Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 945 - Brave Zombies

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Chapter 945: Brave Zombies

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Wu Chengyue and Xiao Licheng, of course, couldn’t sense any smell. Their sense of smell wasn’t as sharp as that of zombies and mutated animals.

Two hundred meters before the building, the earth was sunken, and the whole area was wasted.

“This area was blown up about ten days ago. Haven’t those creatures shown up again ever since? Have they created other exits already?” Wu Chengyue asked.

Yun Meng shook her head and said, “The smell can only be detected here, and not other areas. It means they are still hiding underground, or that they have gone really far away, and I can’t smell them anymore.”

Lin Qiao stood by her side and sniffed around, then nodded slightly. Indeed, the smell in that area was the densest.

It was already dark, and the air temperature dropped drastically. The cold barely affected Lin Qiao and the other zombies though. At the same time, as high-leveled, superpowered human beings, Wu Chengyue and Xiao Licheng weren’t afraid of the cold either.

Lin Qiao spent a moment sensing the surrounding vibes. She sensed some zombies nearby, but no animals at all. She sensed quite some mutated plants though, all at relatively lower levels. The strongest one was only at level-five.

She pointed at the level-five plant and said to Keng-keng, who was beside her, ‘Go and get me that plant’s nucleus.’

“Yes, ma’am,” Keng-keng responded immediately, then turned and disappeared.

Lin Qiao then pointed in some other directions and sent out the rest zombie dominators under her command, except for Yun Meng. Those zombies were either sent to kill zombies or mutated plants.

Wu Chengyue and Xiao Licheng couldn’t hear her voice. Seeing those zombies leave one after another, they figured that Lin Qiao was giving them tasks. Hence, they didn’t pay much attention to that.

The mutated animals that lived in the area were almost eaten out, but quite some mutated plants and zombies could still be found. So far, four or five zombie leaders had been detected. No level-six zombie was found yet.

Wu Chengyue switched to a night-vision telescope and continued observing the surrounding area while sensing the energy waves around him. The entrance seemed to have been blocked for real. He wondered if those creatures had created other exits or hidden away.

As Lin Qiao felt that it might take her and her team a couple of days to find those creatures, she and Yun Meng suddenly turned around simultaneously.

“Eh?” Yun Meng said with surprise. She didn’t say anything else though.

Wu Chengyue and Xiao Licheng both turned to her and saw her looking back. The two men followed her eyes and looked at that area as well. They didn’t see anything, but had a faint feeling that something was in that area.

They both had their hearts leaping, as they thought they had found those underground creatures. However, before they did anything, that mysterious creature slowly stuck its head out from behind the edge of the platform and fixed its dark eyes straight at the two men, then slowly shrank back down.

Wu Chengyue was a little disappointed because that was not a creature from the underground: it was a zombie leader.

Xiao Licheng saw the zombie too. He speechlessly watched the zombie stick his head out and then slowly shrink back.

“He’s pretty brave. He’s actually not scared of us,” said Yun Meng with surprise.

As the weakest one among the group, Xiao Licheng was a level-six superpowered man. A level-eight man and two zombie dominators were also on the scene. However, the zombie leader wasn’t frightened by their vibes, but came up to see them.

His movements were quite funny. He was a zombie, not a cat. Why did he seem so curious?

Xiao Licheng looked at that zombie and felt that if the zombie had a pair of cat ears on his head, those ears must have been flattened right now.

While the people on the roof were looking at the zombie with both confusion and surprise, the level-five zombie slowly stuck his head out again. Seeing people stare at himself, he wasn’t frightened, but showed his entire face and licked his lips. At last, he fixed his eyes on Xiao Licheng.

‘That man has the weakest vibe! I should be able to beat him down!’

Level-five zombies were indeed able to win against level-six superpowered human beings.

Xiao Licheng, who had become a target, instantly felt very uncomfortable.

The zombie ignored Wu Chengyue, Yun Meng the zombie dominator, and the invisible Lin Qiao, and slowly climb onto the roof. However, he sprained his ankle while crossing the guardrail.


Xiao Licheng, Wu Chengyue, and Yun Meng looked at the zombie speechlessly. Lin Qiao started to observe him with great interest as well.

She sensed no b.l.o.o.d.y scent and hostility from the zombie; his vibe was surprisingly clean. Moreover, his clumsy movements made him look silly.

He was a zombie leader, yet he threw himself to the ground while trying to climb over the guardrail.

The zombie quickly got up from the ground, then looked around as if it suddenly thought of something. Next, it flashed into the stair room, then stuck half of his head out from behind the door and kept looking at Xiao Licheng.

The people on the roof didn’t know what to say. They didn’t even know what expression to wear to express their feelings.

Yun Meng covered her face with one hand, then turned around and murmured, “I’ve never seen such a stupid zombie. How do you think he managed to break into level-five?”

She clearly didn’t want to admit that that silly zombie was one of her kind.

Lin Qiao looked at that zombie who had shrunk back into the room. He fell to the ground earlier when he climbed onto the roof, but his clothes looked clean; a little old, but clean.

She was also curious about how the zombie reached level-five. No b.l.o.o.d.y scent or hostility was detected from him, meaning that he didn’t eat human beings or zombies.

His face was undamaged and young, a little scrawny though. His eyes were deeply sunken, with a huge pair of dark circles underneath, which made his eyes look very big. His short hair were messily cut. It was ugly, but looked cleaner than the hair of the other zombies.

“What does he want?” Wu Chengyue spent a short while observing the zombie, then asked a question.

“I think he wants to eat me…” said Xiao Licheng.

That zombie was almost drooling at him!

Lin Qiao frowned slightly. She might think the same if she had detected some b.l.o.o.d.y scent or hostility from the zombie. Anyhow, the zombie was a little too far away from her at the moment, so she couldn’t read his mind.

With that thought, she silently moved toward the stair room and then heard a voice coming from the dark room.

‘Yummy, yummy… yummy… can’t eat it!’

Lin Qiao didn’t know what to do. She had a weird feeling that… she couldn’t bear killing that zombie. What should she do?

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 945 - Brave Zombies

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