Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 893 - Zuo Chen Wakes Up

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Chapter 893: Zuo Chen Wakes Up

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Eh? He left!” Qiu Lili said with surprise.

Xiao Licheng and the other Sea City People were all confused and worried. Xiao Licheng thought for a second and said, “We can’t let our Chief be like that.”

Even though they couldn’t stop Wu Chengyue, they could still follow him and watch him. Under Xiao Licheng’s leaders.h.i.+p, Sea City Base people leaped off the fence wall and drove their cars out of the base to follow behind Wu Chengyue.

They were not able to stop their crazy Chief, but they at least needed to keep him under watch, in case some people grasped the opportunity to do something bad.

Thirty miles of distance would only take Wu Chengyue about ten minutes. He was as fast as lightning.

The closer he got to Lower City District, the faster he became, because he sensed Lin Qiao’s vibe and paced up. Meanwhile, Lin Qiao suddenly sensed Wu Chengyue’s vibe not long after she came out of her s.p.a.ce.

“No way!” Her heart leaped as she turned to that direction with both surprise and confusion.

Then, she heard the m.u.f.fled thunder from that area and saw the lightning flash across the sky.

She changed her expression, immediately turned the car around, and moved fleetingly in another direction.

There were many broad roads in Lower City District. Those roads had been cleaned by the people who came here to search for supplies, so it was unimpeded for Lin Qiao to drive.

The car rushed out of the city and onto the highway, moving quickly in a random direction. Lin Qiao didn’t care where she was going, as long as she wasn’t going back to the base.

That man had found her already! It had been less than ten minutes since she had exited her s.p.a.ce! How could he find her so quickly? Not even dogs had such a keen sense of smell!

Sensing the familiar vibe coming closer and closer, Lin Qiao knitted her eyebrows.

Should she hide into her s.p.a.ce again? She would end up in a random location every time she exited her s.p.a.ce, but her new location wouldn’t be too far away from the old one. She was now thirty miles away from Wu Chengyue, yet he could still sense her. So, entering her s.p.a.ce again would be meaningless, unless she stayed in there.

She couldn’t stay in her s.p.a.ce, because she still needed to go back to the base!

She spent a short while thinking, but failed to come up with a good solution. She wasn’t able to knock Wu Chengyue out either. What should she do?

There was one thing for sure though. In order to keep Wu Chengyue away from her base, she couldn’t go back either.

Since their Chief had left, Yuan Tianxing temporarily took over all the work in the base again.

He felt a little speechless though. Lin Qiao only returned not long ago, but now she had left again.

“Deputy Chief, Zuo Chen is awake.” One of his subordinates reported to him with a low voice.

On hearing that, Yuan Tianxing wore a cold look in his eyes. He turned to his subordinate and said, “Oh! Didn’t they say that they don’t know when he’ll wake up? How come he woke up so soon?”

The man continued with a low voice, “He’s awake, but he can’t move at the moment. The doctor said that the toxin is still lingering inside his body, so he’s in paralysis now. About that, we really don’t know when he’ll recover.”

“He can’t move? Paralysis?” Yuan Tianxing blinked.

He was in paralysis, like an old man who had a stroke? In that case, he wouldn’t be able to hit on Chief recently. No one could tell when would Chief come back anyway.

In fact, Yuan Tianxing and the others patiently played the game with Zuo Chen and his people only because they wanted to gather some solid evidence, so they could fight back strongly. Those people had brought a large group of new residents to the base after all. If those people were kicked out of the base for nothing, or accused of something without evidence, the others in the base would be scared. They would be worried, thinking that they were probably not safe in the base.

The base was built for people to live without worry instead of being on tenterhooks the whole time. If that were the case, they would soon give up on the base.

Currently, those people were only halfway through their plan, so Yuan Tianxing and his people had only collected half of the evidence. That was still not enough to kill those people with one strike.

“Em, I get it. Keep an eye on him, but don’t let him see you,” Yuan Tianxing nodded.

The subordinate nodded seriously and then left.

On the other side, Liu Jun could see Huo Antong in the canteen almost every day.

“You really have a lot of free time lately,” Liu Jun looked at him and asked in a strange tone, “Do you want something from me?”

‘Such as getting information about Chief?’ she thought.

On hearing that, Huo Antong laughed and then responded, “You finally figured it out. In fact… I… I was worried that you might say no if I told you at the beginning.”

After saying that, he looked at Liu Jun in the eyes frankly in an affectionate way.

Liu Jun was stunned a little. Under the cosmetic contacts, her eyes glowed as she looked at him with surprise and said, “It’s not like what I think it is, right? You…”

Her reaction made Huo Antong thrilled. She didn’t show any dislike, meaning that he had a great chance.

He looked at her delightedly and nodded, “Yes, I like you. I didn’t want to scare you, so I came to you with all those excuses. I want to know if you… are willing to be with me. I’ll treat Tongtong like my own son. I will never abandon him like his real father did.”

Liu Jun hesitated. With a slight frown, she looked at him. The surprised look in her eyes hadn’t faded yet. “But…” she said, seeming to be struggling.

“You don’t need to answer my question right now, okay? I know that you might have a lot going on in your mind, so I’m willing to wait. When you have calmed down and have an answer, you let me know,” Huo Antong hurriedly interrupted her.

This time, Liu Jun honestly didn’t know what to say, so she looked at him silently. A short while later, she sighed and responded, “Alright. Well… I’ll think carefully about it.”

Then, she scooped Tongtong up, opened an umbrella, and left hurriedly.

The umbrella covered her face, so no one saw the cold look on that face. It was even as if the person who was surprised and helpless just now was not her.

Huo Antong fixed his eyes on her and watched her leave, then turned and left. He couldn’t help feel delighted. He had tried for such a long time, and she finally gave him a chance.

“Mom… I don’t like that man…” Tongtong, who was lying in Liu Jun’s arms, suddenly straightened his body and looked at Liu Jun.

Liu Jun paused, looked at him with surprise and asked, “Why don’t you like him? Did he treat you badly?”

In fact, Huo Antong brought Tongtong some interesting little toys every time he saw Liu Jun. However, Tongtong always seemed timid and never dared to accept his gifts.

Tongtong looked at his mother as he opened his mouth, but didn’t know how to describe his feelings. So, he murmured, “I just… don’t like him.” After that, he put his arms around Liu Jun’s neck and didn’t say anything else.

Liu Jun smiled at her son as she stayed silent and kept walking.

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 893 - Zuo Chen Wakes Up

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