Silver Overlord Chapter 359 - Contest Rules

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Chapter 359: Contest Rules

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“An archery contest!” Eunuch Liu looked at Yan Liqiang as his tone turned grave. “Using the most prevalent, yet most dangerous method in the army — the blindfolded contest!”

“Blindfolded contest?” This was Yan Liqiang’s first time hearing about this kind of contest. “What is a blindfolded contest?”

“You and your opponent will stand a hundred steps apart from each other. Both of you will then be blindfolded and you will shoot each other with your bows and arrows. Whoever gets wounded or is scared out of their wits first will be the loser!”

“Won’t a careless slip-up cost a life in contests like these?”

“That’s exactly the case!” Eunuch Liu nodded. “This kind of contest demonstrates not only archery skills, but also courage. It was only originally popular within the army because being a soldier requires such courage even in the face of death. Therefore, the atmosphere of a blindfolded contest will be closer to a real battlefield as you and your enemy will shoot each other. According to Lin Qingtian, only this kind of contest can prove who is truly capable. After all, one must have real talent and skills to be the Crown Prince’s mentor in archery!”

“Who do the ministers in imperial court recommend to be the Crown Prince’s archery mentor? How powerful is he?”

“s.h.i.+ Minzhang, the son of the Anbei General s.h.i.+ Tao [1]. He attained the Fifth Heavenly Layer in the art of archery last year, and he is a famous archery expert in the Imperial Capital…”

Anbei General s.h.i.+ Tao’s son, s.h.i.+ Minzhang?

Yan Liqiang didn’t expect the name he heard just two days ago in the Heavenly Realm to turn out to be someone whom he would cross paths with in reality so soon. Not only that, this person’s son was actually trying to rob him of his position as the Crown Prince’s mentor in archery…

“Isn’t Anbei General s.h.i.+ Tao in the northwestern region? Why is his son in the Imperial Capital?”

“s.h.i.+ Minzhang has been studying archery techniques in the Shooting Star Archery Academy instead of staying by s.h.i.+ Tao’s side!”

Yan Liqiang sighed. “If s.h.i.+ Minzhang has such a status, background, and capability, how can I possibly stand a chance against him in the blindfolded contest? Our bow and arrows have no eyes in the blindfolded contest and the outcome will be decided in a split moment. If he kills me, then I can’t blame anyone besides myself for overestimating my own abilities in bringing about my own death. But if I accidentally kill or injure him…” Yan Liqiang looked at Eunuch Liu and smiled wryly. “Then I will become the s.h.i.+ Clan’s archenemy…”

“His Majesty is aware that this is an extremely difficult matter for you and that you are potentially risking your life. Therefore, he will not force you to accept this challenge. Instead, he wishes to listen to your opinion first and have you consider it…” Eunuch Liu nodded slowly.

“Is that Anbei General s.h.i.+ Tao an ally of Lin Qingtian’s who also stands against His Majesty?” Yan Liqiang asked, despite already knowing the answer.


Thoughts flashed through Yan Liqiang’s mind. Based on Eunuch Liu’s tone, the Emperor was definitely looking forward to the contest between him and s.h.i.+ Minzhang. Otherwise, Eunuch Liu wouldn’t be asking him if he dared to accept the challenge. It was as though they were trying to spur him into action by asking the question in such a way. Why would the Emperor want him and s.h.i.+ Minzhang to enter a death duel?

That was indeed an extremely worthwhile question to ruminate on. If he died in this duel, then the case would be closed naturally. If he won, then he would probably never be able to side with Lin Qintian and his allies. This was the Emperor’s way of making Yan Liqiang pledge his loyalty to him…

If he won this contest, then what would he get?

Seeing Yan Liqiang deep in his thoughts, Eunuch Liu used an extremely calm tone to tell him something meaningful. “Liqiang, you must know that no one can ever achieve meteoric success by smoothly sailing along. Those who kill and plunder wear belts of gold as glory, while fame and wealth are achieved through taking risks and overcoming crises. Sometimes, overcautiousness will not cut it. His Majesty has great expectations of you and I think you are not an average individual either. His Majesty has his own difficulties too. One’s reputation hinges on how many burdens one shoulders. No matter how sharp a sword may be, it is useless if it can’t be used to kill…”

At that moment in time, thoughts flooded Yan Liqiang’s mind. He wasn’t only thinking about this blindfolded contest, but also what would transpire in four years time.

Yan Liqiang remained silent for a minute under Eunuch Liu’s quiet gaze before he finally spoke up.

“I’m not worried about my own safety. I just suddenly remembered about my old father back home!” Yan Liqiang looked at Eunuch Liu and took a deep breath with a grim expression on his face. “His Majesty’s dignity is at stake here. For his kindness of recognizing my worth, even if it wasn’t for myself, I would still be willing to accept this contest for his sake to prove that he wasn’t mistaken about me. The worst possible outcome of this contest will only be my death. If I die in this contest, then that would be the end of it. If I win and accidentally kill s.h.i.+ Minzhang in the process, I’d be making enemies with Anbei General s.h.i.+ Tao. Although I have nothing to fear in the Imperial Capital because it won’t be easy for Anbei General to harm me while I am under His Majesty’s protection, my old father in Gan Province is only an ordinary blacksmith who can hardly defend himself. If the s.h.i.+ Clan decides to bring harm to my father as revenge, my father will be completely powerless against them. Therefore, I have a request for His Majesty…”

“For a son to still be worrying about his old father back at home under such circ.u.mstances, you sure are filial. It seems like I am not wrong about you. Let’s hear your request!” Eunuch Liu’s gaze was filled with admiration as he asked the question.

“If I win, will His Majesty permit my return to Gan Province’s Pingxi Prefecture?” Yan Liqiang suddenly made a request.

Eunuch Liu was shocked. He didn’t expect Yan Liqiang to make such a request. Even so, it was still reasonable. “Ah, you wish to return to Pingxi Prefecture?”

“Partic.i.p.ating in this contest is to fulfill my loyalty to His Majesty. My return is to fulfill my obligation as a son. Only by returning can I look after and take care of my father, thus becoming his pillar of support. Otherwise, it is very difficult for me to not worry about him!”

“It is perfectly fine for you to bring your father to the Imperial Capital instead…”

“Eunuch Liu, my father is growing old. There is a saying that it is a blessing to stay in one’s hometown in old age. Besides, I cannot bear the thoughts of having my old father travel all the way to the Imperial Capital and live with me in constant fear…”

“If you win and return to Gan Province, won’t your cultivation in Deer Villa go to waste…?”

“Wisdom is imparted through a sentence, not a thousand scrolls. My two masters have imparted their wisdom to me. All I require now is just time to perfect the techniques. Even if I return to Gan Province, I can still continue with my cultivation instead of letting them go to waste! Likewise, I can still serve His Majesty in Gan Province…”

“I do not have the authority to make any decisions on this matter. I can only relay your words to His Majesty, the decision is his to make…”

“Thank you, Eunuch Liu!”

“I shall go to the palace and request for an audience with His Majesty at once!”

After speaking with Yan Liqiang and getting his feedback, Eunuch Liu didn’t tarry for long at Deer Villa. He immediately left for the royal palace on a carriage with Little Chun and Little Li in tow.

Silver Overlord Chapter 359 - Contest Rules

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