Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife 1044 Silly Girl

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Chapter 1044: Silly Girl

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Yun Bilu seemed to be venting her grievances to the air.

Initially, when she was pursuing Huang Yize, she felt that he was her male idol. Just looking at him and being near him made her happy.

Afterwards, when they got together, she was always without worries and spent happy times with him. She could see him whenever she wanted to and tell him whatever troubles her, or just find him when she was simply bored.

Because she was so carefree in the past, she started worrying now. Now that she reflected, was she too irritating?

But a few days back at the ball, he still treated her well. He told her that she was beautiful and even said that she was the most beautiful person in his heart.

However, despite waiting for a while, he did not call her.

The more she thought about it, the more her head felt like exploding. Ahhh. She messed her own hair before letting out a disgruntled huff. She switched off her cell phone. Since he did not want to talk, she might as well turn off her phone.

That would stop her from checking her phone all the time and waiting for him to call back. If she did not switch her cell phone off, she would keep staring at it and not sleep.

When Yun Bilu returned to the room, she laid on her bed and shut her eyes to force herself to sleep.

But not long after, a senior from the student council came and knocked on their door.

Xiao Huan opened the door. “Ah, Senior. Didn't you just check our dorm? Why is there a second check?

The senior laughed sheepishly. “I'm looking for Bilu.”

“She's over there!”

The senior walked to Yun Bilu's bedside before whispering something into her ears.

Yun Bilu widened her eyes in shock. Before the senior said anything else, she jumped out of her bed and opened the windows. When she looked out, Huang Yize was indeed downstairs.

Her misery dissipated immediately.

“Thank you, Senior.” After speaking, Yun Bilu ran down happily.

When she reached the lobby, Yun Bilu composed herself and slowed down before she strolled out.

When she walked out of the building and stood at the stairs to see Huang Yize under the night sky, her heart thumped involuntarily.

Under the night sky, Huang Yize looked mysterious and n.o.ble. It seemed as if he was born to be one with the dark, like an emperor of the night.

Yun Bilu walked down step by step and stood there quietly with her lips pursed.

Huang Yize walked step by step towards Yun Bilu and engulfed her in an embrace. He sighed. “Silly girl, I miss you as well.”

With just that statement, Yun Bilu's mood turned for the better. She returned the embrace and punched him on the waist. “You're so bad. It's been so long, and you didn't take the initiative to contact me. When I took the initiative, you even kept quiet.”

Huang Yize's eyebrows furrowed as he said plainly, “I'm here now, aren't I?”

He had been sorting things out for the Black Dragon Gang in the past several days, which tired him immensely. However, when he looked at this girl, it was as if all the fatigue had disappeared.

With this girl by his side, he could relax completely.

“I suppose you still have your conscience.” She smiled through her words and stood on tiptoes to kiss Huang Yize.

He carried her up and kissed her. “Now that you've seen me, are you happy?”

Yun Bilu nodded. “Yep. Huang Yize, why do I feel upset when I don't see you for a long time?” She did not understand what that feeling was.

But Huang Yize had a high EQ. His heart stirred after hearing what Yun Bilu mumbled. “Silly girl.”

Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife 1044 Silly Girl

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