Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 953 - The Secret Is Leaking

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Chapter 953: The Secret Is Leaking

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The two people observed the farm in All Beings Base through the telescope from over a thousand meters away and found that the people who were working in the farm were all mysterious.

They didn’t dare to go anywhere near the farm. It was already risky for them to stay where they were at the moment.

They found that no heat source could be detected from the people who worked in the farm. A lot of other creatures were cold like that. They lived outside human bases, and were called zombies.

However, the farm of All Beings Base was located right outside the fence wall, within the safe zone. That area should be zombie-free.

The man took over the telescope and prepared to take a look. But before that, the other man suddenly restrained his vibe and dragged him as he started running in a panic.

“Move! Someone is coming!”

The man who was raising the telescope to his eyes instantly put the telescope into his bag, then turned and ran. They were both fast, and they soon disappeared from the building that they were hiding in.

A couple of minutes later, two figures showed up in the building.

Liu Jun stood in the building and looked around, then moved to the window and said to the chubby Fox, “There is a weird smell.”

Fox turned her head from side to side, then raised her head to sniff around. After that, she asked with confusion, “What is this smell? I’ve never sensed something like this.”

Liu Jun wore a calm look and had a sharp beam of light glowing across her eyes. “I saw shadows flas.h.i.+ng across this area just now. Someone… or something… must have been here.”

While speaking, she dropped her head and started searching carefully in the room.

Fox spent a short while sniffing around, then said, “If you’re talking about humans, they must have been wearing something to cover their scents.” After saying that, she sniffed the air outside the window. “I can’t smell that scent outside. It is gone along with the wind,” she clicked her tongue and said with a frown.

That scent was very faint. It could be detected in the room, but it had mixed outside with the other scents and disappeared.

That was why Fox couldn’t trace it.

Liu Jun furrowed her brows. After making a few circles in the room, she said, “These people are much more cautious than Zuo Chen and his people.”

No traces were left on the scene to identify them, and nothing in the room was touched. They even cleaned the floor without leaving any footprints on it. They also had their scents covered. Maybe they had realized that some All Beings Base members had a great sense of smell, or it was only because they always prepared themselves for all possible situations.

Fox leaned her head out of the window and sniffed around again. After that, she turned back and said to Liu Jun, “We need to tell Chief to do a detailed background check for everyone in the base. They shouldn’t be able to see things clearly in the base from here, but they could still find something. We can’t ignore that possibility.”

“This needs to be dealt with carefully,” Liu Jun nodded and said.

The two of them quickly left the building. One of them returned to the base while the other headed toward Base Number Two.

Liu Jun went back to Base Number Two and found Xie Dong, telling him about what happened earlier.

“They even covered their scents?” On hearing that, the expressionless Xie Dong wore a small frown. As zombies, they were highly sensitive to smells, which was one of their specialties. However, those people managed to cover their scents, which caused the zombies great difficulties to find them out.

Liu Jun stood by the window in Xie Dong office, leaning against the window frame with her arms folded. She thought for a moment and then said, “Were they with Zuo Chen? Maybe we missed them. Who else would want to know the secrets of our farm?”

Xie Dong shook his head slightly and said, “I’m not sure if they were with Zuo Chen. They could be from other bases too. Currently, all the other bases except for Sea City Base want to know about our secrets. We have accepted so many new residents lately. The spies from the other bases might have mingled in.”

Yuan Tianxing and Xie Dong would send their people out to check the background of every batch of new residents in the base. However, a lot of people had joined the base recently, and they couldn’t make sure not to miss any detail.

Yuan Tianxing, of course, had thought about the possibility that some of those people might be spies. Since he couldn’t stop spies from coming into the base, he had to guard the secrets of the base well.

Xie Dong thought for a second, then asked Liu Jun, “How far were they from the base?”

“A mile at least,” said Liu Jun, “Not too far away. They shouldn’t be able to see the things in the farm clearly from where they were. Even if they had telescopes, they would only see all sorts of leaves.”

“Take me there,” Xie Dong pondered briefly, then decided to go to the scene and take a look himself first.

“Okay,” Liu Jun nodded.

The two of them walked out of the office and left swiftly. In the next second, they showed up near the building that Liu Jun found earlier.

“The scent is gone,” Liu Jun sniffed around and found that the strange scent was gone without a trace. Clearly, that scent was special. Normal scents would linger for a longer time.

“We need to pay attention to the people who will come into the base in the next couple of days. But, as they have such a great anti-reconnaissance capability, I don’t think they’ll come into the base any time soon,” Xie Dong narrowed his eyes and said coldly.

Liu Jun sighed with a frown and said, “We are not strong enough yet. We can’t let the secrets leak at this point.”

Xie Dong abruptly held her hand and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t let that happen.”

The base was where Liu Jun and her son could live safely, and where Xie Dong would follow and guard. It had a special meaning for both of them. Therefore, Xie Dong didn’t want to see the base fall into a bad situation.

On the other side of the base, two men showed up in the darkness within an alley in the safe zone. They found a sewer cover and lifted it, then quickly dove into the sewer and put the cover back on.

“Are you sure the deodorant will work? What if they sent dogs after us?” One of the two whispered with worry.

“Relax. It works even for zombies. Didn’t you notice that the zombies on our way made no reaction when we approached them?” said the other man confidently.

They had already left the safe zone and entered the zombie zone.

“You’re right. I didn’t notice that before.” The man who had doubts paused briefly and then nodded.

“They saw us. We can’t enter the base for now,” said the other man with frustration.

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 953 - The Secret Is Leaking

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