staring straight at Lin Qiao. 

Lin Qiao glanced at the group of ordinary zombies which had been coming onto the second floor, then walked into the flat and locked the door. 

After that, she disappeared from the living room, leaving the female zombie standing there, dumbfounded. However, before the female zombie recovered from the shock, two figures showed up suddenly. 

Those were Lin Qiao and a little human girl standing by her side. The female zombie looked at them and widened her eyes, which looked a little scary. 

Wu Yueling felt a little uncomfortable after being brought out from the Lin Qiao's s.p.a.ce. Seeing the female zombie in front of her, she automatically hid behind Lin Qiao's legs. 

The female zombie couldn't have imagined that Lin Qiao was with a human being as well. She had the urge to rush up to bite Wu Yueling the moment she sensed her strange scent, but her judgment suppressed that urge. As Wu Yueling was just an unknown little girl to her, she didn't feel the strong resistance from her heart when she wanted to bite her.

"Em-hem," Lin Qiao coughed when she noticed the expression on the female zombie's face. 

Woken up by Lin Qiao's voice, the female zombie widely opened her eyes to look at her, then at Wu Yueling who was hiding behind her trustingly; with that, she felt confused again. 

'What is going on? Why is this zombie taking a human child with her? Is she her daughter? And the girl seems very dependent on her!' She wondered. 

Lin Qiao sensed all her thoughts, and felt speechless about the fact that the female zombie thought of her as the little one's mother. She wondered how the female zombie would regard her if she knew that Wu Yueling was abducted by her, and that the previous owner of her body had raped the girl's father…

She took out a pen then began writing on the paper— 'As you can see, I have a s.p.a.ce . This little girl has been in my s.p.a.ce all the time. You should put your child in my s.p.a.ce, then follow me. Who do you plan to give your child to? Is his daddy still alive?'

After reading her note, the female zombie's eyes dimmed as she shook her head. 

She couldn't answer Lin Qiao's questions. She didn't remember anyone. She didn't remember who she was, or who her family and friends were. Neither did she know who the child's father was. Therefore, she had no idea whom she should give the child to. She wanted to take the child with her, but she was worried that she might lose control and bite him.

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 68: A Zombie's Protection

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