Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 883 - She Grew Bigger

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Chapter 883: She Grew Bigger

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Those people wanted her base, yet throwing them out wouldn’t be too nice. But of course, Lin Qiao and her people couldn’t kill them directly.

In that case, they decided to let those people get themselves killed.

After Yun Meng, Qiu Lili, and the other zombies had left, Duan Juan, Xie Dong and Shen Yujen came to her office.

“Those people have been having their eyes on the farm. I guess they’ll use the zombie crowd against us,” said Shen Yujen.

“The farm is over ten miles away from the base. It’s outside the safe zone of the base. Just ignore them. If they don’t want to stay, they can always leave. But, don’t let them see what’s inside the farm,” said Lin Qiao blandly.

Those people didn’t make her worry. They were clearly getting themselves killed. Was she a pushover?

Seducing her? What kind of idea was that? Was she that kind of woman who could easily fall in love?

Lin Qiao felt disgusted thinking about that.

As Lin Qiao didn’t seem to pay much attention to those people, Shen Yujen continued, “They couldn’t find you, so they planned on getting the information about you from Duan Juan, Wenwen, Liu Jun, and me. The people they sent to us weren’t from their side. They bought out some of the people in our base.”

“I think they’re gonna make a move on Duan Juan recently,” Xie Dong, who had stayed silent the whole time, abruptly joined the conversation, “Tonight, they might sneak into your room,” he reminded Duan Juan.

Duan Juan wore a fierce look in her eyes. She nodded, then asked Lin Qiao, “Are we fighting back?”

Lin Qiao looked at Xie Dong and asked, “Who’re they? Are they strong?”

“Only one of them had level-six earth power, while the others are all at level-five. To get Duan Juan, I think the level-six man is gonna do it himself. Two level-five men will be a.s.sisting him, one spirit-powered and one green-powered.”

Lin Qiao thought for a moment. It wasn’t the time yet to ruin those people’s plan, but she couldn’t let them get Duan Juan.

“Avoid them. Don’t alert them yet. How are Liu Jun and Wenwen doing?” She responded after pausing briefly to think.

“Liu Jun has been making contact with Huo Antong. Wenwen has pretended to be in danger and given her man a chance to talk to her,” said Xie Dong.

“List the names of the people who are involved in this. Everyone who took a part in this or knows about this will be dealt with afterward,” Lin Qiao folded her arms and said.

“Yes ma’am!”

“Alright, this is it!”

As her people left, Lin Qiao started dealing with the acc.u.mulated work. She had a lot of files to read, a lot of signatures to make, and tons of plans to check.

However, someone didn’t plan to give her the time to do those works.

“Oi, shouldn’t you go to my place to get a check-up after you got back?” Lin Hao closed the door of her office and complained. Seeing him, Lin Qiao knew that she would have to drop her work for now.

Spreading her hands, she said, “Look, I have tons of work to do. Besides, Viney is fine. I don’t think I need to go to your place.”

“What about you? How do you feel? You’ve been in your s.p.a.ce for almost a month. Do you know how worried I was?” Lin Hao glared at her with strong discontent.

“I’m fine!” ‘You wouldn’t be able to help me even if I wasn’t fine ,’ she thought while looking at him helplessly.

“How come I heard that you came back from the outside? Would it kill you to let me know when you came out of your s.p.a.ce? What is that look on your face? Do you think that I’m not helpful? How am I supposed to help you since you don’t even let me give you a check-up?” Lin Hao got a little angry, and his pretty face wore a very unhappy look.

Lin Qiao gave a sigh and replied, “Alright, I get it. I will certainly come to you if I ever felt uncomfortable. Is that okay?”

“You will? Aren’t you going to let me give you a check-up with my devices now?” Lin Hao frowned deeper.

He always wanted to know about her specific body condition, so that he could think about the solutions for potential problems. However, she didn’t seem to care about her own health at all. Lin Hao felt so frustrated.

“Alright, I get it. I’m coming with you now, okay?” Seeing the look on Lin Hao’s face, Lin Qiao had no other choice but to drop her work and follow him to the medical department.

Using all kinds of devices, Lin Hao spent over one hour checking her body. As he was done, Lin Qiao looked outside and found that it was already dark.

“How is it? Can you see anything?”

The lines on the screens were all straight and still. The devices allowed Lin Hao to observe the condition inside her body, but showed no signs of life. However, after observing the fetus, Lin Hao couldn’t help but click his tongue with surprise.

“Look, she grew a lot bigger than before. So strange! Her heart isn’t beating, yet she can grow,” On one screen, a tiny baby was curling up in Lin Qiao’s womb, with her little fists clenched.

Lin Qiao stood behind Lin Hao with her eyes fixed on that tiny baby, her eyes glowing brightly.

After learning that the baby was fine, Lin Qiao left Lin Hao’s clinic. Back where she lived, she sensed that someone was in her room before she even opened the door.

She paused briefly, then opened the door and walked in.

“Can I help you?” She turned on the light and expressionlessly looked at the man on the couch.

With a small smile, Wu Chengyue quietly looked back at Lin Qiao.

Lin Qiao glanced at him, then walked to the couch next to his and sat down. She thought for a moment and said, “For what happened earlier, it wasn’t your fault. Don’t mind.”

Last time when that sudden discomfort attacked her, he was clearly frightened. Because of that, Lin Qiao felt for a moment that his feelings for her had become much purer than before.

“I just wanted to see how the little baby is doing,” Wu Chengyue smilingly glanced at her lower abdomen.

Lin Qiao’s belly was a little larger than before. Currently, she couldn’t wear her training pants anymore. So, she got changed before coming back. She never wore dresses before, but now, she was in a black dress, a pair of black stockings, and a long, brown coat.

“She’s good,” She dropped her head and touched her own belly while responding blandly.

For some reason at that very moment, she suddenly felt that it was reasonable for Wu Chengyue to care for the baby.

“What about you?” Wu Chengyue asked her.

She was always in military suits before. Now, seeing her in casual clothing, Wu Chengyue found her look a lot gentler than before.

‘This man is acting normal today,’ Lin Qiao thought.

She raised her head to give him a glance, then said, “I’m fine too. Oh, I was going to borrow seeds from your base, but you made that offer before I asked. Thank You.”

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 883 - She Grew Bigger

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