Silver Overlord Chapter 399 - Another Homecoming

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Chapter 399: Another Homecoming

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Vital Qi surged violently in Yan Liqiang’s body, rolling like boiling water.

Yan Liqiang felt as though the vital Qi was inflating him like a balloon. His entire body, from his skin to every cell in his five viscera and six bowels, swelled up with vital Qi. The sensation wasn’t unpleasant and he felt quite light instead.

Yan Liqiang used the last part of the Ten Dragons Ten Elephants Divine Technique, which Liu Guiyuan had imparted to him in the Heavenly Realm, to guide the vital Qi to nourish every inch of his body and let it course throughout.

As the vital Qi coursed through his body, it was like blazing fire for one moment, making Yan Liqiang feel as though he was standing at a volcano entrance, then icy cold the next moment, making him feel as though he was freezing all over. After nine cycles, he felt his tailbone vibrating. It was a numbing and tingling sensation, as though electricity was running through it. Yan Liqiang directed Qi to his hand, then slapped his tailbone. After nine consecutive slaps, the small ball of vital Qi that was swelling up inside his body was immediately absorbed into his tailbone and fused with it. Only then did he feel slightly more comfortable…

In the very next second, his lumbar spine above the tailbone started going numb too, so Yan Liqiang started slapping upward. After nine slaps, another small ball of vital Qi fused into his lumbar spine…

For the rest of the time, Yan Liqiang’s hands never stopped. He continued circulating Qi while slapping nearly every bone in his body. With the constant beating, the vital Qi in his body fused with his bones and the swelling sensation in his body slowly faded…

The entire process lasted a few hours.

When the final slap landed, the last bit of vital Qi that swelled up in his body finally fused into his skull. At that moment, Yan Liqiang felt his eyes brightening up as though a whole new world had opened up to him. His mind could clearly perceive every internal organ and every bone in his body.

With this perception, Yan Liqiang could ‘see’ his bones becoming stronger and more crystal white after absorbing the vital Qi. The bone marrow in his bones brimmed with vitality, producing large amounts of vital and origin Qi.

The sign of progressing into a Supreme Martial Warrior was being able to channel Qi into one’s bones. The steps and methods in doing so varied among different sects. Channeling Qi into the bones referred to the method of using vital Qi in the dantian to nourish and strengthen the bone and marrow, which would, in turn, enhance cultivation progress. This could strengthen the body to better protect vital internal organs, as well as replenish Qi and blood in the body.

Only with these would one have the foundation to attain higher cultivation realms. Past this level, one would change their status from a warrior to a master, and then be considered to have officially achieved cultivation mastery. These so-called Martial Masters were also qualified to guide others on the path of martial arts and cultivation.

“We have arrived at Pingxi City. Please ensure that you have all your personal belongings with you and prepare to disembark…!”

Amidst the boatman’s shouts, the s.h.i.+p that was traveling upstream from Huaiwu Prefecture slowly pulled up to Pingxi City’s wharf with the help of a group of burlaks and sailors…

The s.h.i.+p rocked gently. Yan Liqiang, who was sitting cross-legged on the couch, opened his eyes and a glint flashed across them. He looked at the sky outside the room. It was already noon the next day, and it had only been about a day since he consumed the Supreme Golden Pill yesterday. The pill indeed lived up to its reputation. Just consuming one was enough to help Yan Liqiang with progressing from a Supreme Martial Warrior to a Martial Master.

He used his inner sight on his dantian. Another Six-Tusked Elephant had been condensed in there. In addition to the one Yan Liqiang had condensed before, there was now a total of two elephants slowly spinning inside his dantian. An unprecedented power surged throughout his body. Yan Liqiang felt as though he could punch a hole through iron with just his fist alone.

The appearance of Six-Tusked Elephants was an indication that his physical strength had doubled. Ever since the first Six-Tusked Elephant was condensed, Yan Liqiang had been persistently cultivating Muscle Tendon Changing and Marrow Cleansing every day. Through the strengthening effects acc.u.mulated in his body and the sudden increase in every physical apt.i.tude after he advanced into a Martial Master, his body finally condensed the second Six-Tusked Elephant.

