Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 959 - Back To The Base

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Chapter 959: Back To The Base

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lin Qiao’s body suddenly came out of the invisible state by the time she returned to the base with the others. She was still bonded together with Wu Chengyue though. They entered the base through the gate of Base Number Two, which had been built up by now. The guards at the gate were all zombies. Under Lin Qiao’s command, Xie Dong arranged them to guard the gate.

Those guards sensed Lin Qiao’s vibe and opened the gate while she was still far away from the base. At the same time, they pretended not to see the strange zombie king who was sitting on top of their boss’s car.

Back in the base, Lin Qiao sat in her office and listened to the reports from Xie Dong, Duan Juan, Shen Yujen, and the others. Wu Chengyue stayed in the restroom near her office, waiting for Xiao Licheng to bring Ling Ling to him from Lin Feng’s place.

During the past half a month, Lin Xiaolu, who possessed spirit power, looked after Wu Yueling and played with her at her home.

Lin Xiaolu was eight years old, and was a good kid. After knowing Ling Ling and Tongtong, she grew a sense of responsibility and started seeing herself as the ‘big sister’. She would think for her little brother and sister in case of many things now.

On the third day after Lin Qiao and Wu Chengyue left, Wu Yueling started feeling upset. The others couldn’t tell how she felt, but thankfully, Lin Xiaolu’s power allowed her to read the little girl’s mind. Every time Wu Yueling turned emotional, she tried her best to make her happy.

Therefore, Wu Yueling stayed in Lin Feng’s place peacefully during the past half month. She quietly sat in a corner without saying anything most of the time. She missed her father, but with Lin Xiaolu keeping her company, she wasn’t scared at least.

Soon, Xiao Licheng brought Wu Yueling to Base Number Two and found Wu Chengyue. The little girl rushed at her father at the sight of him.

Wu Chengyue scooped his daughter up and looked at her carefully. He was relieved when he detected a strong joyfulness from the girl’s eyes, without any negative emotions.

“Did Ling Ling miss Daddy?”

Wu Yueling put her arms around his neck and nodded. He knew that Daddy left for work, and believed that he wouldn’t abandon her. That was why she stayed quietly with Lin Xiaolu.

Xiao Licheng had brought gifts to Lin Feng and his family when he picked the little girl up. However, Wu Chengyue still wanted to invite Lin Feng and his family for dinner, so he could thank them sincerely for taking care of his daughter.

He also wanted an opportunity to find out why his family was so close to the zombie lady. That question had been lingering in his mind the whole time. As he thought about the indescribable close relations.h.i.+p between the zombie lady and Lin Hao, a sullen look emerged from his smiling eyes.

On the other side, Lin Qiao learned about all that had happened in the base recently. Except for the two mysterious sneakers who were caught near the farm, nothing special happened.

“Investigate them carefully. See if they have found out anything, and if they have leaked any information yet,” Lin Qiao frowned and said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Xie Dong nodded.

“Go and tell Lili to raise the security level in the farm area.” She then said to Shen Yujen.

“Yes, ma’am,” Shen Yujen nodded and responded.

After giving out the orders, Lin Qiao told the others to leave, and only let Xie Dong stay.

“Quicken up the training of the third regiment, but don’t be careless. We have to make them follow the rules and control themselves. Whoever violates the rule will die.” In terms of controlling the zombie army, Lin Qiao’s way was bossy and cruel; she left those level three and four zombies no room to relax at all. If any of those zombies lost control and exposed themselves in Base Number One, the consequences would be serious.

If that happened, All Beings Base would be facing both inner and outer problems.

Xie Dong was a soldier currently responsible for both the intelligence department and training the new regiment. As a level-six zombie, his current duty was a little heavy for him. But thankfully, Yun Meng had been managing the three regiments and keeping all zombie soldiers under control.

“I get it,” Xie Dong nodded seriously.

Lin Qiao looked at him and said, “Qiu Lili and Yun Meng are powerful, but they don’t know as much as you do. So, we’re going to need you to run the army. Just hang in there for a little longer. I’ll get you upgraded when I can.”

Xie Dong blinked and stayed expressionless. However, his vibe fluctuated slightly.

“When Wenwen and the others come back, I’ll let Lin Kui take Yun Meng’s place,” Lin Qiao continued, “Yun Meng will go out to recruit new zombies and expand the army. Currently, all bases except for Sea City Base are having their eyes on us. After all, Sea City Base and Huaxia Base have become enemies already. From now on, the bases in the country might be divided into two forces.”

For that exact reason, All Being Base needed to grow stronger as quickly as possible.

After talking about the army, Lin Qiao let Xie Dong go. Xie Dong was her most capable subordinate so far; he was powerful and responsible. However, as the army grew larger and larger, it was a little difficult for him to do all of the work alone. Therefore, Lin Qiao decided to upgrade him once she recovered from giving birth to Viney, and also upgrade Jingyan.

Jingyan’s memory was incomplete. She couldn’t remember many things, but she clearly remembered the training she underwent before. Sometimes, she knew how to solve a problem by taking merely one glance at it. She was also a fast learner.

Lin Qiao could tell that she had accepted military training as well. She didn’t know what kind of soldier Jingyan used to be, so she threw the latter into the army for observation.

After Xie Dong left, another zombie sneakily stuck his head in from behind the door, then shrank back. Lin Qiao turned to the door. The zombie suddenly stepped out and stood by the door, gazing straight at her.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to stay in your room?” Lin Qiao looked at him and said. The zombie was improved by her blood and had broken into a new level, but why didn’t he become smarter at all?

He no longer followed Xiao Licheng everywhere, but cast his eyes on Lin Qiao.

The reason was simple. It was now connected together with Lin Qiao, and was under her command. He instinctively yielded to her, but didn’t understand why. He was wondering about that all the time.

Why? Why was he so eager to embrace her legs every time he saw her? Why? Why? Why?

Yun Meng put him in a room earlier, but he came out soon after that.

Now, he was wearing a highly confused look. It seemed that he wouldn’t leave until Lin Qiao gave him an answer.

Looking at the zombie, Lin Qiao couldn’t help to bury her forehead in her palm.

“Go back and stay in the room! Don’t leave without my permission!” Lin Qiao sighed helplessly, then ordered him.

Receiving the order, the young male zombie turned automatically and prepared to leave. But suddenly, he paused as if he had realized something. In the next second, he turned back and kept staring at Lin Qiao.

Lin Qiao didn’t know what to say.

Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 959 - Back To The Base

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