Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: The Reunion of Father and Daughter

Translator: Law Editor: Hitesh_

Wu Chengyue couldn’t even describe the feelings he had at that moment. He was despised by a zombie which looked quite smart. Even though he couldn’t see the zombie roll her eyes, the disdainful look on her face was pretty obvious.

Soon, he too realized that the question he asked was a little silly, as both Meng Yue and the female zombie had rolled their eyes at him. The zombie was even able to write, so how could it possibly not understand what he had said? She wasn’t deaf after all!

Wu Chengyue couldn’t understand how this female zombie became like this. After all, except for her scary appearance and the fact that she couldn’t talk, she was exactly like a human being.

“Can you… let us see Ling Ling?” Meng Yue looked at Lin Qiao and asked suddenly; her tone was quite polite. She asked the question because she found that Wu Chengyue was already stunned by the zombie, even forgetting what he was here for.

Hearing Meng Yue, Wu Chengyue came back to his senses. He now realized that he was in a trance just now, because the zombie had shocked him so badly. On hearing Meng Yue mention Wu Yueling, he hurriedly fixed his eyes on Lin Qiao.

Lin Qiao nodded. However, she focused her eyes on Wu Chengyue after glancing at Meng Yue, without making any other move.

Wu Chengyue and Meng Yue immediately understood her meaning—’This man hasn’t apologized, so you can’t see the girl. I can let you see her, but you need to apologize first!’

Lin Qiao glared at Wu Chengyue with a grumpy look.

She was kindly sending the little one back to her father, but the girl’s father didn’t see her as a kind zombie. On the contrary, he struck her with lightning for no reason. Anyone would feel wronged under the same circ.u.mstances!

Wu Chengyue now recalled that last time when he attacked Lin Qiao without thinking. His attack didn’t kill the zombie, but it must have made her suffer. No wonder the zombie looked so angry now.

Imagining being attacked like that, he felt not good either!

As all sorts of thoughts emerged in his mind, Wu Chengyue realized that he should apologize indeed. After all, the zombie didn’t do anything during their first encounter, even though she was a zombie.

However, apologizing to a zombie sounded way too weird!

Wu Chengyue and his people believed that zombies should all be destroyed. In their eyes, zombies were like beasts, and were nothing like human beings. So, what was happening now was like he had accidentally hurt an animal, and then the animal came back to ask for an apology! Wasn’t that weird?

But, the problem was that he did do the wrong thing; and if he refused to apologize, the zombie wouldn’t let him see his daughter! So, how could he not apologize?

Meng Yue glanced at Wu Chengyue. Seeing the struggling look in his face, she couldn’t help but giggle and say, “Just apologize! You did attack her, didn’t you? Perhaps, she was going to send Ling Ling back to you that day, yet you attacked her and made her run!”

While finis.h.i.+ng her words, Meng Yue couldn’t help but glance at Lin Qiao. Then, she saw the zombie nod.

Meng Yue was stunned.

‘No way! I was just saying! Did she really try to send Ling Ling back that day?’ She wondered.

Lin Qiao crossed her arms before her chest, quietly looking at Wu Chengyue.

Being stared by her, Wu Chengyue somehow felt a sense of guilt. He coughed, then looked at Lin Qiao and said, “Eh-hem… Um… I’m sorry! That day I… made a mistake! So, I’m really sorry.”

While speaking, he looked at Lin Qiao sincerely and apologetically. He thought that the female zombie wouldn’t forgive him so soon even if he said that. He felt that sometimes women could really be narrow-minded.

However, to his surprise, the female zombie nodded once he finished talking.

‘This… Just like that?’ He turned to look at Meng Yue to confirm with her, who smilingly nodded at him.

Then, Wu Chengyue turned his head to look at Ling Qiao. He saw the zombie had thrown a glance at him and then disappeared without a trace. ‘That’s more like it,’ said the zombie with her eyes before disappearing.

He didn’t know why he was able to read the meaning in the zombie’s eyes. The zombie’s expressions were way too human-like, and he found that a little unacceptable!

In a few seconds, two figures came out of thin air, showing up where Lin Qiao had disappeared just now.

“Ling Ling!” Both Wu Chengyue and Meng Yue shouted out loud at the sight of the little girl by Lin Qiao’s side.

Wu Chengyue gave a closer look at his daughter, finding that she looked quite energetic, and her face was clean. She was still wearing the same clothes that she wore when she went missing, but those clothes weren’t dirty.

Seeing that his daughter had been taken good care of, he finally stopped worrying.

Wu Yueling was a little confused when Lin Qiao brought her out, but she remained expressionless as always. However, when she turned her head to see Wu Chengyue, her eyes glowed and then turned slightly red.


Wu Chengyue’s heart softened when he saw the familiar look in his daughter’s widely opened eyes. He couldn’t help but make two steps forward, but stopped right after that and glanced at Lin Qiao with hesitation.

At that moment, Lin Qiao was quietly watching the reunion of the father and the daughter, her arms crossed before her chest. She made no move when Wu Chengyue suddenly looked at her.

Unexpectedly, Wu Yueling made some reaction when she saw that her dad was looking at the zombie. She ran up to Lin Qiao, then shook her head toward Wu Chengyue.

She didn’t say anything, but Wu Chengyue and Meng Yue both understood her meaning: she was afraid that he might attack Lin Qiao. She knew that Lin Qiao was a zombie, and she often saw him attack zombies.

She was young and introverted, and never liked to talk; but, she was also very sensitive and smart.

Standing behind Wu Yueling, Lin Qiao sensed that the kid wanted to protect her. She looked at girl’s little body, feeling her metaphorical heart warm up.

She reached out a hand and gently rubbed Wu Yueling’s head, then pushed her toward Wu Chengyue.

Wu Yueling turned back to look at Lin Qiao. Clearly, she knew what the zombie meant. She held the little gray rabbit and glanced at the latter again, then turned back to walk toward Wu Chengyue.

However, after making two steps, she suddenly stopped and again turned back toward Lin Qiao.

“Ling Ling, come to Daddy,” Wu Chegyue squatted to look at Wu Yueling in the eyes while gently waving at her.

Hearing her dad calling her, Wu Yueling immediately walked toward him. However, when she was halfway toward her dad, the little rabbit suddenly leaped out of her arms to the ground.

Wu Yueling was startled, thinking that her rabbit friend was running away. However, when she turned to look at it, she found that the rabbit had run back to Lin Qiao.

She paused briefly, then turned back to chase the rabbit.

“Ling Ling! Come here!” Seeing that Wu Yueling seemed to run back to the female zombie, Meng Yue shouted out.

At that moment, Wu Chengyue moved swiftly. He showed up beside Wu Yueling within a blink, then scooped her up.

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 78

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