Is this what it feels like to have condensed two elephants? Yan Liqiang lifted his right arm and looked at it.

It was a slender, strong, and supple hand. Due to the fact that he was now able to channel Qi into the bones since he was a Martial Master, Yan Liqiang realized that his palm seemed to have become more translucent and fairer overnight. It was strangely graceful like the hand of a wealthy n.o.ble, yet only Yan Liqiang knew of the terrifying amount of strength in this beautiful hand.

A Six-Tusked Elephant signified that Yan Liqiang possessed the physical strength of an elephant. With his current physical strength of two elephants, the strength in one finger alone was terrifying enough.

A series of familiar knocks followed by Hu Haihe’s slightly excited voice came from outside the cabin. “Young Lord, the boat has arrived at Pingxi City!”

“Oh, I know. I’ll pack up and come out…” Yan Liqiang responded from inside the cabin. He stretched out his legs and put on his shoes. Then he got up from the couch and opened the door.

Yan Liqiang’s room was on the second floor of the s.h.i.+p. As soon as he opened the door, he was greeted by the familiar sight of Xi River Wharf. The familiar noises at the wharf that traveled to his ears were all in the native dialect of his hometown. Yan Liqiang could even smell the nostalgic scent of Pingxi City’s water and soil in the breeze.

A brilliant smile broke across Yan Liqiang’s face as he screamed in his heart —’PINGXI CITY, I, YAN LIQIANG, AM BACK!’

Hu Haihe, who was standing by the door, was stunned for a while when he saw Yan Liqiang walking out from the cabin. “Young Lord, you…”

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?” Yan Liqiang touched his face consciously.

“No, I am just wondering how come you seem to have suddenly become a lot more handsome when I haven’t seen you for only a day. Your eyes are brighter and… and your gaze… maybe a little more intense…?”

“Is that so?”

When Hu Haihe saw Yu Qing come over in her boy servant disguise, he quickly pulled her and asked, “Qing’er, what do you think? Doesn’t the Young Lord look more handsome now…?”

Yu Qing quickly glanced at Yan Liqiang before she lowered her head and replied in a soft voice. “I-It seems so…”

“What do you mean by ‘It seems so,’ he obviously does!”

“Alright, alright. Go down quickly and look after our steeds and carriage. Be careful when getting off the s.h.i.+p…”

Yan Liqiang smiled and made Hu Haihe leave. He knew Hu Haihe was right. Channeling Qi into his bones had slightly altered his temperament and appearance. A person’s appearance and temperament came from within. Therefore, when something changed on the inside, then the exterior would naturally change too. Without channeling Qi into the bones to strengthen his physical body, how could he possibly exude the aura befitting of a Martial Master?!

Yan Liqiang’s steeds and carriage were on the s.h.i.+p too. By the time Yan Liqiang went downstairs, Hu Haihe had just led his Snowstorm Cloud out from the cargo hold. For the sake of covering their tracks, Yan Liqiang dyed Snowstorm Cloud’s white socks with black ink for the past month. During his journey across half of the Great Han Empire, no one could identify Snowstorm Cloud. Since it looked no different than a pure black rhinodrake steed right now, it was no longer as conspicuous as it used to be.

A few moments later, Yan Liqiang also retrieved their carriage from the cargo hold. The steed pulling the carriage walked very lightly along the wooden planks and left the deck. From the Xi River Wharf, Pingxi City’s northern gate could be seen just about a thousand meters away.

The wharf was crowded, but the scene before him was just so familiar and nostalgic to him. The series of events that ensued after he left the Pingxi City with Sun Bingchen felt like nothing but a long dream to Yan Liqiang. Everything that happened in the Imperial Capital felt so unreal and dreamlike. Nothing was more true and beloved to him than this land where he had grown up…

“Thief…! Seize the thief…!” When Yan Liqiang was looking around, he heard a sudden yell at the wharf. The crowd around him immediately became noisy.

“MOVE…! MOVE…!” A thug at the wharf brandished the dagger in his hand and rushed toward Yan Liqiang’s direction with a package tucked in his chest. There was another burly man chasing after him while yelling furiously.


Silver Overlord Chapter 399 - Another Homecoming

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