Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 955 - A Level-Eight One Shows Up

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Chapter 955: A Level-Eight One Shows Up

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Qiu Lili showed up on the fence wall, and carefully sensed the scents in the air, even though Xie Dong had told her that those people used by digging in the base, and that the scent they left might be gone already.

However, as long as the deodorant wore out, she would be able to grasp all scents in the air from ten miles in radius.

She felt that it would be her fault if she let anything unwanted happen in the base while Lin Qiao wasn’t around. If those people really leaked the secret about the farm this time, she would feel so ashamed.

People never thought that those sneaky people who spied on the base this time would use deodorant.

During the same night, Lin Qiao was leading her zombies carefully to search for the traces of those underground creatures. Standing on top of a building, she suddenly s.h.i.+vered. Together with Wu Chengyue, she turned to another direction as a highly aggressive vibe was rising from that area.

“It’s here!” Wu Chengyue blinked.

Yun Meng and the other zombies had felt it too, and immediately grown alert. No one bothered to untie the level-five zombie from the tree though.

Lin Qiao abruptly turned and cut her finger with her nail, squeezing a drop of her blood into the gla.s.s of water in her hand.

“Roar…” The level-five zombie was irritated once Lin Qiao’s blood was exposed in the air. He tightened his entire body as he glared at Lin Qiao and roared vigilantly.

Lin Qiao didn’t waste any time talking to him, but grasped his chin with one hand to force open his mouth and poured the water that contained her blood into his mouth with the other.

“Er…” The zombie stiffened his entire body with fear and launched a scream. However, he could only utter half of that scream because his mouth was gripped in Lin Qiao’s hand.

Soon, the zombie gulped the water. Seventy percent of the gla.s.s of water was poured into the zombie’s mouth, and the rest splashed out.

After that, Lin Qiao relaxed her grip and made a few steps backward. She then flashed to Wu Chengyue’s side, put a hand on his shoulder, and said, ‘Let’s go and take a look.”

That vibe was very strong, but she didn’t intend to avoid it. She asked Wu Chengyue to go and take a look at its owner with her. She only wanted to see it, without staring a war against it.

After Wu Chengyue and Lin Qiao left, the other zombies moved away as well. Before leaving, Xiao Licheng turned and glanced at the level-five zombie. He didn’t understand why the zombie lady chief left him there.

After everybody left, the level-five zombie trembled and then burst in roars, with his face all twisted.


He struggled while his energy started gus.h.i.+ng out of his body, forming sharp energy blades that soon cut the rope on him.

“Roarrrr…. er…” But in the next second, he fell on the ground and started rolling. He twitched, curled, and spread his body from time to time, with all four limbs shaking. About ten minutes later, he slowly quieted down. His clothes had become dirty and messy.

The zombie then stood up from the ground, staring at the ground confusedly. In a few minutes, his dark eyes gradually regained the glow that they had before, and his eyeb.a.l.l.s became a little translucent.

He looked left and right, then raised his head to sniff around. Afterward, he started walking slowly toward Lin Qiao and the others.

On the other side, Wu Chengyue brought Lin Qiao back near the hole where they killed the level-seven underground gorilla earlier. They didn’t approach it, but stayed two miles away from the cave.

Yun Meng, Eight, and Xia Ri had been carefully approaching the hole.

Lin Qiao furrowed her brows slightly. She was two miles away from the hole, yet the strong vibe still made her feel very uncomfortable. The discomfort was keeping her from controlling her own vibe, irritating her, and making her want to boost her vibe to fight against that strong vibe.

Wu Chengyue stepped forward and stood before her to s.h.i.+eld her from that vibe.

“This one is at level-eight. They are on alert now because we killed that level-seven one earlier,” he said.

‘I was only guessing earlier, but it turns out there really is a level-eight one among them,‘ Lin Qiao said.

Wu Chengyue couldn’t see her face, but clearly felt that her vibe was depressed, or that she was on vigilance.

At that moment, Lin Qiao was indeed on alert instinctively. That creature’s vibe was especially strong, much stronger than her own, almost as strong as the natural vibe generated from Mo Yan’s thunderclouds when he was out of control. The latter was still stronger though.

What made Lin Qiao feel stressed was that the creature was too close to her base!

As the enormous dark figure crawled out of the hole, the vibe immediately spread out wave by wave. Even the people in All Beings Base, that was located tens of miles away, all sensed it.

Qiu Lili, who was standing on top of the fence wall, sensed it first. Then, Yuan Tianxing, Lin Feng, and the others who were in the base all felt it. Soon, Xiao Yunlong and Zou s.h.i.+hui, who were in Sea City Base, paused and raised their heads to look outside the window.

“What is that?” Yuan Tianxing stood up from behind his desk and walked to the window as he looked outside. Li Zheng seemed to have sensed something unusual too, but not as clearly as Yuan Tianxing had.

“What?” he asked.

Yuan Tianxing gazed into the darkness and said, “A very aggressive vibe suddenly emerged. I think it’s coming from the area where those underground creatures have been showing up.”

With concern in his eyes, he murmured, “I wonder what Chief and the others have encountered.”

Li Zheng walked to the window side. Near the window, he could sense that vibe more clearly. “Chief is with Chief Wu. I think she’ll be fine.”

On hearing that, Yuan Tianxing dropped his eyes as he nodded and responded, “Yeah, I think so.”

At that moment, both Wu Chengyue and Lin Qiao had their brows knitted. Ever since that creature came out of the underground, they both felt stressed. Lin Qiao had a stronger feeling than Wu Chengyue though.

“Let’s go.” She abruptly dragged Wu Chengyue’s arm. Then, she gave Yun Meng and the other zombies an order, telling them to fall back as soon as possible.

If she were in her best state, she wouldn’t mind picking up a fight with that level-eight underground gorilla. But, she was currently a pregnant zombie, and she needed to be careful!

Sensing her movement, Wu Chengyue instantly realized what he should do. Within a moment, he brought Lin Qiao away from where they were.

He, of course, would have no worries if the zombie lady wasn’t bonded together with him. However, they were bonded together indeed. For that very reason, he could not risk his own safety to fight that creature, and had no choice but to draw back together with her.

As the two of them left, Yun Meng and the other zombies quickly turned and followed them.

The enormous, dark figure crawled out of the hole and stood up. It was ten meters tall, and its vibe grew further stronger as it stood up.

It turned its head from side to side, seemingly trying to sense things with his nose and ears.

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 955 - A Level-Eight One Shows Up

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