Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife 1258 A Torch Of Fire

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The whereabouts of Master Jiang and Jiang Jingshan remained a mystery. They did not return to the Jiang family either. Although the Jiang family sent out their men to search for them, they kept a low-profile while doing so.

To Jiang Jingshan's brother, this situation was pretty good actually. He did not wish for his father and sister to return at all.

As long as they did not come back, the Jiang family would belong to him, Jiang Shantao.

Especially during this period, everyone in the Jiang family all followed his lead in doing things. This was more important than anything else.

"Young Master Jiang, Master had been out for so long. Why is there no news so far?"

Jiang Shantao casually replied, "Father went out to handle some matters. I'm the only one who knows about it. Search for them quietly first and try to keep a low-profile as much as possible."

The servants of the Jiang family could not help but shudder. He still wanted to search for him in secret, but all the n.o.ble families knew about the Jiang family's matter now. Jiang Shantao is the only one being short-sighted here.

"But, Young Master Jiang, the news of our Jiang family is spreading like wildfire outside. It's hard for us to keep a low-profile."

"Our Jiang family is big and has many businesses under our name. Why should we be afraid of other people knowing about it? Don't worry, the Jiang family will still be around with me around. Go and do what you're supposed to do. Don't care about things you're not supposed to be concerned with!"

Jiang Shantao was getting annoyed as he said that. In his eyes, things would be perfect if his father and younger sister were missing.

He enjoyed the feeling of calling the shots now.

In the past, he still had to listen to his father on all matters and worry about his younger sister fighting with him for the family a.s.sets. Now he could be rest a.s.sured.

However, he could not let his guard down either.

That night, Jiang Shantao actually dreamed that someone spoke to him. He immediately seized the chance when his father and younger sister were not around to establish his authority. He also tried to win over people to his side.

When Jiang Shantao woke up, he quickly held a meeting to see who were loyal to him and who were not. He kept those who were loyal to him and abandoned or killed those who opposed him.

An internal strife was about to start in the Jiang family.

Xie Wu and Xie Liu observed them secretly. Both of them smiled in disdain.

Xie Wu remarked coldly, "The Jiang family is nothing much either."

"Don't belittle the Jiang family. A starving camel is still bigger than a horse. This is only the first torch we are lighting. Once the fire is strong enough, we will still have to send Master Jiang and Jiang Jingshan back. After all, each generation of Masters of the Jiang family have their own team of elite secret guards. After five days have pa.s.sed, the elite secret guards will go out and search for him automatically."

"We just need to send both of them back within five days. However, we have to keep a close watch on Master Jiang. He's a cunning old fox."

"I know. I have arranged for many people to keep a close eye on him. He is chained down with a lock that we specially created. He won't be able to unlock it."

"According to Young Master Xie's wishes, we will continue to break down the An family. Finish off the Jiang family first as an example to others."

Xie Liu stared at the Jiang family with a cold and serious expression. "There will be a great change in the power structure in the capital when something happens to the Jiang family."

Xie Wu shook his head. "Don't worry, the imperial family is at the helm of the capital, so the situation will not change drastically. Young Master Xie said that we have to do things step by step on the surface, but when we're acting in secret, we can be more ruthless."

"They were the ones who provoked our Young Master Xie and Young Madam. They can't blame us for striking fast and ruthlessly."

To create better effects, Xie Wu lit a torch of fire in the yard of the Jiang family mansion. The fire became so strong that the billowing smoke could be seen rising up into the skies in the capital. Fire engines were activated on emergency for the whole night as they started to douse the fire.

Luckily, there were no casualties from the incident. However, this fire still sent everyone guessing wildly and alarmed the various n.o.ble families.

This fire came so abruptly, and there was no clue as to how it started. However, this fire proved a fact—n.o.ble families might seem like towering trees, but if parasites festered within them, even a towering tree would easily collapse with just a single torch.

Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife 1258 A Torch Of Fire

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