Silver Overlord Chapter 268 - A Setup

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Chapter 268: A Setup

Translator: Myuu Editor: Myuu

This was the second time Yan Liqiang witnessed Liang Yijie’s martial skills.

He first saw Liang Yijie’s martial skills in Pingxi City when Sun Bingchen took Ye Tiancheng down with a setup. His skills were impressive, and Yan Liqiang was in awe of witnessing such great martial art skills.

Now, Liang Yijie was once again moving like a dragon on the stage — his sword flas.h.i.+ng as fast as lightning. Compared to the last time, his skills were even better now. However, to Yan Liqiang, it was not as impressive as it was a few months ago.

During the last fight, Yan Liqiang could not even see the moves clearly as they were too fast for him. However, in this fight, Yan Liqiang’s eyes could catch every move Liang Yijie made, and he even felt that Liang Yijie’s pace was not fast enough.

Xu Lang, on the other hand, was giving it his best shot. They were both equally good — it was hard to tell who would win. Xu Lang’s huge saber was enough to send s.h.i.+vers up anyone’s spine by itself, and his every move of his was lethal as each one could end Liang Yijie’s life if he was not careful enough. His body movement and footwork were in sync in such a weird, perfect way that it made everyone’s heart throb anxiously.

As Yan Liqiang watched, he imagined himself battling Xu Lang. In his mind, he pictured every possible scenario and every move Xu Lang might make, and how he would fend off Xu Lang’s attacks to win the battle.

If he was in Liang Yijie’s position while using that sword, he definitely wouldn’t be able to beat Xu Lang. Xu Lang’s battle experience, tactics, and saber mastery were far more superior, and Liang Yijie’s sword would not be able to bring out any of his skills. By using that sword in this battle, not only would Yan Liqiang lose, he would even die under Xu Lang’s sword as he had no other option other than to try his best to avoid attacks by leaping in between openings. However, if he could swap to another weapon, such as a six hundred jin long spear, Xu Lang would not be able to even touch him. This would be like an elephant holding gra.s.s while fighting a monkey with a twig. The elephant might lose in this case. However, if the elephant held a big tree as a weapon, that would be another story.

For example, for this move, he would not even need to jump up as he could stab forward with his spear and turn his defensive stance into an attack while Xu Lang would only be able to back off.

Not only that, he would not need to waste his energy by waving his sword like Liang Yijie. He could just sweep his spear horizontally, a simple yet aggressive method. Everything within a five-meter radius would be hit, and Xu Lang would not be able to fend it off. Xu Lang was putting an extreme amount force onto his knife, so this method would be able to knock away his saber and hurt the web of his thumb at the same time. If Xu Lang did not back off in time, he would break his spine. If he leaped, Yan Liqiang could add another Blazing Plain Spear technique and destroy him in mid-air, sealing his escape path. Even if Xu Lang retreated in time, Yan Liqiang could just stab him with the long spear. The arena was very limited in s.p.a.ce, so he would not be able to avoid that.

Then, there was this move where Xu Lang was swinging at Liang Yijie with his saber. For Yan Liqiang, he would not need to change his technique or hasten his pace to fend off Xu Lang. Yan Liqiang only needed to use the spear like an iron staff and hit Xu Lang on the head. Xu Lang’s saber would always be knocked away whenever it met Yan Liqiang’s long spear, no matter the technique. This was because his strength was far superior to Xu Lang’s.

Xu Lang’s technique kept changing throughout the battle, but to Yan Liqiang, he felt that this was a little superficial. It lacked something, probably something tougher.

The battle on the arena continued, with lights flas.h.i.+ng and both the contestants leaping and charging at each other. The audience held their breath throughout the fight. Most of them could not even decipher the techniques and moves as the fight was going on at a pace that was too fast for them. For Yan Liqiang, he could see that both Liang Yijie and Xu Lang were equally good, and it was hard to predict the result. Xu Lang’s potential must not be underestimated, especially since he was confident enough to challenge Liang Yijie in this battle of life and death.

The duo exchanged hits for another ten minutes. Suddenly, a bright red aura appeared on Xu Lang’s body. It was as bright as h.e.l.l’s fire, and through the red aura, a three-headed serpent began throwing flames into the air. It was indeed a terrifying scene.

The crowd gasped aloud when they witnessed this.

