Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 947 - The Effect Of Lightning Strike

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Chapter 947: The Effect Of Lightning Strike

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The group of people looked down with confusion. After confirming that the zombie had really disappeared, they glanced at each other, wondering what exactly had happened just now.

Meanwhile, Lin Qiao finally figured out why the zombie did not carry blood scent. He probably often got scared by his target before he could launch an attack…

Yun Meng laughed, “That boy seemed to be quite brave earlier when he came up here. How come he ran away after taking only one punch? Such a silly zombie, right?”

Xiao Licheng glanced his fist and then said, “I think the way he attacked clearly exposed his weakness. Is he really a zombie? Level-five?”

Wu Chengyue spent a short while looking around through the telescope, then suddenly turned to another direction. An odor that smelt like rotten mud was detected from that area. Lin Qiao had noticed that too as she patted Yun Meng on the shoulder and said, “You and Xiao Licheng stay here. We’ll go over there and take a look.”

Yun Meng paused briefly at first, then realized that Lin Qiao might have found something.

“Is it them?”

Lin Qiao nodded and said, “Yes. Protect Xiao Licheng.”

Xiao Licheng possessed level-six earth power, but earth power could barely hurt those creatures.

One stone piece in that dark and large pit moved slightly, and then that area suddenly sunk, stirring up a cloud of dust. The dust soon dissipated in the wind.

A dark figure flashed out of the hole and then lay down beside it before stopping.

Lin Qiao was able to see everything clearly within five-hundred meters radius. During the daytime, that range would be over a thousand meters in radius. She carefully observed that creature which was staying by the edge of the sunken area in the pit. It was a spearhead, huge like an adult gorilla. Its forelimbs were strong and muscular. Its skin looked st.u.r.dy like dried mud. Its lower body was much smaller than the upper body, and its rear limbs were short. Its sharp claws shone in the darkness with a metallic l.u.s.ter.

The creature had a round head and a monkey-like face, but with a huge mouth and sharp teeth sticking out of it. It had no eyes; the eye area on its face was flat and empty.

The underground gorilla lay on the ground and sniffed around, even pressing its head on the ground to feel something. In a couple of seconds, it propped its body up with its pair of strong arms.

“Whooo…” The underground gorilla uttered a weird sound from its mouth. That sound wasn’t loud, but was able to spread far away. Following its sound, another few of its kind came out of the hole. The ones that came out later were slightly smaller than the first one.

As seven or eight of them came out of the hole, they suddenly rushed toward Lin Qiao’s building altogether.

“I think we don’t need to go over there,” Wu Chengyue dropped the telescope and said with a faint smile, then suddenly raised an arm.

Bang! A series of lightning bolts flashed across the sky and descended, landing right on those creatures that were charging at the building accurately.




With that, a series of shrill screams were heard.

“Eh? The lightning strike worked!” Yun Meng said with delight, her eyes even glowing. Both fire attack and water attack had failed to hurt those creatures. They were fireproof, and knew how to swim.

However, Wu Chengyue’s lightning attack surprisingly managed to hurt them. It worked even better than bombs!

Those underground gorillas were swift and quiet, neither did they release any obvious vibe. People might not even sense the presence of those creatures if they weren’t careful enough.

Wu Chengyue and Lin Qiao had their eyes fixed on them once they came out of the hole. That was why Wu Chengyue hit them accurately with his lightning when they were tens of meters away from the building.

Lin Qiao silently walked toward the stairs. She couldn’t leap straight off the building now because she was a pregnant zombie…

She slowly went down the stairs. On the other side, Wu Chengyue leaped off the building and landed on the ground. He didn’t move at first; only until Lin Qiao came down and stepped on a stone to let him sense her did he head toward those creatures.

Lin Qiao didn’t walk up to those creatures, but followed behind Wu Chengyue and stopped about thirty meters from those creatures who had been struck down by the lightning. Five underground gorillas were brought down by Wu Chengyue’s lightning while the other two fled back into the cave. The five were disabled from moving, but were still alive.

When Wu Chengyue arrived, the five underground gorillas were trying to struggling from the ground. However, half of their bodies were burnt, which slowed them down awfully.

“Roar…” The largest one bared its teeth and roared at Wu Chengyue once it got up from the ground. Then, its body glowed with a faint red light and started growing larger.

“It’s going crazy,” Yun Meng jumped off the roof and landed on top of a utility pole nearby as she reminded Wu Chengyue. Meanwhile, the other underground gorillas shambled up and glowed as well.

At that moment, Wu Chengyue raised a hand and brought down four huge lightning bolts from the sky. Following the rumbling thunder, four of the five were blown into pieces, and only the smallest one was left alive.

Wu Chengyue looked at the scattering bodies of the four underground creatures, which were pretty fragile in his eyes, then said to Yun Meng with surprise, “Didn’t you say that they’re not afraid of bombs?”

“Em, they are not afraid of bombs,” Yun Meng nodded and said. She was a little confused as well.

Wu Chengyue pointed at the body pieces on the ground and asked, “What happened just now?”

Yun Meng thought for a second, then responded, “Well… I think we should bring this one back and try to figure out. Maybe they are afraid of lightning?”

At that point, the underground gorilla that Wu Chengyue didn’t kill had already charged at him. Its entire body was glowing with a red light.

Wu Chengyue conveniently raised an arm while he moved his feet and flashed a couple of meters away.

Bang! A small lightning bolt landed on the underground gorilla that was pouncing at him fiercely.


This time, Wu Chengyue kept his power limited to thirty percent of the power that he used to launch the last strike. The underground gorilla was instantly thrown to the ground as result and disabled from moving.

Yun Meng leaped down, walked to the side, and picked up a broken claw from the ground.

At that very moment, Lin Qiao suddenly flashed to Wu Chengyue’s side, grasped his shoulder, and said to him, “Move! The army is coming up.”

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 947 - The Effect Of Lightning Strike

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