Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 770 - The Secret

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Chapter 770: The Secret

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Chen Hao was sitting in the interrogation room silently. The interrogators were sitting there with him, also in silence.

Right at that moment, the door was opened abruptly. Chen Hao and the interrogators turned to the door and saw Cheng w.a.n.gxue come in with a frosty look on her face.

“Captain Cheng!” The interrogators stood up as they nodded and greeted Cheng w.a.n.gxue.

Cheng w.a.n.gxue was a level-five super strength possessor. Currently, a lot of work needed to be done for the base. She and Du Yuanxing were both in charge of the supplies stored in the base, and she was mainly responsible for food. The potatoes and pumpkins that Liu Jun s.h.i.+pped to the base from Mount Wu were all under her management.

Cheng w.a.n.gxue walked up to Chen Hao as she looked at him coldly and asked, “Do you know me?”

Chen Hao blinked as she came in. But soon, he put on a confused look and responded, “Who are you?”

Cheng w.a.n.gxue ignored his response, but made a step backward and then said to an interrogator, “Take off his s.h.i.+rt and let me see his left shoulder.”

“What is Captain Cheng doing?” Duan Juan asked the others who were also looking into the interrogation room with curiosity.

The interrogator was a young man, about twenty years old. Hearing Cheng w.a.n.gxue’s request, he nodded and quickly stepped forward to take off Chen Hao’s s.h.i.+rt.

Chen Hao had his expression changed when Cheng w.a.n.gxue demanded to take off his s.h.i.+rt. He resisted very hard, “What are you doing? Why do you want to take off my s.h.i.+rt? Are you gonna torture me?”

“Don’t move. Sit tight!” The interrogator shouted at him. Chen Hao was sitting there quietly the whole time until Cheng w.a.n.gxue asked to take off his s.h.i.+rt. Based on that fact, the interrogator figured that something was not right.

Chen Hao was chained on the chair and the chair was fixed on the ground. He was a level-three superpowered man, but his earth power wasn’t able to launch fierce attacks.

As the young interrogator attempted to rip off his s.h.i.+rt, he immediately moved his fingers and released his power.

Bang! Cheng w.a.n.gxue shattered the sharp earth thorn that grew out of the ground with a heavy kick, then looked at Cheng Hao and said to him coldly, “What are you afraid of if you don’t know me? Is there a secret on your back?”

As a fight seemed to start in the interrogation room, the people outside instantly rushed in.

“Move!” Du Yuanxing walked up behind Chen Hao and poked a finger on his back. Following a sizzling voice, an electric current went through his body.

“Ah…” Chen Hao screamed in pain and leaned forward onto the table as his entire body had gone limp.

At that moment, the interrogator quickly ripped off his s.h.i.+rt. A few faint scars were seen on his left shoulder.

Cheng w.a.n.gxue walked over and saw those scars. She trembled slightly, and her eyes showed a strong hatred and killing intent.

It was him. He hurt her before, and now he tried to hurt her daughter!

“It’s him! He’s the one who abducted me years ago!” Cheng w.a.n.gxue made a deep breath to calm herself down, then said through clenched teeth.

The others paused slightly with surprise, then smiled.

On the other side, Lin Qiao made some arrangements and then headed toward Sea City Base along with Duan Juan, her squad, Shen Yujen, Lin Kui, Lu Tianyi, Jingyan, and the other zombies who lived in her s.p.a.ce.

In Sea City Base, Wu Chengyue sat in his office as he asked Xiao Licheng, “Hasn’t she been staying out it all this while? Why did she suddenly decide to go? What is she going to do? To watch the show?”

Ealier on, Miss Lu, the leader of All Beings Base, cared nothing about the zombie emperor crisis, as it had nothing to do with her. But now, she suddenly changed her mind and decided to go to Huaxia Base at that point in time. Wu Chengyue didn’t understand why. She wasn’t going there just to watch the show, was she?

Xiao Licheng shook his head and said, “I’m not sure what Chief Lu is thinking. Maybe it’s because Mo Yan’s condition is getting more and more unstable. I don’t think she’s going there for Huaxia Base.”

Wu Chengyue thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “I agree. We don’t know what’s going on with Mo Yan right now. No one can get close to him at the moment, so there’s not much useful information about him. Based on the current situation of Huaxia Base, I’m afraid that the base is going to collapse in just one month.”

A superpowered person’s energy was always limited, and it required a long time for superpowered people to regain their consumed energies. Therefore, constantly releasing their powers was not a long-term plan when they were facing endless zombies.

Wu Chengyue sighed and said, “Since she is going, I should go with her to see what’s happening over there.”

Hearing that, Xiao Licheng eyed him with a weird look and couldn’t help but say, “Boss, you can’t always follow her everywhere. She’ll dislike you more and more. It’ll be the opposite of what you wish, do you know that?”

Since the New Year, Wu Chengyue had been visiting the All Beings Base frequently. The people in both his base and hers all knew that he was pursuing the Chief lady. For that reason, many Sea City Base people were very curious about the Chief lady.

However, his visits to the All Beings Base didn’t work so well. The Chief lady was avoiding him all the time. She only showed up during work, so he stationed in her office. She tried to ask him to leave, yet he refused to go. At last, he even brought his work from Sea City Base to her office.

Gradually, Xiao Licheng learned a little about Wu Chengyue’s hidden nature. He had been hiding that so well, but ever since he met the Chief lady, that part of him was shown step by step.

“Of course, I have to go and see her. What else am I supposed to do? Wait for her to come to see me? I am going after her now. I’m not the one who’s being pursued. There’s an old saying that a persistent man can win a fierce lady’s heart. As long as I keep doing this, she will accept me one day,” Wu Chengyue had no better solution. The zombie lady was too vigilant. He had been trying so hard for so long, yet he didn’t even have a chance.

Before, he often used Ling Ling as an excuse, and that would work. But now, she was immune to the little girl.

Apart from that, her belly was still flat even though she had been pregnant for a couple of months.

After all the time that he had spent with her, he learned that this new Lu Tianyu was immune to both soft and hard tactics. He wanted very much to force her to marry him. The baby would be a strong reason that was enough to support their marriage. That was his baby after all! He had his right and responsibility to her. It didn’t matter if she were a zombie or not. Whether the baby was a zombie or a human, he didn’t care.

However, he was worried that if he acted too agressively, she would become even more unreachable. After all, she was a Chief and not just an ordinary lady. Confronting the tough with toughness might not lead to a good result. A forced marriage couldn’t be happy. So, Wu Chengyue decided to let it happen naturally.

But of course, he needed to make efforts for that, and he needed to keep a close eye on her. Otherwise, some other man might steal her away. If that happened, he would probably end up crying.

Even thinking about his baby calling another man ‘Daddy’ made him feel sad.

“I’m forcing her anyway. With that one thing, I think I’m already doing great,” Wu Chengyue said with a confident smile.

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 770 - The Secret

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