Xu Lang’s saber began to glow like fire as soon as this Dharmic projection appeared. With every slash, the glow split in three directions, making it hard for the crowd to guess the direction of his attack. Liang Yijie’s sword was instantly overshadowed by the flashes of Xu Lang’s saber. Xu Lang stood on the arena as he laughed with a demonic shriek, “Liang Yijie, go to h.e.l.l!”

“Yijie, look out!” screamed Hua Ruxue, who had been standing beside Yan Liqiang.

Yuan Beihong, Zhang Rui, Qin Yajie, Miao Yusen, and Hua Ruxue couldn’t help but take an anxious step forward with their faces as pale as paper…

Yan Liqiang, on the other hand, had his eyes fixed on Xu Lang’s saber; his hand was in his sleeve, making faint movements — he was imagining that Xu Lang was attacking him. To break this attack, Yan Liqiang would need a spear, and he would use the spear like a fist. He would perform the Turning Tiger in the Tiger Roaring Consecutive Fist technique: a quick spin with a half-squat and an attack upward, like a tiger turning its head and roaring at its opponent. Then, he would follow with a flick and a stab, welcoming the opponent’s attack with an attack just as vicious. Before Xu Lang’s saber could reach him, his spear would have reached Xu Lang first, puncturing his body.

“I see you have completed your cultivation on your h.e.l.l Serpent Saber technique. The serpent in your Dharmic projection has grown out its third head instead of just two. No wonder you dared to challenge me in a battle of death.” It seemed that Liang Yijie’s fate was sealed, with his body completely surrounded by the saber’s glow; however, Liang Yijie’s calm voice echoed across the arena, suggesting otherwise.

“So what if that is true? I’m going to cut you into two today!” Xu Lang roared with laughter like a beast.

“So, you think you are the only one here who had been cultivating?” Liang Yijie’s voice descended, followed by a blinding white light rising up into the air. Through the light, an image of a majestic waterfall projected itself into the air, as if water poured from the sky itself.

This was Liang Yijie’s Dharmic projection!

Yan Liqiang never imagined that Liang Yijie’s Dharmic projection would be something as breathtaking as this. It was an absolutely stunning poetic scene with the waterfall that looked like it connected the earth and the heavens.

With the rise of the Dharmic projection came another flash of sword light on the arena. The sword light swept through the ground, breaking up Xu Lang’s saber light effortlessly.

Xu Lang’s Dharmic projection, h.e.l.l’s fire, started to relinquish as it was touched by the waterfall.

“I can’t believe it. You have cultivated to the level of Sword’s Waterfall in your Taibai Thirteen Slash technique!” Xu Lang yelled out with his voice which was filled with a mixture of anger, resentment, and even a trace of fear.

“Yijie, good job!” Zhang Rui, who was standing near the stage, clapped and yelled in excitement. Everyone there to support Liang Yijie felt relieved now; on the opposite side, those supporting Xu Lang had their faces turning pale in horror.

Yan Liqiang sighed in relief too. He couldn’t help but imagine if he had to face Liang Yijie now. If Liang Yijie was his opponent, what would he do…

BAM! A loud noise came from the arena, and Xu Lang’s body was thrown into the air before he fell hard onto the edge of the stage. Blood oozed like a fountain from one of his arms. Liang Yijie wielded his sword, ready to make his next move. He aimed the tip of his sword at Xu Lang’s throat and thrust the sword forward as fast as lightning…

It seemed that a winner was about to be born here as Liang Yijie was seconds away from claiming Xu Lang’s soul with the sword…

Suddenly, Yan Liqiang felt his heart tremble a little. His instinct as a powerful archer alarmed him of something unusual, and he turned his head around…

An arrow shot out from a far away location at the speed of sound. It overtook Liang Yijie and struck Xu Lang’s thigh, dragging him down the stage…

Xu Lang shrieked in pain…

This happened too fast. Before Liang Yijie could even react, Xu Lang was already lying flat on the floor.

“How dare you set him up on the Arena of Life and Death? Are you even a real man?” The man who had come with Xu Lang, apparently named Mister Gao, jumped to his feet as he pointed at Liang Yijie with an angry face.

“I can’t believe you are this despicable!” The men who came with Xu Lang started to yell as they took out their weapons, trying to protect Xu Lang from any further injuries.

This started a commotion as the crowd surrounding the arena started protesting, “What a jerk! Liang Yijie, you are too much of a jerk! How dare you arrange for a sharpshooter to kill your enemy on the Arena of Life and Death! You are not a man!”

Silver Overlord Chapter 268 - A Setup

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